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Rich As F*ck: 18 Takeaways to Manifest Money

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The first time I heard about manifesting money, I wasn’t ready. The idea of money having a frequency or my energy dictating my life was a concept my mind & life weren’t quite ready to buy into. But then 2020 happened. And I started listening. I started taking note of the things Amanda Frances, the money queen and my favorite for inspiration for motivation, was saying. Her message, her story and her proof all resonated with me. They also changed my life.

Today we’re doing a mini round up/review of Amanda’s first book: Rich as F*ck – More Money Than You Know What To Do With. As always with my reviews, I’m going to give you my take aways and how I’ve processed what I’ve learned. But I honestly encourage you to read this yourself. And then read it again.

Learning to manifest money is a process that we are constantly working in and through. It requires changing and challenging beliefs. Think of it as an on going therapy in creating the life you want. First though, let’s do the deep dive. You’ve got a life to build and I’m excited to share one of my favorite books of the last year to help you do it.

Rich As Fuck by Amanda Frances Review #whatsavvysaid

Manifesting Money & How To Become Rich As F*ck

Everything Has Frequency

At the heart of manifesting is the idea that everything has a frequency. We are constantly affirming and reaffirming to the universe the standards for our lives. Think of it kind of like a radio frequency. We can change the channel. We can acknowledge that we aren’t getting what we want from our current station and turn it to something else.

And when you really start setting standards, leveling up and deciding what your energetically available for, you can jump to making custom Spotify playlists (aka creating our personal thought reality). That will make more sense in a second. But for now, we have to figure out how we’ve been communicating if we want to change. We have to look at our current frequency.

You can’t change until you open your mind to seeing, thinking, and believing differently.

I’ve spoken a bit about my diet lifestyle before and my journey to break up from it. One of the things I mentioned in that blog post was the environment that I grew up in and how it shaped my relationship with food. There are still things I’m unraveling and reworking to this day.

When it comes to manifesting money, it’s the same thing. You have to accept that what you’ve been doing has gotten you where you are right now. It was a part of the journey to allow you to come to this moment. But you can’t change your energy with money until you acknowledge that it needs to change. And this new way of thinking, it might sound a little off putting to the skeptic. However, being open to seeing things differently and experiencing a new relationship with money is the key to building a new path in your life.

Debt is a vibration

I learned late in life that I’m very much someone who responds to love. Positive energy draws me in. And as an empath and woman, hearing how shitty I am for having debt has never served me in a positive way. The first time I heard Amanda say this was in the Energy & Frequency of Money course (also highly recommend). Debt is a choice to pay something over time.

You can choose to be unavailable for it. You can choose to use it as an investment. You can choose your relationship with it. But it’s a vibration. It’s not a Scarlet letter to carry around and burden you with shame.

We are co-creators.

As an adult, I find myself constantly unpacking the things I’ve been taught as truth about my self worth and ability to create my life. And as a Christian, this has been a lot to reconcile. But when I started realizing the power I had in my own life and the opportunity for things to co-exist beyond just the parameters I’d been taught, everything changed.

My joy. My finances. I was no longer waiting for someone to come save me. Did that mean I stopped accepting help? Absolutely not. The how I receive something doesn’t bother me. But I had to realize that I was half responsible for the life I was creating with God and it was time for me to show up and do my part. And that it was okay to ask for more.

You’re allowed to be unavailable to certain paths & ways of thinking

I’m very much a never say never girl. I generally try to operate under the assumption that there’s always a piece of the puzzle I might not have seen yet. And this point is one I’m definitely still working on when it comes to money. But when you start to realize that you can choose to no longer be available for things, you change your frequency.

You set the bar for your energetic minimum. Whether its relationships, money or life, boundaries come in all shapes and sizes. You’re allowed to say that’s not an option I’m willing to accept because it doesn’t align with what I want. And I’m okay with saying no to that. No doubts. No fears. Just no.

Rich as F*ck book reviewed by top Altanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said
why i'm changing my relationship with alcohol


One of the most common things I find with those who aren’t into self development is a constant conversation about the past. There are no ideas or goals. No space that they are trying to grow. And that past has far more power in their ability to change the future than they realize.

You’re not going to escape your past as you’re learning to move forward. There’s going to be times where you need to dig in and question why you’ve got a belief. But that past doesn’t need to hold you back. It’s there to help you learn where you’re going to make changes and rewrite your story. Its only power is that it’s a chapter in your book. Not the whole damn novel.


One of my favorite quotes from Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes is “No is a complete sentence.” Powerful choices will look different for everyone. I think sometimes the ones that breed the strongest energy are the ones we make alone. The ones where we don’t quite have those around us yet who are on that level. And the journey might require us to allow space in current relationships. But they are the choices that have the ability to transform our lives.

When I first started diving into the work of manifesting money, I didn’t tell anyone. I rarely do when I’m making changes I just dive in. But then I had a conversation with a friend and mentioned how I would manifest the funds for a large purchase in my life. Her response was a chuckle and an eye roll.

You might find that those around you don’t get it. I’m incredibly thankful my inner circle is here for growth and this one friend lives a bit more towards the outer circle of my life. But your journey to creating a new relationship with money will 100% change the relationships you’ve already have. Be the woman who is willing to make the powerful choice to step away when needed.


I cannot honestly remember a time where I ever thought I wanted to be normal. And to some degree, I’ve lived quite a life unlike many others. But I think sometimes we need someone else to give us permission, to remind us it’s okay to go for the crazy. We are allowed to live big even if we aren’t getting it in our everyday lives yet.

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a rather bougie shoe purchase on stories the other night. I’ve been manifesting a pair of designer heels for years. For me, it’s a piece of the puzzle of what my vision of my best self looks like. And when I shared them, I was shocked with how much love I got. So many of you were excited and manifesting the same things for your life. Sometimes we just need a reminder in our every day view that it’s okay to want an epic life.


I could just sit with this quote all day. It’s why the first time I went through Rich As F*ck the first time I took my time. Because I knew to set the first wave of change in motion, I had a lot of shit to sit with.

If you want to be the person who goes for it, you have to figure out the reasons/obstacles that are currently standing in your way. You have to do more than just say you want it. You have to deal with the emotional noise that comes with learning to love yourself to a different path. Remember, we’re co-creating this life so we have to be responsible for our half of the journey.


One of my best friends has been building a business over the last year. And as she’s ventured out to entrepreneur, a lot of her beliefs and lack there of have come to the surface. Personally, I love when the universe provides me with those opportunities. Because it’s then that I can see the rules that have guided my life without me even realizing it.

It’s our job to unravel the lies. To go back and back and back again until we find the root of the belief. And then we set our brains to go down new paths. But we can’t dispel a lie if we don’t know it’s there and when it comes to manifesting money, it’s our job to disprove anything that says it’s not something we can have.

Rich as F*ck book reviewed by top Altanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.

One of my favorite things Amanda says both in the book and her other content: You are worthy because you are. When you realize that you’re always attracting from your core beliefs, it starts to shift the energy you want as your center. Sure you could motivate yourself with negative talk but how will that attract what you’re really looking for in life. You’re only going to be attracting more of the thing you’re looking to escape from. 

It’s the reason we go back into debt, fall back into old habits, never seem to lose the weight, etc. We spend all our time and energy focusing on our failures and the things we’ve done wrong. We’ve yet to focus on the joy. When we learn to be proud of ourselves and to love ourselves into our futures, then we can attract the things we want most and they stick.


Ed Mylett talks about the overachiever’s habit of always been blissfully dissatisfied. I’m paraphrasing but if you’ve listened to his podcast, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Y’all know by now I’m picky as hell. Things can always be better. I can always do better. And so I’ve learned to live in this state of being both grateful and wanting to see massive change.

This is where I find that a daily gratitude practice is major because 75% of the time I live in the push forward, do more more. So taking moments to focusing on what I can be thankful for in the process of creating more helps me to continue to attract the energy I’m looking to create. But it’s a process we all have to figure out for ourselves.  

Manifesting Money is a “continual process of incremental growth”

One of the mental shifts I’ve made over the last few years is that money is an extension of what I can do not a limitation. It provides me with the ability to tell stories, change lives and do more in the world. So why wouldn’t I want more of it? 

This means I’m continually setting new goals for myself as well as reaffirming my minimums. I don’t have to justify it. I don’t have to defend it. I can just do it. Little by little I can grow. And it’s amazing to see how that happens.


I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a lot for everyone. As an empath and someone who was in a very strange season of transition, I struggled with setting mental boundaries I desperately needed. But as I pulled back from social media and created mental space, I could see that thoughts that weren’t serving me.

I could see the ways I’d taken on other people’s negative beliefs and lies as my own. And it was my job to shift those out of my head, my energy and my frequency. At the end of the day, we have to be willing to make time for the life we want in more ways than one. If we want better, we need to start with paying attention to how we got here. Remember it’s our responsibility to own up to the things we’re declaring we want.


One of the ways I’ve always manifested things and gotten out of my head is by imaging what the ideal version of myself would think. How would she approach this. What would be her attitude toward it. And the one repeat thought in my mind that’s changed me from scarcity to abundance: money wants to find it’s way to me. It wants to support me.

The thoughts you currently have dictate your current relationship with money. So little by little you’ll have to shift them. For me, this is via journaling. Writing has always been the way I connect, process and understand my truths. I write affirmations over and over again. I change them when I feel like I need to be supported in a new way. But we actively have to choose the thoughts that support our goals if we want to manifest changes.

Rich as F*ck book reviewed by top Altanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

What if this weren’t true?

This question really hit home for me again as I started writing today’s post. It’s not something I ask myself enough but it’s a radical way to unravel the lies. We often believe truths simply because they are all we’ve ever know. They are a comfort.

But they are also strangling us and rooting us to the spot that prevents growth. So what if the thing you believed with everything wasn’t true? What if you could see a lie for a lie? What would you manifest instead?

Everyone manifests & shifts differently

Amanda gives quite a few detailed examples of this in Rich As F*ck. But the idea is that you keep trying things until you find something that works for you. I like to use journaling as both a way to shift my thoughts but to also really amp up an emotional moment.

If I want to trigger and sit in the joy of attracting, I may write a whole page of the same affirmation as quickly as possible. I want to force my energy into that positive space. It’s amazing for teaching my neurons to have a new relationship with certain thoughts.

The How Is Not My Responsibility

If there is any one take away you get from today’s post, whether you choose to read the book or not, it’s this one. The how is not my responsibility. It’s SO easy to doubt yourself out of your manifestation. You can sit and list out all the ways it could work and force yourself to see how impossible a goal is for you.

Or you could trust that the universe has your back. It will provide for you. Your job is to show up, do the work and trust that the how doesn’t matter. You just need to stay open to all the possibilities.

Energy of Money – Proof Of Manifestation

I don’t feel like I could leave you without some tangible proof of manifesting. One thing I’ve found that as I’m looking to go higher, hearing stories of other women’s success is major in keeping my energy on track. It calms the negative noise and helps me to ease any doubts.

Last year was the best year for me financially as a blogger. Brand partnerships and relationships I didn’t have before came out of no where. Money to buy things I’d been dreaming of and speaking into existence for a while happened. Random checks appeared. But none of this really kicked in until I started to be open to ditching the how and leaning into the journey.

However, in October I realized just how powerful manifestation and prayer was in my life. I’d been doing it for years without realizing it. Selling my dad’s land for cash at the exact price I wanted but never posting it for sale. Taking all 3 of my 30 before 30 trips with zero idea of how I’d find the money for Paris, LA and NYC.

I bet if you looked back you’d find that you’d been manifesting things without knowing it too.

Wherever you’re at in your manifesting journey, I hope today’s post helped you. Rich As F*ck is a great way to dive into Amanda’s work if you aren’t ready for a larger financial commitment. I know I’ll be going through everything I’ve invested again a few more times as I find there’s always something new to take from it.

But I’d love to know in the comments below where you’re at in the process. Or come find me on instagram and let’s chat! Until next time friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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    1 year ago

    Awesome post. I have read the book many times and I was seeking a review to help me fully grasp Amanda-speak teachings and your post did just that. Thank you!