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 We’ve all seen them. The articles, videos, and posts that show how tragic our school’s nutrition programs are in comparison to other countries. With diets filled with processed sugars and foods, is it any wonder that the obesity rates facing our children are so high? And what can we do to change it?

I’ve been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a long time. His cookbooks and shows have inspired me to get out of my kitchen and into a garden. His platform of using fresh, real food to be a healthier and happier person is one I can stand behind and one I want to share with all of you.

Learning to cook can be challenging if you’ve never stepped foot into a kitchen or boiled water. However, being able to cook and provide for yourself gives you the power to change your life. I’m here to help you find that power and make those changes in your own life. Maybe if we can learn to cook and teach our children the importance of making healthy decision, those scary statistics won’t exist any more. Knowledge is power. Let’s use our knowledge to change the lives of those younger than ourselves.

Join me May 20th in celebrating Food Revolution Day and learn how cooking can change your life.

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