Cacao Nibs – how to have your chocolate and eat it too

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A couple of years ago I was pursuing through my local farmers market. I was just beginning my journey to change my eating habits in large so there were quite a few things that I still had no idea what to do with. But of course, I stumble into a section filled with all the chocolate things including a few I’d never heard of and into my cart they went. I figured I would eventually find some use for them.

I had the smallest container of cacao nibs in my pantry for a while mocking me. These tiny, bitter pieces of cacao were left once the chocolate pieces and cocoa powder was gone. I had no idea what to do with them. Little did I know, cacao nibs would soon become a staple in my life and I would always have to have a large bag in my pantry (amazon rocks kids).

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Cacao nibs, made from cacao beans that have been roasted, separated and broken into pieces, are the chocolate wonder of the super foods. Super versatile, they can be used in smoothies, baking, trail mixes and more. If your taste buds are tuned to heavily sweet things, they may seem quite bitter at first so I wouldn’t advise initially just eating them out of the bag. Trust me. I’ve witnessed many a friend attempt to do it.

But besides being a chocolate wonder food, the nibs are filled with tons of vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, an essential mineral for bone health, is just one of several that cacoa nibs provides. They are also a source for fibre, iron, and antioxidants. It’s also known for having mood improving effects!

If you aren’t sure where to find it near you, I often order mine here*. You can also find them at your local whole foods or health foods store.

If you aren’t sure what to do with them, I love to put them in smoothies. My go to recipe is almond milk, protein powder, ice, 1 tbsp cocoa nibs, 1 tsp maca powder and 1 tbsp of almond butter. Here are a few more recipes to try with them:

McKel’s Hot Chococlate

Fall Harvest Superfood Salad

Popcorn Four Ways

Do you have a favorite way to use cacao nibs? Are you excited to finally have a reason to say chocolate is healthy? Let me know below!

xoxo, Savannah




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