5 SPRING SHOES I’LL BE WEARING NON-STOP THIS YEAR #whatsavvysaid #springstyle #springshoes #petiteblogger #petitefashion

5 Spring Shoes I’ll Be Wearing Non-Stop This Year

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When I started to think about pulling out my spring wardrobe, the one thing I was most excited about was my shoes. As much as I love my booties collection, there’s just something about my spring shoes I can’t get enough of. And while I’ve definitely go my eye on a few new pairs, there are 5 spring shoes I know I’ll be wearing on repeat again this year. 

Platform Wedge Sandal*

Easily one of my most worn pairs of shoes last year was my platform sandals. They went on every trip, to almost every event and took quite a mud bath. Luckily for me, a friend told me how to clean them! But I’m more than looking forward to wearing them again this year. If you aren’t into higher heels, there are so many cute versions that are shorter. A wedge sandal is one of my go to picks for any spring look. If you haven’t made the investment yet these are easily one of the best parts of my spring shoes.


When I bought these last year, I definitely had plans to wear them far more than I did. I think my love of higher heels was too strong and I neglected them. But I’m looking forward to putting them to use this spring. You can pretty much find a pair of espadrilles these days in every colors. I’m personally a fan of my leather ones. However, I could see myself finally snagging one of the Soludos pairs with cute sayings. These pink Ciao Bella* spring shoes are calling my name!

5 SPRING SHOES I’LL BE WEARING NON-STOP THIS YEAR #whatsavvysaid #springstyle #springshoes #petiteblogger #petitefashion #leopardprintshoes #targetstyle
5 SPRING SHOES I’LL BE WEARING NON-STOP THIS YEAR #whatsavvysaid #springstyle #springshoes #petiteblogger #petitefashion #samedelmanmules #brownmules


As of the last few weeks, I’m finally the owner of two pairs of miller flip flops. Over the last 5 years, I’ve gone through two pairs of the leather brown version of this shoe. And my love for them has only grown. Because of this I’ve also invested in the black pair and have my eye on another pattern. I mentioned in my Spring Wardrobe Wishlist post that there is a solid Sam Edelman dupe* for these shoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite feel the same love. Of all of my shoes, I think I reach for my Miller flip flops the most. They are my staple throw on shoe. Partly because my Floridian life has taught me to live in sandals but also because they just go with everything. These are definitely in the spring shoes collection, however, I really wear them year round. 


It’s taken me some time to really jump on the mule train. But these days they are a solid portion of my spring shoes. From my super affordable leopard print version* to the Sam Edelman ones* I lived in last year, I’m a bit obsessed. I’ve recently added these snake print ones* along with another Sam Edelman pair* into my collection. Can you see the obsession?

I find I reach for my mules when I want something fancier than a flip flop but not as much as a high heel. They are most often my transition shoe between seasons. And if I’m wearing a dress, I’ll often reach for them as my go to. The growing popularity of mules over the last year means it’s a lot easier to find a pair that fits your budget. So no matter what your style is there sure to be one that works perfectly with your wardrobe.

5 SPRING SHOES I’LL BE WEARING NON-STOP THIS YEAR #whatsavvysaid #springstyle #springshoes #petiteblogger #petitefashion #whiteheels #dswstyle
5 SPRING SHOES I’LL BE WEARING NON-STOP THIS YEAR #whatsavvysaid #springstyle #springshoes #petiteblogger #petitefashion #toryburch #toryburchsandals


Another recent addition but one I’ve been reaching for quite often is my livaren pumps*. These are fairly similar to Valentino version without the price tag. Although I’ve seen another popular version on amazon courtesy of Kaitlin Pan. Personally I find these incredibly comfortable. You would think the heel was a lot higher. Luckily it’s super easy to walk in and goes with everything. I’ve found myself pairing it with a ton of my dresses. But I can see myself wearing this with my staple jeans and a blazer as well. 


What’s your go to for spring shoes? Do you have a favorite pair you’re itching to pull out of your wardrobe? Leave a comment below and let me know. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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