HI THERE! I’m Savannah aka the Savvy behind What Savvy Said.

I’m a blogger, youtuber & Online story teller with a passion for fashion and empowering women in their every day lives.
Obsessions: High Heels, Champagne and my dogs

Can I be honest with you? If you’ve made it to this page of the blog, I’m assuming you’d like some honesty when it comes to the girl behind the scenes (which is sometimes a few girls – thank you to my tribe who help make this space possible).

I hate writing bios.

There. I said it. Feels good right? We’ve gotten that off our chest.

What Savvy Said has adapted to a lot of spaces over the years. Through my own personal healing journey, much of which has been shared on the blog, we’ve come to our newest chapter. 

A space of luxury life & style content

And I’ve never felt more authentically me. 

As a content creator, I cover a lot of platforms – tiktok, youtube, pinterest, instagram

But the blog will always be my home. Here you’ll find my favorite fashion favorites, style inspo for that one piece you’re dying to wear all the ways, a bit of travel (I love sharing a fabulous find) as well as life content. I’ve always wanted WSS to feel like a space where you’re raiding you’re big sister’s closest, looking in her makeup stash or getting her advice on something you just need a bit of outside perspective on.

We talk about things like money and manifesting. We talk about things like personal pleasure. And we talk about lingerie, the most fabulous high heels and the dresses I can’t stop dreaming about.

My hope is that when you leave your time with me you’ll feel a little bit better.

Our little corner of the internet to dream big dreams and look fabulous while doing it. I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to the family!



Ps. If you’re here for the where I went to college portion, I’m a proud Samford Alum with a BA in English. See? Sometimes we do get to use our degrees!