5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #petiteblogger #petitestyle #selfloveclub #knowyourself

5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month

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If you’ve been around the blog/my youtube channel for a minute, you’ll know I love a good clean out session. Whenever my mind is feeling cluttered or I just feel like I need to visually see productivity in my life, I clean. But not like deep scrubbing the bathroom kind of cleaning, my least favorite. No I love to detox things from my life. Particularly, I find it’s super helpful to get rid of anything that falls in the “stuff” category (i.e. things that might have been useful or wanted but now just take up space).

I know, I know. It’s all very Marie Kondo*. Nevertheless, I’ve realized that being surrounded by clutter negatively impacts my mental health. And we know I’m all about letting go and pruning your mental garden of weeds these days so you can have the oasis of your dreams. Today is all about things to detox from your life this month. Some of them will require a bit more effort than others. But I know if you invest the time you won’t be sorry. Let’s detox babes!

5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #petiteblogger #petitestyle #selfloveclub #knowyourself


Over the years, I’ve developed this not so helpful habit of leaving clothes in my closet I don’t feel 100 wearing. I’ve bought them with the best of intentions and maybe attempted to wear them. Nope. At this point, they are just taking up space. Because I try to clean my closet seasonally, this has been happening less and less. But it’s still something I deal with in my life.

These days I know exactly how I want an item of clothing to sit on my body. And if I’m trying on something that can’t be altered or tied to fit me just right, it needs to go. This might seem extreme to you. I completely understand. For me, I know that when I wear something I’m comfortable and confident in that flows into how I carry myself. If you’re in a place right now where you’re constantly feeling lack luster or just want to be more confident, it’s time to dive into what you’re wearing. Taking the time to detox things from your closet might just be the step you need towards being a happier you.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a very visual eater. If I put it where I can see it, I’m far more likely to eat it. And if it ends up in the far, dark corner of my pantry, there’s no hope. One day, I hope to have a beautifully organized, The Home Edit* styled pantry. But we work with what we’ve got and I definitely think the pantry is on my list of things to detox.

In my house, more often than not things are bought with the best of intentions. Which means eventually I need to detox some of those intentions like the pasta mom bought in bulk last month before coming to terms with the fact that she needs to be gluten free. Her intentions were to save some money. Great thinking but it didn’t quite workout like she planned. A good pantry detox means you have more room for the foods you love and you actually know what you have on hand. This means you’ll save time and money in the long run. Definitely a winning combo in my book!

5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #petiteblogger #petitestyle #selfloveclub #knowyourself
5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #petiteblogger #petitestyle #selfloveclub #knowyourself


Ya’ll I like to joke with my mom that she’s a hoarder. But then I took at my desk recently and pot meet kettle. Where the heck did all these papers come from? So I decided to put them on the top of my list of things to detox this past weekend. Now here’s the thing with papers. Sometimes you actually have to keep them. Adulting and all that requires far too much paperwork. However, there are things you can do to minimize the overwhelming feeling that comes from stacks on stacks on stacks of papers. 

Update your filing system. I went through and shredded loads of documents I didn’t need anymore. I’ve also decided to create two mini filing systems. One is for long term papers that I have to keep because they cover my butt with taxes. I don’t really need to see them all the time but I can’t ditch them for another few years. The other is for more immediate needs to things I want to easily access. There’s also the option for digital storage. Maybe you want the info but don’t necessarily need the paper. Taking a photo and uploading it to iCloud or dropbox can save you the clutter. Plus it means you can quickly find it in the future.


I’ve spoken a lot about letting go lately. And I mean A LOT. I’m sure it seems like I’m cutting friends off left and right over here. I’m not in case you were wondering. I’ve just chosen to be more mindful with my time and energy. Instead of investing or attempting to invest in 20 friends, I’ve been focusing on my 10. It seems so small but it’s honestly been life changing.

I truly believe we are an accumulation of the 5 people we spend the most time with in our lives. So if you’re not happy or you’re looking to get off the hamster wheel and onto the road, you’re going to need to add negative friends to the list of things to detox. I’ll be honest and say there are some people that you have to put on the super back burner for a while until you can balance yourself. You don’t have to completely cut them off. But you need to realize you can’t heal yourself if you keep going back to the same toxic well. Do yourself the favor of remembering you are worthy of being happy. And cut back or out the people who only bring negativity into your life.

5 Things To Detox From Your Life This Month #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #petiteblogger #petitestyle #selfloveclub #knowyourself


Ever time I talk about mental health or things to detox, I find myself talking about social media. Obviously, I love social media. I wouldn’t have a job or all of you without it. But I also think it’s like everything else. There’s a time and a place for it. You could have the most amazing friend group in the world. However, if you’re following people who aren’t speaking life into you, then it doesn’t really work out. 

Take some time this month to look at who you’re following and what videos you’re watching. Is there constant drama and complaining? Do you feel like you’re always playing the comparison game with someone? Unfollow, hide or unsubscribe for a while. It’s your social media feed. And it’s time to start protecting your energy and mind from all sides. Don’t be afraid to draw the line and put your mental health first. 


So there you have it friends. Even if you only have time to detox one thing from your life this month, I know you’ll see a difference. Your time and energy is worth it. I’d love to here from you in the comments below what you decide to detox! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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