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When it comes to coffee, I’m not necessarily a traditionalist. I’m game to try the many brews that seem to make their way to market. And occasionally, I’ll even test the waters of herbal coffee which for the record is nothing like coffee. So after hearing about Four Sigmatic and it’s magical mushroom coffee ways, I knew I had to give it a try.

My morning drink is a bit of a ritual in my day. I opt for french press most days that is made with my special mixture of freshly ground coffee. All the while I stand sipping my warm lemon water while waiting for it to brew. Yes, I know I’m a cliche but a happy one at that. The moments of making my coffee in the morning are just as important in my mental getting ready as anything else. It’s the routine that keeps me grounded.

So convincing myself to try this new coffee as a morning substitute wasn’t easy. Not because I didn’t think it would serve as a good caffeine boost but because it took away from my daily routine. Nevertheless, I did try and have quite a few things to share about my Four Sigmatic experience.

Which products did I try? 

I ordered both the mushroom coffee* and the hot cocoa mix* from amazon. I’ve seen options available in k-cup form but I stuck with the powder. Also, they have several other products available but for the sake of comparison I opted for the ones I normally use.

What’s the price? 

The coffee sells for around $12 for a 10 pack on amazon. While the hot chocolate is closer to $16 for 10 packets of powder. Depending on how many you want to buy, I find it’s more affordable to buy from amazon. But occasionally Four Sigmatic has sales on their website and you can snag bundles for a deal. Ps. I have a discount code (whatsavvysaid) if you want to use it!

What’s the shipping like? 

If you’re a prime member, prime shipping is available. The products are also available elsewhere so it depends on where you order from. There is international shipping available on the Four Sigmatic website. For US orders, there’s a $100 order minimum before free shipping kicks in.


Who are the products for? 

Anyone who is looking to up their coffee game or maybe add mushroom into their diet. If you’re looking for a less acidic version of your morning coffee or maybe something not as intense on your adrenals, this might be something to try. Particular if you’re struggling with coffee affecting your anxiety, a mushroom based coffee may be less extreme on you. 

Can I get them in stores? 

Yes, you can find them in Whole Foods, Thrive Market and Amazon along with a few other places. I’ve recently seen them in my local health foods store along with Lucky’s market.

Can I get a sample? 

It doesn’t look like there is currently a sample pack available but if you find them in stores, you might be able to ask. Amazon sells a sampler pack*. However, most stores have the option to buy the individual sachets & full boxes so you can be more selective about what you try.

Will I use them again? 

Absolutely, I think they are great for travel! 

Anything else I need to know?

Overall, my opinion on this product is so-so. I think the idea of mushroom coffee* and hot cocoa* is great. But the price point has me hesitant. From what I’ve seen, your best bet is to order from amazon or thrive. It doesn’t taste bad. However, the portion sizes are a bit small and it’s easy to dilute. For example, the hot chocolate calls for 4 oz of water. Any more than that and it just doesn’t have much of a taste. And if you’re looking for a coffee substitute, this one still has coffee in it. It’s more of an instant coffee powder.

For now, I think I’ll leave it at this. There are a lot of products from Four Sigmatic and I look forward to trying more. They have ground coffee that brews just like regular and it has me intrigued. But I wasn’t impressed or overwhelmed enough by the product to change my morning routine. Personally, I enjoy my cup of coffee and my daily ritual. And I’ll continue to use the products I have and may even buy more because they are great for travel. I just don’t know that I will be living a Four Sigmatic* life full time just yet.

Photos by Amy Riley Photography

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