Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway, a review featured by top Atlanta petite fashion blogger, What Savvy Said

Nuuly VS Rent The Runway: Which Clothing Rental Is Better?

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In the last decade, renting your clothes has become a monthly standard for the fashionista looking to switch up her wardrobe on a budget, indulge in luxury pieces at a lower cost as well as produce an entirely new vacation wardrobe without all the hassle of doing the laundry when you get home. It’s safe to say there are a plethora of reasons to make renting your clothes a regular part of your life and style. 

However, as the pear-shaped girlie knows, sometimes there are challenges that are just a bit more of a hurdle to overcome. So today I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about the two most popular clothing rental options. It’s a WSS showdown and today we have Nuuly vs Rent The Runway. Let the games begin!

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway, a review featured by top Atlanta petite fashion blogger, What Savvy Said

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway

The Overview Of Renting Your Clothes:

The basic idea behind these companies is that you pay a set fee per month: Nuuly (currently $98 or $104.46 with Florida tax) and Rent The Runway (ranging between $94 – $235 after an initial discounted trial). You choose the clothing you’d like to borrow for the month based on what’s available. Keep what you would like to purchase (more on this in a moment). And send back your shipment to unlock your next round.

Insurance and shipping are covered in the cost of your subscription so if anything does happen you don’t need to worry. Both services use UPS for shipping and returns.

Nuuly: The Basics

Nuuly offers a solid selection of brands. But I would say if you’re someone who likes Urban Outfitters, Free People, or Anthroplogie, you’ll enjoy renting from Nuuly. You fill out a basic questionnaire with your account to help you get the most accurate sizing options. But this also helps in providing feedback to others who might want to rent because you’ll be asked about how many times you wore items, the fit, and so on when you exchange each month. Each subscription includes 6 items with the option to unlock bonus items. You get one shipment per month. 


RTR is significantly more robust in its offerings. In addition to the fact that they do singular-item rentals, you can rent up to 20 items per month with their plans. However, there is a limit to how many items per shipment you’ll receive. It does mean it’s a bit easier to keep an item throughout the month if you really love a handbag and want to use it several times. They also offer a great selection of jewelry.

Rent The Runway specializes in the more luxury aspect of clothing rental. And there are certainly crossovers with Nuuly. But with RTR you’ll have access to brands like Tory Burch, Victoria Beckham, Oscar De La Renta, AllSaints, and more. Plus, there are the exclusive lines like Ashley Park x RTR.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway- Which Clothing Rental Company Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #clothingrental #nuuly #renttheway #sustainablefashion
Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway- Which Clothing Rental Company Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #clothingrental #nuuly #renttheway #sustainablefashion
Rent The Runway Review - Is The Rental Service Worth The Hype? #whatsavvysaid

Pros for Nuuly

You get more for the least amount. With 6 items in every shipment, if you’re looking to stick to the lower end of the rental price range, Nuuly is your girl. It’s also great if you’re looking to build out your wardrobe by purchasing pieces you’ve rented. The cost of most pieces puts them at a 50%ish discount. I was shocked that several of the items I rented this month came new with tags but would be significantly reduced to buy them from my rental.

Nuuly’s selection of brands is solid. If you’re someone who doesn’t quite care about luxury designer brands or just wants to wear things from your favorite stores without the extra price tag every month/laundry, this is perfect. Some of my favorites like For Love and Lemons, Anthropoligie, and Free People were amongst my recent picks. And I was SO excited to find a pair of unusual jeans from Anthro that fit my pear-shaped body.

Pros For Rent The Runway

Their selection is just incredible. But the addition of sunglasses, jewelry, and purses over the years has always turned my eye back to RTR. You can find my full detailed review on Rent The Runway here. If you really enjoy the details of styling or just want access to more pieces regularly, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here. Plus, RTR offers discounted trial prices. 

I also think it helps to have more than one shipment per month especially if you’re someone, like me, who finds shopping a challenge. If you end up with an item in your shipment that isn’t the right size, you can easily get another option when you swap. Or you can order 2 of the same item in different sizes if you know you’ll need something for a specific event.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway- Which Clothing Rental Company Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #clothingrental #nuuly #renttheway #sustainablefashion

Cons For Nuuly

There’s less of an incentive to try new brands because you only have one shipment per month. Or I should say, it’s possible for it to feel like you wasted a month because the sizing or styles weren’t right and you have to keep it for several weeks. There may be a customer service option around this so reach out to them if this is you. However, I do find that as particular as I am about clothing I tend to get less out of this type of subscription because I either need to stick exclusively with brands I am certain of my sizing/style/material for. Or I end up only loving & wearing only 2 or 3 pieces from my shipment.

Cons For Rent The Runway

It’s more of a financial investment and the price to purchase most items you love is more than Nuuly. If you’re not someone who is going to keep up with swapping out your shipments, you may not get the most for your subscription. Additionally, the lowest-priced plan (that offers fewer items than Nuuly) has limited closet access. So there’s a chance that a brand you love won’t be available.


I wanted to expand my wardrobe but try new styles first on a budget.

I want my closet to look like Anthropologie.

We were on vacation.

I want to get the most for my money at the lowest cost. 


I’m going on vacation. 

I want to change up my style and LOVE having accessory options.

Also, I want to try more luxury brands without the luxury price tag.

I’m pregnant and my body is changing sizes consistently but I still want to look hot without buying a whole new wardrobe.

I never know what size I need and I want to be able to try more than one.

I need an outfit for just one event. 

I’d love to know if you’ve tried Nuuly or Rent The Runway what your favorite brand to rent and style is. And if you want more style content, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. You can find daily outfit content on Instagrammini-reviews & first impressions on Tiktok, and longer style & shopping videos on Youtube. Until next time. I hope you have a fabulous week. Xoxo, Savvy

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