Meditation (or the art of sitting still) & A September Challenge

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I’m so exciting to announce the very first Savee & Savory challenge. For the month of September, I’m challenging you to find a way to add meditation into your everyday. Whether you can do 5 minutes or 25 minutes, this challenge is about introducing new practices into your life and trying new things. I’ll be joining you and I’m so excited to see what a month of consistent mediation does! If you post any photos during the challenge, tag them with #saveeseptember. And now I’ll leave you to read on about meditation: 🙂

I was talking to a friend the other day about meditation and her reaction to the suggestion was “I don’t think I could sit still for that long.” What is it about being still that scares us? We are so connected to everything constantly yet so alone. Maybe it’s like the baby that refuses to fall asleep because they are afraid they are going to miss something. In a world where everyone knows everything about each other, how often do we take to get to know ourselves?

If you would have asked me a few years ago, I probably would laugh at the idea of meditation. I mean, who does that? Well, I do now so I guess the jokes on me. But learning to incorporate mediation into my life didn’t happen overnight. Let’s talk about a couple of ways you can learn to meditate:

  • There’s an app for that! – I first started meditating with the app OMG I CAN Meditate*. There’s a two week trial that slowly builds up your time and teaches you how to meditate. Sitting still for 15 minutes isn’t as easy as you’d think! I’ve also heard great things about Headspace*. Personally, I prefer a female guide rather than male so OMG has been great for me but guided meditation can be trial and error. Try out a few until you decide which one is for you!
  • Take a class – If you are a person who does better in a group settings, try a group meditation! Unplug Meditation is a studio that offers classes all throughout the day that vary in style. Think of it like a yoga class but for your mind. You come alway feeling stronger and better than when you went in.
  • Make your own class – combine 1 & 2. Who says you can’t meditate with a friend? Get some friends together and try a new meditate happy. The friends who meditate together, stay together, right?
  • Do it on your own – Maybe you just want to sit still and be quite. Set a timer on your phone. Find a comfortable place to sit for 15 minutes and teach yourself. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. If finding a quite place to sit for a short a bit a day is what works for you, more power to you!

Whatever you decide, find what works for you. Meditation is like working out. There isn’t a one size fits all method but it’s good for you! Before you know it, you’ll be sitting still like a champion.


Xoxo, Savannah



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