The Millennial’s Guide to Working Out or Where to Find Free Classes

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I am a millennial and I love free stuff. There. I said it. Life changing, right? But what I love even more than free stuff is free workout classes. So today, I’m sharing my tips & tricks for getting the best deal or as close to free as possible in regards to working out.

Yoga in the park.

It’s a thing. It’s so much a thing there are at least 3 places you can do it in Atlanta that I know of so there have to be more. Local places will sponsor yoga in the park to drum up business, encourage healthy life styles or to be just plain awesome. Get on that google search engine and start looking. I bet there’s one near you that you don’t even know about!


Now, if you’ve never heard of Athleta, think of them as the lululemon for Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic because essentially that’s them. Athleta is great about offering free classes once or twice a week in their store or some location near it. Check your local store or their twitter account to find out what free fun you can enjoy!

Trial Class.

Most places will offer a free first class or at least a discounted one. If your find has a membership, they may be able to get you a guest pass. The worst thing you can do is ask.


Okay, so this one isn’t free, but it’s a great option. If you travel a lot or are just a class junkie, Classpass gives you the options to test out lots of classes. I had the membership for a minute, during a month when I wasn’t on set & had something that resembled free time, and it helped me try out some awesome new classes. Barre, cycling, boxing and so on, classpass offers a wide range of options.

What are some of your favorite workout classes? Are there free options near you? Let me know below!

Xo Savannah

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