Pick a little, trick a little: How to feed the picky eater in your life

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Have you ever tried cooking for a child? If you have then you’ll totally know where I’m going. You offer them “x” food knowing that they ate it the day before and loved it but today, well that love is questionable. They don’t think they like “x” and they most certainly don’t remember eating it the day before. Parents, I commend you for your patience. I write all of this to say that unfortunately, this dislike of foods tends to transfer into adulthood for some kids and is the inspiration for today’s post: How to Feed the Picky.

My step-dad is 87 years old. He has eaten some much chicken he is probably 1/3 chicken. I don’t blame him for being over it. But he’s also one to make a diet of things I cringe at. We like to play the game where we don’t tell him what he is eating so that we can sneak things into his diet like nutrients. So for those picky eater friends, here are the ways to sneak things into their life without them knowing.

Tip #1 –

Pasta swap. This is probably easiest to hide in big dishes or things baked with other veggies and sauces but swapping the regular pasta for whole wheat or even making spaghetti with zoodles (zucchini noodles) or spaghetti squash adds lots of fiber. I’d start with little portions of it as to not make them completely question your cooking skills but ¼-1/2 of a substitute is a step forward.

Tip #2 –

Rice swap. We all know I love quinoa. It’s a great way to get more protein into your diet and amp up your carb choices. This is another half/half option to try. Stir-fry or mixed rice can be taken up a notch by a complete swap or just subbing in a little of this awesome grain.

Tip #3 –

Keep it simple. Changing a picky eater’s mindset isn’t going to happen overnight. As much as we would love for everyone to be on the health train, not everyone will ditch their sweetened peanut butter for the oil based almond butter. Be patient and know that it doesn’t all happen at once.

What’s are some of your tricks for feeding the picky eaters in your life?

Xoxo, Savannah

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