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It’s been a while since we’ve sat down and chatted, you and I. And to quite honest, I’m writing today’s post as a way of adding a bit of grace to my own personal reflection. The goals we set are important but so is our ability to show ourselves compassion, kindness, and understanding along the way. So if you too have been beating yourself up recently because you like to set big *often unrealistic in the best way* goals for yourself, take this moment with me to reflect. And maybe turn this into a journal exercise after. 

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October Recap

October feels like a month where everything and nothing happened all at once. Everything because I feel like I finally got my head out of the sand in many ways. I had some tough money conversations with myself regarding areas that were preventing me from being the energetic match I want to be moving forward. But not in the way where it feels like it all happens in one moment and bam! miracle. A girl can dream.

I do, however, feel like there were a few specific lessons that came into play this month that have helped me start to crack doors. As well as a few other discoveries, so let’s dive into those.

Take A Step Back

I had more than one moment this month where the universe was like “You’re not seeing this because you’re too close so please step the hell back. Thanks”. It really was a reminder of how often we (I) neglect to see the big picture. But answers come with perspective. And if you’re trying to see what’s on your nose but you’ve got your face pressed against the mirror. . . you get the idea.

As we know, especially with manifesting, we can’t solve, fix, or rearrange a problem we can’t see. So on days where you’re doing all you know to do but things aren’t magically moving, there’s a new level of gratitude for me that has come from recognizing that even if I can’t see it – I will. The evidence I need to understand the bigger picture is adding up for me even when it doesn’t look like it up close.

Take a breath. Take a step back. And let the ease come back into the equation. At least it’s what I’m telling myself every other day.

Make Space For Quiet

So often we seem to underestimate our own ability to be powerful manifesters. So instead of really diving into creating that relationship of conversation and understanding with the universe, we constantly seek out new teachers and methods. But here’s the issue: the way it works for them isn’t necessarily the way it works for us. And/or the way it clicks for them isn’t necessarily the way it works for us. 

There this tendency that comes with the way so many of us where taught to be humans because for a vast majority of us – independence and freedom to think wasn’t included in the life lessons. We were groomed to be a certain person by parents, teachers, religion, tv shows, etc. And we end up suffering even more from it for longer because we don’t feel safe enough to find space in the quiet and learn to trust our own voice.

But what if we could be 5 times further along simply because we were able to hear the guidance instead of just following someone else’s directions (and yes sometimes those directions come from someone else but you know what I mean). This also leads me to –

If It’s Not Working – Stop Doing It.

I’m not sure there are enough words to express just how freaking frustrated I’ve been over the last few months. This has led me to this moment of calling out the insanity and recognizing there has to be another way. But isn’t it annoying when you feel like you’ve wasted all that time trying the one thing?

I’ve talked about my birthday breakdown a bit online and off. But after 2 years of really showing up and diving into all things manifesting – I was frustrated. Beyond frustrated. Because it felt like I couldn’t figure it out. And I wanted to throw a toddler-sized tantrum.

Here’s the thing though. And what I came to realize after I lost it for a bit. I had successfully proved to myself what wouldn’t work for me. I had done it. And I could let go now. In order for me to find the way that worked for me, I had to prove to myself that someone else’s system wasn’t mine. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could stop trying that way because I’d put in the time to show myself that it wasn’t going to work for me. Their way of doing wasn’t meant to be mine. And yes, I was angry at first but eventually, I stopped trying to do it that way because I had endless amounts of proof that it wouldn’t work. What I did know was that the overall idea was possible. It was just time to write my own code.

Human Design + Manifesting = Besties

I swear every time I learn something new about my human design and how it relates to manifesting for me I’m as excited as I am angry I didn’t know it sooner. Can we tell I’ve felt rather impatient lately? And while I’m sure I could work through why anger is my first protective response – we will save that for another post.

This weekend I finally got to take Vision Board Alchemy from the Manifestation Babe and I learned that I am a passive manifester (according to my design chart). So all of the ways I’ve been trying to manifest are actually working against me because they aren’t what I’m meant to do. I’m very much looking forward to diving into this more in the near future so stay tuned for more in-depth content. Or if you want to get more daily nuggets – I’ve added a broadcast channel to my Instagram for just that.

Storyboard Your Life

This is something I’ll be playing with as we step into the next month so keep your eyes open for a more detailed follow-up around Jan 1. But here’s the gist. With all the quirks of my human design, I find the biggest connection through storytelling. Feeling the feelings of something does absolutely nothing for me. But the story, the details, the moments – I can get behind that.

So this month as I prep my new vision board (aka storyboard), I’ll also be writing an actual story I can read each morning. A version that allows me to feel connected to this life I’m creating and the version of me that’s embodying it. Ps. If you haven’t started doing it, putting yourself on your vision board is a powerful game changer. It’s how you take it from vision to story to your life.


Okay, friends, that is all we have for our October recap. I honestly enjoyed this moment together. It feels so low-key – like I’m writing you a letter. And of course, I can’t leave you without a few journal prompts so be sure to check below. If you want to stay up to date with things, please sign up for the newsletter. It’s free and easy to do so. But if you’d like more daily micro drops, come join our broadcast channel on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

October Journal Prompts

What am I ready to admit isn’t working anymore? What could I try instead?

Where can I be kinder to myself this month?

Write a letter to a friend recapping your October experience. Notice how you speak about what has been going on.

What good things happened this month?

What things happened that were working in my favor?

How do I feel about the current state of my life?

What am I too afraid to say out loud for fear of judging myself?

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