Nutpods: The Non-Dairy Creamer Alternative

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There are few things that I love more than a good cup of coffee. I get that from my mom. There is just something I find absolutely relaxing about sitting down to enjoy a freshly brewed cup fixed to perfection. However unlike my mother, I enjoy adding a bit of creamer to mine. I’ve tried so many over the years. And until recent years, the only choices on the market were filled with dairy and sugar. So when I stumbled onto nutpods last month, I was more than intrigued to find a dairy-free, sugar free creamer alternative.

Nutpods - The Non-Dairy Creamer Alternative #saveeandsavory #review #nutpods #dairyfree #vegan #whole30 #kickstarter

Nutpods is a kickstarter dream come true. Tired of waiting for the market to provide a non-dairy creamer that wasn’t filled with loads of additives and sugar, founder Madeline Haydon decided to take things into her own hands. Madeline along with 510 kickstarter backers raised over $32,000 to bring the Nutpods dream to life. The campaign started in October 2013 and the creamer officially launched on amazon in June 2015.

Currently, nutpods isn’t available in stores everywhere but it’s pretty easy to get ahold of. And if you have an amazon addiction like me, you can use prime and have it in no time. You can also find them in online shops like Vitacost or Thrive Market. And based on the list on their website they are adding more and more stores every day!

Nutpods - The Non-Dairy Creamer Alternative #saveeandsavory #review #nutpods #dairyfree #vegan #whole30 #kickstarter #variety

If you’re on the hunt for a creamer alternative that satisfies your taste and your diet, I think you’ll be quite happy. I’ve found them really easy to use and they have a great taste. There are many reasons to love Nutpods. So let’s get into the breakdown shall we.

Which products did I try?

I ordered the variety pack from amazon*. It comes with one hazelnut, one original and one vanilla.

What’s the price? 

The variety 3-pack is $13.95 but you could order a specific flavor as a 4-pack for only $1 more.

What’s the shipping like? 

This will vary depending on where you order from but they ship all over the US so nothing crazy expensive.

Who are the products for? 

The creamer alternative is marketed towards the healthier crowd. Most ads I’ve seen note that it’s Whole 30 approved if that gives you any indication. But they are also dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and non-gmo. They are also free of carrageenan which is an additive that is most often linked with inflammation. If you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative that doesn’t have sugar then this is what you’re looking for.

Can I get them in stores?

Yes, you can! Check the nutpods website if you’re looking for a store near you. Or hop over to amazon for 2-day prime shipping.

Can I get a sample?

The products aren’t very large so samples aren’t available online. However you would probably be able to ask for one in stores.

Will I use them again? 

Absolutely! And I just ordered the 4-pack of vanilla on amazon today. I’ve been using them in tea and coffee daily. I also want to try the original creamer with cooking. I can’t say enough nice things about them other than you should try them asap!

Any else I need to know?

The mixture for the creamer is from almond and coconuts so if either is a concern be aware.



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