Lettuce Grow Review – Is The Farmstand Worth The Hype?

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Of all the reviews that have been on the WSS docket for a while, I think the Lettuce Grow review has been the most anticipated as well as the one I’ve found myself pushing back consistently. With good reasons of course. But today, we’re finally diving in – for better or worse with a six-month review.

I’m covering everything from whether or not it’s actually worth the hassle/cost/time, how to make your farmstand most effective, what kind of grace period you need, how I get the most use from my stand, etc. It’s a lot. So grab your tea and get ready to read my friends, we’ve got lots to cover.

What Is The Lettuce Grow Farmstand?

Essentially, it’s a self-sustaining garden option that allows for easy year-round growth of organic vegetables. With a hydroponic system, it’s an incredibly low-maintenance way to grow your own vegetables.

How Much Does It Cost To Start?

The starting cost for the farmstand is around $350 for 3 tiers. You can have up to 6 per stand. However, if you add ring lights for indoor growth that’s an additional cost. There is also the option to do the payment plan. As well as you can add tiers over time.

How Much Does The Lettuce Grow Farmstand Cost Per Month?

This is VERY much going to be dependent on how you use your stand. I’ll dive into that more in a second. But for us, I’d say I spend maybe $10 per month on it. I typically replace several seedlings at a time which we will get to more in a second. The price you’re going to spend monthly will be determined by how many tiers you have and how quickly you’re able to turn over produce.

Is It Worth It?

Yes but there’s a learning curve for sure.

Is It Better To Use The Lettuce Grow Farmstand Inside Or Outside?

We started with ours outside in hurricane season which prompted me to bring it in because I was afraid my vegetables wouldn’t survive all the wind. It’s now currently inside and somewhat problematic (details below). And given the current Florida winter, may potentially return to being outside. It really just depends on how much work you want to put in.

How Long Does It Take To Get Vegetables?

Lettuce and herbs are quicker. I tend to pull our lettuce around 5 weeks. Other vegetables will vary. And with a smaller stand, it’s harder to see an impact on your overall grocery bill because you’re only supplementing every few weeks.

What Makes A Farmstand Actually Worth It?

I love fresh herbs but have never been able to keep them. We now always have mint, basil, thyme, and oregano on hand. I love that I can always take a plant and move it to a pot if I want more of something. I’ve also really been trying to be more mindful of food waste. So it helps me fill in the gaps and buy less fresh at the store.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review - Is It Worth The Hype- #whatsavvysaid #freshmint
Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review - Is It Worth The Hype- #whatsavvysaid #freshmint

Can You Use A Lettuce Grow For Herbs?

You can. Highly recommend it! I will say if you choose to keep the same plants which we’ve done so far, then you’ll need to trim the roots. Otherwise, you’ll be losing a lot of water. And if you’re inside, it will spill over and flood your floor.

What Are The Pros?

Right now, our farmstand is great at supplementing and providing consistent access to things like greens and herbs. I love that I have the option for fresh vegetables without having to remember to water plants daily. There’s also the ease of being able to keep things year-round.

The app that goes with the stand is great. And you get a weekly reminder for what nutrients you need. Additionally, the Lettuce Grow service team is incredibly helpful.


If you don’t have enough tiers, you’re really only getting the benefits every other month. It’s a pricier investment. And to truly see an impact on your grocery budget, you’d probably need at least one 6 tier farmstand if not two farmstands.

There’s also the leaking issue. Essentially, when the roots are too long, the water comes out at the base of the farmstand. In the 6 months, we’ve had our garden, this has been a thing every few weeks. But this is the most consistent one. If you choose to keep it indoors, make sure you have a plant dolly.

You’re limited in what you can grow indoors vs outdoors. So if you’re someone who wants more of a variety, you’ll want your farmstand outside.


Someone who wants a low-maintenance garden and doesn’t mind making an investment.


It’s never my goal to complain with these reviews. And there will be a video up shortly to walk you through this review visually. But we’ve had quite a journey with our garden. The first spot I chose didn’t get enough sunlight. The second spot was met with lots of rain.

After we moved it inside, one of the timers decided to stop counting time right and we would wake up with totally dry plants. Add in several rounds of flooding and a recent ring light issue, I’m not sure that we’ve truly gotten to have a low-key garden.

I think if you want the most minimal effort option, keep it outside. Do the weekly pH test. Add your nutrients and fill it with water when necessary.

Going forward, I think I’ll keep basic greens and herbs in it because those are staples for us. It’s also what would help us the most to grow. But if I had a second stand, I would add in the other fun things like celery, strawberries, and broccoli.  All in all, I am happy we made the investment in our Lettuce Grow Farmstand. I would buy it again.

Have you tried the Lettuce Grow Farmstand yet? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think. And if you want to stay up to date on all the latest reviews, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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