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It has been a hot minute and a half since I’ve done a favorites blog post. But with my constant curiosity and my need to try everything, there’s always something that slips through the cracks that I need to tell you about so May favorites wins! This month is packed with some old loves, a few rediscoveries and several quarantine creations that you may have already seen. So let’s get into it because I can absolutely use a bit of positivity in my life today! And what’s more positive than a list of things I love?!


I’m currently in a state of living in working clothes/having a very small portion of my wardrobe currently fit. So instead of investing in tons of new bras, I’ve been reaching for pasties. Who knew they would be life changing? And while I’m sure I’ll join the land of the bra wearing gang again (eventually), I’m extra thankful to have an option that works with anything. Also, if you have any recommendations for your favorites bras, be sure to leave them down below!


Slowly but surely, I’ve been getting better at running. Thank heavens! It’s the saving grace for my mental health these days. When I first started, I really struggled with shin splints. They were the unavoidable issue. But the ankle support on these has been a dream. I considered snagging a different pair when I finally finished my other ones off but I just love them that much.

There are little things you never notice until you pick up a new habit/hobby. I.e. the bottom of my feet start burning after I’ve been running for a bit. Nevertheless, like the good little milleninial I am, I went down the google rabbit hole/read a ton of Runner’s World magazine and discovered these socks. (BTW if you’ll been keeping up on Instagram this week, Asher ate one of these & it’s been a world of fun). The biggest selling point of these socks vs other socks is the thickness of the bottom. No burning feet. Lots of padding. They are a DREAM.
One of my goals for the next few months is to create brand overview posts for the WSS community. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate clean beauty brands & find the best products. The first one that will be going live is W3ll People. So to finish off my collection of products, I’ve recently snagged a few of their eyeshadow palettes and I was SHOCKED. It takes a lot for me to really adore a product but these have become winners. The nudist 1 palette fills in the gaps for a lot of my other palettes with a good selection of neutrals. I’ve been using them daily and I’m obsessed. 
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Now I could lie and pretend I’m a girl who gets regular blowouts or does her hair all the time. Negative. Florida humidity is a pain but I’ve also been trying to heal my hair post birth control/re-balancing my hormones. HOWEVER, I did get sucked down the youtube rabbit hole recently and discovered a few tips that help with frizz & doing a better blow dry at home. So for the days when I do put in the effort, I can look less like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. Good plan, right?


When I shared this book on instagram the other day, so many of you told me how much you love it! And while I’m gradually working my way through it, I’m excited to see how applying the tips helps in my own every day life. 


One of my favorite things do when I’m in a bit of a fitness rut is to do a mini challenge. I’m not looking for anything too complicated. I simply just want to create new habits/challenge myself to change. This month we did the gallon challenge on instagram. Aka we drink a gallon water daily. I’ve been carting around my big pink jug and loving it. It’s such a great way to visually see how much water I’ve drank but also to encourage me to stay hydrated!


Too much time at home means I’ve had time to come up with new, fun recipes. And coffee buttercream frosting is the easiest recipe that will elevate your meals quickly. 

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I’ve never particularly been a pre-workout girl but when I need to get myself in the right headspace, it’s the kick in the butt I need. I’m still testing a few. However, I recently found one on amazon that isn’t packed with crap ingredients and helps give me a boost. 


I go through phases with matcha. Sometimes we’re besties. Other times, I can’t be bothered. Truthfully, I prefer mine a bit sweeter and cafe versions are packed with added sugars. Thankfully, I’ve finally found a matcha brand I really like that doesn’t have the gross after taste & has skin/gut/health benefits. My recipe of choice is 1 cup of Malk Vanilla Almond Milk, 1-2 tsp maple syrup + 1 scoop of matcha. I add the milk into my frother, then I add the powder + syrup. It’s perfection.


I’ve pretty much been a raving fan of the detox market’s clean beauty subscription box since I discovered it. You can read a full review with details here. But I recently re-upped my 6 month subscription when I noticed they were doing a box full of One Love Organics. So many goodies at a steal! It’s a win win.


While I’ve been making my way through different shows during my additional time at home, not many have won me over completely. It takes a lot for me to be a raving fan. But ever since I finished the first season of Swamp Thing, I felt like it was a great time to watch Teen Wolf again. I love a good supernatural show with a solid cast, witty dialogue and it keeps me entertained. 


One of my goals for my 30 before 30 list was being able to run a full mile. And yay! I did it!! But next on my list is being able to run a 5k straight on my birthday. We invested in peloton bike last fall. But with a strong desire to get outdoors, I’ve been loving the running classes to help switch things up. Plus, it gives me a better gauge at where I’m holding myself back. Bonus points: app is super affordable and has loads of classes! 

Ps. I have a discount code (WJ5YU6). You get $100 towards accessories and so do I! Not an affiliate code. Just one to share the love. 

I’ve always been a mani/pedi gal. I feel more complete when my nails are done. And while I had a moment with SNS last fall, Covid & my need to reign in my spending means that I’ve had to find another option. Sadly, I can’t seem to keep normal polish on my nails longer than a few days. But thanks to a previous amazon shopping moment & several youtube videos, I’ve finally been able to start doing my own gel at home. Now I can do laundry, cook dinner and get my nails done all at the same time while honoring my financial goals. A random blessing of Covid but I’ll take it.
May Favorites 2020 - What I've Been Loving During The Month Of May #whatsavvysaid #wellness #wellnessblogger
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