Keeping It Simple: Food Processor Edition

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If you spend much time in your kitchen, you’re bound to have that one item. You know it. It’s the one that you wouldn’t know how to function without. When you discovered it, you began to wonder how you were able to do some much without it in your life before. For me, it’s my food processor.

From sauces to nut butters, I seem to be in constant use of this kitchen item. But for years, it sat in a box in my mom’s office. She insisted that we read the instructions before we use it. I, however, got tired of looking at it and when I tried to make pesto that suggested we use the processor, out of the box it came. I haven’t looked back since.

For those of you who are blender kids, I get it. My blender holds a special place in my heart and on my counter. It’s cemented its daily need in my life. But my food processor, well I find it useful for the things my blender doesn’t quite seem to be able to do.

So what do I use this gadget for so much that is has earned my love? Everything! I’m constantly using it to make almond butter. Throw the almonds in the processor and scrap them down occasionally as they process. The heat from the processor will help to break down the oils and create your very own, very easily made almond butter.

Not a nut butter person? Alternative flours like almond meal or oat flour can be done within minutes. I wish I could say that I constantly kept my stock of gluten free flours up to par but I don’t. It’s not until mid-recipe that I normally discover a sudden need. I through my oats in the processor for a minute or two until they are broken down and suddenly, I have oat flour!

The biggest difference between the blender & food processor is the capacity for liquid. My particular processor has a height limit where using liquid becomes an issue. Plus, I find that there is a difference in how things are blended, chopped, pulsed and so on.

Is there a kitchen gadget that you love? What helps you make the most of your healthy lifestyle?

Leave me a comment below. I’d love to here from you!

Xo, Savannah

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