10 Reasons Why You Need An Unstructured Blazer In Your Closet

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Being a Florida gal, I’ve never been one that’s too fussed with jackets. More often than not, I’m looking for ways to style a look that is both flattering and functional. But there’s something about an unstructured blazer that has just suckered me in – and very quickly become an essential in my everyday styling. So today we’re diving into why you need this unsung piece in your wardrobe. Spoiler alert – it does wonders for snatching your waist

Unstructured Blazer - Why It's The Missing Piece To Your Chic Wardrobe #whatsavvysaid #jcrew #summeroutfit #petiteblogger

It’s The Perfect Travel Jacket

When I travel, I like to wear something that is both comfortable and stylish. I’m by no means a sweats girl – it’s really about the mental vibes more than anything for me. But I do like to wear something that means I’m prepared for anything. I recently styled my beloved unstructured blazer with a simple white crop & Spanx leggings for a day of travel

Unlike a traditional blazer that can feel a bit more restrictive, the unstructured blazer gives the comfort of a hoodie while also being a bit more elegant. 

It Can Make Your Waist Look More Snatched

I posted this reel & tiktok talking about easy hacks to snatch your waist. You babes loved it! This hack works with several jacket options but the benefit of the unstructured blazer is the softness in the curves. Ideally, I wear it over my shoulders to add a bit of natural shadow behind my waist which makes you look more snatched. But you can get the more subtle effect by wearing it normally.


There’s something about a jacket that adds to the details of a look. Much like a purse, it’s the accessory that differentiates the “I just grabbed this” from the “I intended to show up like this” look. While a denim jacket can be a flexible piece, the unstructured blazer keeps the elevated look while also maintaining the casual. 


Speaking of which, I’m a sucker for a power suit. Or a power blazer. But there are times when you need something that keeps that power vibe without being super casual. The loose fit of the blazer maintains the tone of intention and boss babe while also adding in the approachable energy of a jean jacket.


Unstructured Blazer - Why It's The Missing Piece To Your Chic Wardrobe #whatsavvysaid #jcrew #summeroutfit #petiteblogger


I’m the queen of wardrobe staples. I love to have pieces that work throughout all the seasons and all my travels. And one of my favorite ways to pull together something that might feel either super basic or a bit random is with the right accessories. Things like my go-to simple crops from Abercrombie or bodysuits from Zara get a boost just by adding a pair of heels and the right blazer. It’s also perfect for when you need a comfort piece but still want to rock a power look.


As much as I love a traditional blazer, the structure can be a bit odd depending on your body type. Some shoulders are too pointed or the waist doesn’t hit just right to flatter. It might be too long or too short (I know  – I’m Goldilocks). But the softness of an unstructured blazer means that your curves get the added softness and feminity without all the awkward angles.


We’ve all been there – we’re having a day where we just want to hide some part of our bodies. Now, I know that loving our bodies is something we’re all working on. But there are times when we just want something that shows everything we love and hides the rest. Styled over the shoulders hides the arms while also giving powerful energy. Worn regularly adds a softer curve to the middle while also leaning into a bit of fierce feminity. 

Unstructured Blazer - Why It's The Missing Piece To Your Chic Wardrobe #whatsavvysaid #jcrew #summeroutfit #petiteblogger


While one of the perks of living in Florida is warmer weather for large chunks of the year, there’s often the need for an indoor jacket. And an unstructured blazer is the happy medium between a lighter jacket and my heavier but rarely used winter coats. It also doesn’t look quite as out of place with a summer look and isn’t as casual as a rain jacket. 


There are quite a few pieces in my wardrobe that often feel too casual for the look I want to put together. And while I love the idea of just buying all the new things all the time, a girl only has so much closet space. Plus, we all have our comfort pieces. On days when I just really want to wear skinny jeans or my distressed straight-leg denim, I can keep my chic, effortless looks just by adding the right jacket. This means I can wear my random tees, tanks, and the like while still feeling fully put together. 


Truthfully, I almost decluttered my unstructured blazer a few years back. I didn’t see the potential in it I do now. And clearly, it’s become something as essential as a denim jacket to my wardrobe. There are some pieces that are timeless but also unique. Blazers and trenches never go out of style. With the right one, you’re investing in your outfits now and for the future you.


Have you styled the unstructured blazer yet? I’d love to see how you’re rocking it! Tag me on Instagram so I can check out your looks. And if you want to see more everyday styling looks, come find me on Tiktok. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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