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I remember shopping last summer. I kept trying things on only to find I hated all of it. Anyone else have this issue? The older I get the more aware of my body I’ve become. I know what will and won’t work for me. And if I’m not comfortable in something, it’s not worth it to me.

As much as I love fashion, I know that not every style will work for me. There are so many beautiful styles in the world. But being comfortable and feeling confident in what you’re wearing can be so impactful.

For my summer wardrobe update, I’ve been opting for lighter fabrics. Living in Florida this season means I don’t want to feel trapped in clothes. So if you fancy a peek at what I’m eyeing for my wardrobe update, read on friends.

I love dresses. Partly because they are a lazy outfit. But also I love them because they are just so much fun. And the right dress can be super comfortable.
Bardot’s Asha Off The Shoulder* – I probably don’t need any more blue in my life but oh well. I love the look and color of this dress. Plus, with the cinching at the waist, I don’t have to worry about it just hanging on my body.
Leith’s Flounce Wrap Midi Dress* – I do best when dresses play up my curves. I’m definitely a girl with a smaller waist vs hips. Wrap dresses help me rock a flowy look. This is definitely a dress I can’t wait to get my hands on.
Eliza J Cotton Fit & Flare Dress* – Clearly, I’m embracing the cold shoulder look. I love the detailing of this dress. Plus, it’s blue. This is the perfect summer night dress and I’ll be putting this at the top of my birthday wishlist.

1 State Cold Shoulder Lace Blouse* – This top is super simple but perfect for my favorite jeans. Paired with my staple brown wedges and it’s a summer essential.
Lush Ripped Neck Split Tee* – Ripped jeans and a ripped neck tee are my every day go to. In the summer, I swap in shorts and sandals for jeans and converse. I love the look of this tee and it pairs well with so many things. I’ll definitely be adding this into my closet soon.
1 State Cold Shoulder Blouse* – The color of this top is what drew me to it the most. I love the peachy summer look without it being too summer. Plus, it goes well into my growing cold shoulder collection.

Topshop Stud Ripped Denim Miniskirt* – I’m a big fan of the ripped denim these days. And I’ve recently been obsessing over this mini skirt. I love that it can be dressed with a fancy top or a ripped tee.
Astr The Label Maxi Skirt* – I don’t know what it is about this skirt but I’m in love. Lace detail and pockets are my weakness. It’s such a summer skirt and I love that it’s flowy.

Soludos Espadrille Slip-On* – Something about these slip ons just makes me incredibly happy. I don’t know if it’s the pink or just the fact that there is a flamingo, but they need to be in my wardrobe. I tend to live in my tory burch sandals or a pair of wedges but these would definitley get me to change it up.
BP Sky Wedge Sandal* – I actually prefer these in the lighter color but they are a nice alternative to all my brown wedges. Which if I’m honest, I own quite a few pairs. I gotta boost the height occasionally and wedges are perfect for navigating any sandy areas.
Sofft Rosaria Sandal* – This isn’t my usual sandal style but I love the mix of colors. Plus, it goes with just about everything. From maxi skirts to minis, you could rock this a ton of ways.
I think that official wraps up my mini summer wishlist. I’m sure if you set me loose in a store I’d come up with tons more items but for now these are the ones I’ll be looking to add into my wardrobe this season.
Do you have any summer items you’ve got your eye on? What’s your summer wardrobe essential? Leave me a comment below and let me know.
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