To Be Frozen Or Not To Be: Fresh vs. Frozen Veggies

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I hate to waste food. Unfortunately, I work in a business that loves to call you to work the moment you buy groceries. My freezer saves me more often than not from the wasting of leftovers and obscene amounts of produce going to waste. However, there is a time & a place for frozen veggies. Today, we are going to talk about fresh vs. frozen veggies.

Now, as much as I want to reach for my frozen veggies, there are definitely times when I know that fresh is going to be the best way to go. If I’m grilling, sautéing or making a stir-fry, I want to use fresh veggies. Often, when frozen veggies are used, they are going to have some kind of iciness to them. Liquid dissolves with the heat and ends up making the veggies more soupy than crisp. No one wants soggy veggies in their stir-fry or coming off the grill. If your veggies aren’t holding an extra layer of water, they may work great! But just know fresh tends to work better here.


For my frozen loving friends, there are still tons of places these vegetables can be used! Soups & pastas are great places for frozen veggies to shine. Most of the time, veggies in soup are going to be quite soft when consumed so the extra water and lack of crispness here isn’t an issue. I love to throw peas into pasta to add some extra green. I lightly sauté them and add them in but they heat up just enough to be soft and not soggy.

The other two places frozen veggies are great to use are sauces & smoothies. If it’s all going to be blended up and the water isn’t going to cook out, then it’s not much of an issue. Save that kale in your fridge by breaking it up and throwing it into a freezer bag. Now you can easily add it into your morning smoothie and you no longer have to worry about wasting this awesome vegetable!

What are some of your favorite ways to use veggies? Do you prefer fresh or frozen?

Whatever veggies you decide, just know it only counts if you eat them! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make more soup.


Xoxo, Savannah

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