When Good Recipes Fail: How to Figure Out Where You Went Wrong

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Happy Monday everyone! This morning has found me 3 drafts deep into a post for today because to be honest I haven’t been able to decide what I want to write about. I’ve been trying to balance my time at the computer with time in the kitchen so I can bring you more pantry in a pinch recipes (here’s the latest one).

But my recipe testing isn’t always that successful. I’ve been trying and failing at making a particular bread recipe for several months (hint: it’s gluten-free and those are a pain). So, today I thought I’d share a few questions to ask to figure out why you had a recipe fail. Let the fun begin!

Are my ingredients old?

If you don’t use certain ingredients very often, they may have gone off by the time you get around to using them again. Double check that you are using fresh ingredients. If you can’t remember when you bought it, it’s probably time to replace it.

Are you substituting ingredients?

Baking can be tricky. And if you’re a fan of The Great British Bake-Off, you’ll know that it is very much a science. The way the ingredients interact together to rise and bake may not work the same if you’re swapping things out. If you’re looking to make something gluten-free, be aware that recipes are generally designed to accommodate the differences from traditional baking. And if you’re looking to make something began, be aware that egg substitutes may take some trial and error. Check for any notes on a recipe about making substitutions ahead of time.

How exact are your measurements?

When I’m cooking, I’m not always concerned about being precise with the amount of rice of veggies that ends up in my dish. But with baking, there isn’t the same kind of flexibility. Make sure you’re leveling off your measurements before adding them in. A little bit too much can do a lot more damage that you think when it comes to consistency.

Where is the recipe from?

Surprisingly enough, not all things cook the same in all places. Depending on the atmosphere, you may find that a recipe needs to be tweaked in order to work. If it’s possible, check to see where the author is from. If it’s vastly different from you, it may take some trial & error to get it right in your kitchen.

Are you rushing the process?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flipped a pancake too soon or had to put a cake back in the oven. It happens. But in order to get it right, some times we need more patience than others. Making sure you’re give ingredients the time necessary to mesh and rise is crucial if you want it to work.

I know it can be frustrating trying to perfect a recipe but give it time. And I hope that these questions will help you figure out where it all went wrong. Hopefully, I’ll have a perfect bread recipe to share with you soon myself!

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