5 Things I’m Loving Lately – October Edition

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I love this time of the year! I could probably count that as number 1 in my list for things I’m loving lately. The weather gets cooler and crisp. I can wear boots and scarves. Going for a run outside doesn’t feel like death. It’s awesome!

Granted, I’m in Florida for the season change so it’s nothing overwhelming. Mostly, I appreciate the ability to go for a run at 8am and it not be scorching outside. I think I’ve forgotten how hot it can get here. Paired with the humidity and I definitely need to invest in a treadmill.

Regardless, let’s get on to the things I’ve been loving lately!

fullsizeoutput_60d5My daily playlist from Spotify. I’m honestly not sure how long this feature has been on Spotify but it’s become my new favorite thing. I have 5 different playlists that pull from all the stuff I normally listen to. My lists are a mix of pop, jazz, christian, indie and country. This means I don’t have to listen to the same 10 playlists all the time because mine update daily. It’s made my love for this app grow even more.

All-Clad Gourmet Slow Cooker with All-in-One Browning

All-Clad Gourmet Slow Cooker with All-in-One Browning – Picture via Williams-Sonoma

This crockpot. Mom got this for her birthday and I’m obsessed. It’s got a ton of settings and it a serious upgrade from the one I’ve been using. I’ve already made a pot of minestrone and rice. It’s definitely the best rice I’ve made in a while. I don’t think i’ll be able to make rice any other way now.

Picture via Fleur de Force
Picture via Fleur de Force

Fleur De Force. I have a handful of beauty bloggers that I follow but in the last few months I’ve started following Fleur. From high-end to drugstore brands, she covers all of it. If you aren’t already following her, check her out. Kindle Unlimited - Picture via Amazon

Kindle Unlimited – Picture via Amazon

Kindle Unlimited. I love to read. Most of the time, I love being able to hold a book in my hand but with the move and not having proper storage right now, my ipad is a great way to keep my habit going. This is where kindle unlimited comes in. It’s a subscription with amazon that allows you to read tons of different books for free each month. You can check out up to 10 at a time and many come with the audio versions if you are an audiobook kid. I’ve definitely been reading a ton more because of it and it’s great to find authors I probably wouldn’t stumble on otherwise.


Salted Caramel Cluster - Picture via So Delicious
Salted Caramel Cluster – Picture via So Delicious

So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream. Oh my goodness, there are not words. I tried the cashew milk version of this ice cream a few months ago and was amazed at how much I loved it. Back track to last week, and I stumbled on the Salted Caramel Cluster version. Now, I like to keep a small pint in the fridge to have over several weeks but this one lasted only a few days. I couldn’t stop eating it. So good. Hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

What are you obsessing over these days? Leave me a note below and let me know.

Now, I’m off to find the Ben & Jerry’s Almond Milk ice cream that’s in the fridge. It’s no SD but it will have to do.



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