poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said

Poshmark Vs Thred Up: Which Consignment Shop Is Better?

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When it comes to online consignment shops, there are so many options these days. Depop, Poshmark, ThredUp, all the Instagram shops and Facebook market place. The options are endless. But when it comes to selling with easy aka putting in the least amount of effort possible, there are two I turn to time and time again. So today’s post is another in the VS category: Poshmark VS ThredUp. Let’s dive in!

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Poshmark Vs Thred Up

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online consignment and boutique that makes getting items out of your closet and onto their next life super easy. Anyone can use it. However, it’s only available in the United States.

What is ThredUp?

ThredUp is an only consignment that takes all the extra work out of selling your gentle worn clothes. You can order a clean kit or opted to print a label, ship off you clothes and sit back while they do all of the rest. Additionally, ThredUp is only available in the United States & Canada.

poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said
poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said

Which is easier to use?

They are both incredibly easy platforms to work. But if you’re looking for the least amount of effort possible, Thred Up is your gal. They pretty much take care of everything you just have to ship it to them.

Which one allows you to make more money?

Poshmark. You are always in control of the price with Poshmark. Does that mean it will sell quickly or at the rate you want it to sell? No. But you’re always going to make more. Plus, unless you choose to offer free shipping, the buyer always pays for it. 


Super easy to use.

You can list multiple items. 

You keep 80% of the profit.

It takes less than 10 minutes to list an item. I say 10 because I always take the photo, measure, and list all at the same time. If you don’t add the details, someone will inevitably ask so it’s best to do it upfront.

No hidden fees and it’s easy to get your cash. Once an item has sold, you’ll be provided with a shipping label. All you have to do is box it up and mail it out. USPS does package pick up for free on days that there’s already mail running. So as long as you go online to set it up, as well as order your free boxes, you can send off your goods at little cost & with little effort.

Once the buyer has received and accepted the item, the funds are released to your account. From there, you can opt to do direct deposit, get a check, or use your money to shop within Poshmark. One of my least favorite things about selling on Ebay is the delayed fees that are happen each month. With Poshmark, what you see is what you get. 

poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said


Perfect way to make a clean out feel even more productive. You can sort through your closet, order a kit via the app, print the label and box it all up. From there it’s all you can easily schedule your box for pick up via usps. I love that it really removes the delay of needing to hold onto things while waiting for them to sell. 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what sells with ThredUp. There are items I’ve sent in that may be a bit older but because of the style I stick to are still relevant. I’ve sold older – lightly worn workout gear, booties, jackets, shirts, pants, etc. There’s the additionally bonus that you know the your pieces will photographed the best. So maybe something you’d shoot at home doesn’t sell because it doesn’t look as pleasing. But with ThredUp, they take care of all of that so all you have to do is ship it to them.

Plus, you in addition to chasing out once items sell, you can donate or use your credit within a handful of their partnered stores with an extra bump in your credit amount.


It requires time and there’s a bit of a learning curve. To really maximize sales with Poshmark, you need to be sharing your items throughout the day. It doesn’t require much to do this but it does mean you have to keep an eye on your store daily. Additionally. it’s rare that your item will go for the initial listing price so always list a little higher. Buyers will like your item essentially saying, yes I want this but can I get a deal. From there, you can offer discounted prices to those who have shown interest. 

You’re also responsible for handling any questions a buyer might have. Things like the length of a skirt or extra photos are common. Again, it’s a bit of basic customer service. And once you post the answer, others can see it. It’s just extra maintenance when you’re comparing Poshmark Vs ThredUp.



ThredUp has recently changed it’s practices but it’s not easily visible by just poking around on their website. A few of $14.99 is charge (at minimum) per bag processed. The expedited fee is $22+. This means that unless you have a lot to sell or big ticket items, you’ll be losing a chunk of profit.

You don’t always make money. When you send in your bag of clothes, they are sorted and listed with what the ThredUp team things will selling. Typically, it’s around 50% of the items sent in. From there, you have to wait for them to actually sell or you can request to have an item returned.

If your items do sell, your funds are released AFTER an extended return period. And to request your funds, you have the option to use either Stripe or Paypal. However, both require a transfer fee.

poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said
poshmark vs thredup reviewed by top Atlanta fashion blogger, What Savvy Said


If you’re looking for a quick turn around with cash, I would say Poshmark. Some brands and items sell quickly and this is a great way to really maximize on a capsule wardrobe if you’re looking to invest back into your closet. I’ve had a so-so experience here as it can be quite time consuming, requires you to consistently be on top of sharing pieces and isn’t as hands off as other consignment options.

In the past, I’ve leaned towards Thred Up as I’ve found it just works best for what I need: easy, quick clean out with a decent resale. Of the 5 bags I’ve shipped to ThredUp, I’ve always made some money. For me, part of utilizing this type of service is that I can truly remove things from my space and not just my closet. However, as suggested by one reader, I do think it’s worth looking into local consignment options if you don’t think you’ll make enough to cover $14.99 deductible.


If you found this post helpful and want to join our community, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post. And if you have any questions or tips for selling with Poshmark or ThredUp, be sure to leave them in the comments below! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

Photos by Taylor Gay

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    Cindy Y
    Cindy Y
    3 years ago

    Love this article, it answered all my questions and helped me make a decision on which platform to use. Thanks!

    1 year ago

    I appreciate the post however it’s a bit confusing. At the top of the post you say ThredUp is your gal. But in your closing comments you refer to Poshmark as your favourite. I just signed up about 10 days ago with Poshmark. I am finding that I am constantly getting comments asking me to send photos to private emails. Some of them outside of the country. I understand that many scammers do this to try to lure a seller away from Poshmark so I don’t respond to them. That said I have some really nice stuff listed and haven’t… Read more »