Money Mentality Makeover Review – How To Manifest Money Quickly

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There was a time in my life when the idea of manifesting money would have seemed crazy to me. Money has an energy and frequency? That’s wild! But thankfully, I opened up to the idea that’s changed my life and we get to talk about my favorite course today! Yes, it’s finally time for the Money Mentality Makeover Review!!

Money Mentality Makeover Review: How To Manifest Money

Money Mentality Makeover Review

What Is Money Mentality Makeover?

Money Mentality Makeover (MMM) is the signature money course created by money queen Amanda Frances. A 7+ module course in which you’ll be guided to heal your past relationship with money while understanding how to attract and co-create a life you love.

How Much Money Mentality Makeover Cost?

The base price of MMM ranges around $2,222 (as of Sept 2021). HOWEVER, this can vary if you A. Have taken Energy & Frequency Of Money or Drop The MF Money Struggle B. Sign Up For The Waitlist (you get a $$$$ discount) C. Opt for the payment plan.

Because I’d invested in the energy and frequency of money and opted for the payment plan, I paid $202.80 every two weeks with 10 installments.

Ps. If you’re reading this on 2/11 or even a few days after, the waitlist is still open so jump on that! Official enrollment opens up 2/15.

How Is It Different From Amanda’s Other Courses?

Let’s be real. Amanda offers a lot of content which is amazing! But her courses are all different. When you sign up for a course, you’re given the option to join a facebook group (you’ll want to do this). Whereas when you purchase a bundle, it’s more self-taught. Courses provide the opportunity for group support.

There are small carryovers from other courses so if you’ve taken Decoding Fame, Amanda has probably mentioned a small bit of MMM. But the foundation of healing your relationship with money and the wealth of knowledge that you get as Amanda adds new modules is beyond.

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Can I Just Buy The Book?

You absolutely can and should buy the book. I’ve done an entire review on it already. But it’s not the same by any means. Amanda gives you a few tools in Rich AF to start unlocking your mind around money. It gives you the opportunity to explore what your previous relationship with money is and how you can start reshaping it.

Money Mentality Makeover gives you the opportunity to really dig into manifesting. To learn how to consistently call in money and how to work through blocks. The book is a great start but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the knowledge you get with MMM.

What’s In Money Mentality Makeover?

As of now (2/11/22), there are 7 modules, 3 bonuses, and the pre-work. Amanda mentioned recently on stories that she would most likely be adding another module this time talking about investments and real estate. So it’s something that’s continually growing.

Is Money Mentality Makeover Worth The Investment?

I mentioned this in today’s video but I recently purchased a course that I felt meh about. I knew that there was one piece of it that would probably be worth it so it felt justified. But I was shocked when I realized I only had access to the course for a year. WTF.

It can be easy to look at the cost of MMM and think: that’s so much money. When I first stumbled onto it a few years back, I couldn’t fathom investing at the time. Thankfully, I was able to manifest the money to join in September (story time in this video) and it all worked out.

Going through Money Mentality Makeover is kind of like going through life therapy. You think you’re going to be talking about money but it’s so much more than that. You’re gaining access to tools that can be applied in all areas of life. Forever.

So while you may spend a year working through your money blocks and manifest $$, you also have something that can help you manifest a dream partner, job, travel, etc. It’s absolutely worth it.

Who Is Money Mentality Makeover For?

As you go through Amanda’s content, you’ll realize it’s geared more toward those who identify as women. But it’s something everyone could benefit from. I think the biggest thing here is knowing your intentions when signing up. I honestly can’t think of a single human I wouldn’t recommend this course to but I also know that there’s so much power in putting the faith in your money and paying for this course. If you’re ready to change your life, your relationship with money, and are willing to do the emotional & spiritual work, this is for you.

Money Mentality Makeover Review
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What Have I Manifested Since Money Mentality Makeover?

Unexpected brand deal for $600 more than anticipated (the total fee for this deal covered my portion of MMM entirely – manifested within 1.5 weeks of signing up)

10k month for October

Other smaller brands deals

Free things, etc.

Will Money Mentality Makeover Help Me Manifest Money Quickly?

Yes and no. A lot of people manifest things quickly because they are in the energy of receiving. But when you start to do the work initially it can take a bit. Mainly because you’re clearing limiting beliefs and working through the minefield that is your brain. You can absolutely manifest quickly. However, if you don’t, know it’s okay. Sometimes we have more to heal first.

My Advice For Taking MMM

So in addition to today’s blog post, I created a 6-month alumni review for you. I’ll most likely do this every 6 months as I think it’s helpful to see how we grow with each level. But I think if I could go back and give myself one piece of advice with starting MMM it would be to remember that you’re working through in 2.5 months what took Amanda YEARS. Like a few decades. And so it’s easy to feel like things aren’t happening for you or you’re failing when you aren’t seeing that.

If you want to go through it all as it drops, go for it! I had a blast. But then start it again and go slowly. Give yourself the time to do the work in micro-steps. The biggest hurdle to your success is trying to get in an elevator when you need to take the stairs. It’s a lot more sustainable when you give yourself the time and space to heal along the way.

If you’re joining MMM this round, I’d love to hear from you! There’s such amazing joy in going through this course with other women. But if you’re still pondering or don’t feel called yet, that’s okay too. P.S. You’re welcome to DM me any questions you might have or drop them in the comments below. Until next time friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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