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When it comes to working out, my love of the gym comes and goes. Some days I love nothing more than to smash out a workout and lift weights. Other days it’s enough for me to squeak in a good 30 minutes. But the one thing I’ve found that I constant go back to is my Sweat* app.

If you search #bbg or bikini body guide in instagram, you’ll find yourself in the land of Kayla Itsines. Australian native and fitness trainer, Kayla is known for her short but effective workouts. With girls tagging #bbgtransformations and getting together to do the HITT based workouts, it’s hard not to be inspired to join the club. When so many are getting results, it’s hard to resist getting sucked in.

So what is the deal with the Sweat App and what do you need to know? Let’s do a little breakdown shall we?


The app is perfect for on the go. You can do almost all the workouts with very little equipments. I used it whenever I’m away with friends or to get in a quick session at home when I’m short on time. It’s also progressive so you can see how you’re changing over time and building up skills. As far as affordability goes, I’d say it’s on par with a decent gym membership. I actually recently got rid of my regular membership because I was using the app at home so much and didn’t need it. But if you’re doing the stronger program you may still want that gym access.

There are several programs available. Personally, despite all the love for Kayla’s programs, I’m much most consistent with the yoga. I’ve tried to do the bikini body guide over the years and it’s just not suited for what I typically want to do. Occasionally, I’ll pop in a leg workout or abs but I find that with the yoga program it gives me the quiet time I need daily. But if you’re looking to build up strength or are post-baby then there is a program as well.

Also, it’s a great app to keep everything in one place. You can upload progress photos, track your weight and even get meal ideas. If you’re looking for the full packaging in losing weight and hitting goals, you’ll definitely find a lot here. It even gives you grocery lists per week to make life easier. Meal plans and workouts all in one place is a pretty good deal.


One of the biggest cons for this app used to be that it only had one program. And if you’ve already purchased any of the guides, it was a bit redundant. This isn’t as much of a struggle now. If you have the guides, you may find that the app doesn’t offer you anything. Plus with a monthly subscription fee of $19.99, the price may be more than some want to pay. You also may occasionally need other things to complete activities with such as a yoga mat or bench. So if you’re looking for something that’s equipment free, then you may not find this convenient all the time.


Overall, I’m a big fan of the app. Despite past issues, it seems the Sweat team has grown and now caters to more workout types. It’s become my go to workout over the last few months and I’ve loved seeing the changes. If you’re curious about it, you can download it here for free and start with a week trial. Happy Sweating friends!

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