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10 Best Gluten-Free Options In Seaside, FL

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What fun is a beach vacation without good food? The sun. The sand. The snacks. They are all priorities in my book. And as a gluten-free foodie, I’m always on the hunt for the best of the best. Even if it’s in my own backyard like Seaside, Fl.

A full disclaimer before we jump into today’s foodie travel guide, I have a gluten sensitivity, not celiacs. Therefore, my ability to tolerate gluten is a lot higher than someone who is highly intolerant. I’ve spoken with many managers in the 30a region and they are prepared to accommodate those with celiacs disease. I hope today’s post with help you enjoy your time in Seaside as well as your food choices.

Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #mimosa

Best Gluten-Free Options in Seaside, FL 

Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar

By far one of the most regularly featured dinners on my instagram stories comes from here. I’m obsessed with Bud & Alley’s gluten-free pizza. There are a few other options in the area but none compare to this one. A lot of gluten-free options end up dry or without much of the traditional bread fluff to them. Yet Bud & Alley’s has somehow found a way around that with their crust. If you’re dairy-free as well, they offer vegan cheese on the menu. I’d say we eat here at least once every other month when the craving for pizza strikes. The view is amazing and you’re sure to find something on the menu that’s gluten-free friendly. Trust me when I say I love their pizza enough that it’s typically my restaurant request for my birthday. It’s just that good!

Surfing Deer

Over the last year, this gluten-free option in Seaside has become a favorite. The easy service along with the intriguing menu makes it perfect for a fun night out during a beach vacation or as a girl’s night adventure if you’re a local. If you read my how to do 30a on a budget post, you might remember that I suggested going around 645PM for your meal during the summer. It’s the best time to catch the sunset. I’d also highly recommend sitting outside.

We’ve ordered a variation of meals when dining at the Surfing Deer. You can find something for most dietary preferences. My one caveat would be if you’re someone who is gluten-free & vegan. The options won’t work in your favor here.

I’d recommend the cloth’s line bacon or the spicy snapper as my top two picks. There is a lovely wine list as well as a gluten-free dessert option. Just know you’ll need to make a reservation in advance here (book via Resy). They don’t offer takeout or delivery. Parking is valet which makes it a lot easier. Definitely be sure to book this one weeks in ahead to make sure you have a spot. 

45 Central Wine Bar

Truthfully, I don’t come here often enough because as a local the parking situation is a bit of a challenge. If you haven’t been to Seaside in a while, they’ve changed a majority of the parking to paid with a shuttle option from a few places. 

Nevertheless, the few times I’ve been I’ve loved this place. Their menu has quite a range with acai bowls being offered during lunch. I’m a fan of their sushi as I believe it’s the only place that offers it in the square. Their menu doesn’t note gluten-free online so I’d be sure to ask ahead. They also don’t accept reservations.

Both outdoor and indoor seating is available. Lots of restaurants have made adjustments with Covid, however, it’s worth noting that previously 45 Central Wine Bar had age restrictions starting at a certain hour. They also offer happy hour between 4 & 6 pm. 

Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #budandalleys
Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #amavida
Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #budandalleyspizzabar


My love of Amavida has only grown over the years and it continues to stand the test of time. Amavida recently moved across the square in Seaside expanding their storefront with some much-needed seating. I’m a massive fan of their iced matcha with coconut milk. But they also tend to have at least two or more gluten-free pastries available each day.

If you’re a muffin person, I’d recommend trying the blueberry or carrot. There’s also the seasonal scone or even a few chocolates available. Whatever you’re craving, hopefully, you’ll find one of their gluten-free options that fit the bill. 


If anyone asks for my food recommendations in Seaside, there’s one place I always share: Great Southern Cafe. And if you haven’t tried their grits à ya ya, you’re missing out. In general, you can find several gluten-free options on their menu. But their blackened shrimp with gouda cheese grits (aka grits à yaya) is one of their most beloved items. 

My personal preference is to order one of their salads with salmon or shrimp. I’m a regular salad goer if you haven’t discovered this yet. But you can customize or substitute things to make them fit your dietary needs. And if you happen to be in the mood for an adult beverage, I’d suggest ordering a strawberry mojito. I’ve never been big on mojitos until I tried one here. It’s one of the few places I’ll order one because I know I’ll love it. They are just that good!

Cocina Cubana

One of the new gluten-free options in Seaside and probably the one with the easiest menu to navigate is Cocina Cubana. Located next to Mr. Pickles where Amavida used to be. You can create a bowl with toppings ranging from lemon-chili broccolini to corn & avocado. Additionally, all of their protein options are gluten-free. If you’re looking for a speedy low-fuss lunch option where you can easily customize your meal, this is going to be your best bet. 

Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #barefootbbq
Gluten Free Options In Seaside Florida #whatsavvysaid #seasideflorida #glutenfree #seaside #greatsoutherncafe
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One of my favorite childhood memories of growing up in Florida was getting snowcones. There was a little hut by the drawbridge that did a combo of some red option with a creamier flavor. I couldn’t tell you what it was now but the nostalgia is still there. And thankfully, snowcones are a gluten-free option almost everyone can enjoy!

Frostbite serves almost exclusively snowcones with a few select items like custard (something I miss) and soda floats. If you’re looking for a one-stop light dessert spot, definitely check it out!


With Raw & Juicy gone, there was an opportunity left for another smoothie place to come in and Green Stream answered the call. You can find everything from juices to acai bowls to smoothies on their menu. Unfortunately, their menu isn’t available online but you can easily find it outside the airstream. 

If I’m honest, I haven’t felt particularly drawn to this one due to my own dietary preferences. My hormones are quite fickle and I need a balance of protein, fat & fiber to keep my energy happy. But if you’re looking for a boost of vitamins or a quick treat, be sure to stop by!


Depending on when you’re planning your trip, the taco bar might not be open again. There’s been quite a bit of renovations and moving around in Seaside since Raw & Juicy left their post last year. However, if they are open and you need a quick, easy gluten free option, definitely check them out! The drinks don’t offer much in terms of alcohol. You’d be better off to save your money there and snag a large mimosa at Modica Market (see first picture). But the tacos are tasty! I can’t wait for them to open back up again so we can enjoy a lovely afternoon meal in the sunshine!

What about you? Have you fallen in love with anywhere in Seaside, Fl? Where’s your favorite spot for gluten free options? If you want more up to date foodie finds, be sure to come follow me on Instagram. Or subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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