Terra Kaffe Review – Is The Luxury Espresso Machine Worth It? (4 MONTH UPDATE)

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Happy Wednesday friends! I’m so excited to finally be sharing today’s Terra Kaffe review with you. And if your DMs and questions on Instagram are any indication, you’ve been waiting for this one as well. I spent MONTHS looking at espresso machines before finally pulling the trigger. I looked at Philips, Siaco, Jura and so many other brands. But inevitably, I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did. As always, I have lots to share. So grab your mocha, put up your feed and let’s get started!

Update (5.16.21): Terra Kaffe announced that by using a referral link you can get $75 off your order. I know lots of you have looked for discount codes or reached out to me about finding one. Now, you can use my link to save on your order. No code needed.

Terra Kaffe Review - Is The Luxury Espresso Machine Worth It- #whatsavvysaid #terrakaffereview

Which Model Did I Get?

Currently, there’s only one model for the Terra Kaffe – the TK-01. I got it in white.

Why Did I Pick The Terra Kaffe over other espresso machines?

When I started looking at automatic coffee machines, I was really looking at how I could streamline our kitchen. We had a variation of ALL the coffee options: Keurig, Nespresso, Chemex, French Press, etc. And having SO much clutter was driving me a bit mental. So I knew that when investing in an espresso machine, it needed to cover all the bases.

It’s also needed to be aesthetically pleasing and SUPER simple to work. While I don’t mind learning to use new machines and all the quirks they might have, MS won’t. And TBH I didn’t think I could convince her to want or even try to use something along the more traditional lines like the Breville one.

Terra Kaffe Review - Is The Luxury Espresso Machine Worth It- #whatsavvysaid #terrakaffereview


It’s literally the tap of a screen. Maybe two taps if your screen is asleep. But it’s beyond simple. The only bit that took me a minute/reading the manual to figure out was how to use the pre-ground function.


Again, this is fairly easy as well. The machine prompts you to clean it whether it’s cleaning, descaling, emptying the coffee bin, or cleaning the milk frother. The only thing it won’t tell you, but you’ll notice, is when you need to clean out the side where the coffee bin is emptied. After a while, little bits of grounds tend to buildup on the inside next to the bin which prevents you from being able to properly shut the door. 

The only thing that is a slight pain to clean is the drip tray. You definitely need to pull it out regularly and clean it. The machine won’t tell you to do this but you’ll see it building up. If you don’t, you’ll end up with mold as this is where overflow water and espresso go.

I will also note – be sure you remove your filter when you run a cleaning cycle with a tablet. If you don’t, the cycle will run via your filter and change the taste of your coffee.

Does The Terra Kaffe Get Moldy?

So along with the drip tray potentially getting mold if you don’t clean it every few days, I recently noticed another spot. Inside the right part of the machine, you’ll find the coffee bin and the espresso compactor. Idk if that’s the technical term but you’ll know it when you see it. 

You’ll also need to clean this as well as behind it. Again, grounds tend to end up not exclusively in the bin which means moisture and coffee build up in the back. 

The actual espresso compressor is a bit awkward to clean. But it will mold if you don’t so be sure you check it.


Yes, you can. It has a bypass valve. I had ZERO clue this was a thing when I was looking at espresso machines originally. But if you’re anything like us, constantly swapping between regular & decaf, this is very necessary.

Can you use non-dairy milk with the frother?

After getting a couple of questions on this, I decided to do further testing. I noted in my original review that not all non-dairy milks work with it. Elmhurst, Good Mylk & homemade options tend to struggle as they separate too easily. Without a binding agent like guar gum or sunflower lecithin, it’s hard to steam the simpler milks. 

However, I have been testing Califia’s Barista Oat Milk & Unsweetened Vanilla. Both will steam via the frother. But if you want true froth, like Cappucino thick, I’d still recommend a Breville frother hands down.


There are SO many. But it’s beyond easy to use. Your coffee tastes great. It’s easy to adjust to your preferences if you want a strong cup, hotter water, or anything else that you’d prefer. You can do everything with it: americano, espresso, latte, hot water, cappuccino, etc. Plus, the bit of the machine where the coffee comes out can be moved up and down to accommodate a larger coffee cup.

I tend to use hot water, americano, and espresso the most. It also does hot water immediately. So I never have to wait for my kettle to boil when I’ve watched too much Bridgerton and now want to drink my body weight in decaf English Breakfast tea. 

I’m also a big fan of how easy it is to customize the strength of my coffee depending on what feels right for my body throughout the day. I can add some more decaf espresso if I want a stronger flavor or a bit of hot water if I need a little less all with the push of a button.


None of today’s cons are really major nos for me when it comes to the TK-01. But for you, they might be so let’s discuss:

cleaning – as noted before, you have to be diligent in cleaning your machine every few months beyond the machine prompts otherwise you’ll get mold

using ground coffee – it’s easy to do but a bit messy. You also need to make sure you’re doing it with the right grind to get the best flavor

frothing is messy – if you want to avoid having foam sprayed all over, make sure you lower the espresso spout (again, idk on the proper name). Otherwise, you will have milk all over


100%, yes.




Clearly, I love our Terra Kaffe. I go through so much coffee now because I can press a button. 😂 I do think at some point down the road I’ll upgrade again to a machine that has two bean options. I keep decaf in our machine as it’s what I drink. But MS doesn’t tend to want to fuss with grinding and making her own. However, seeing as I was the one who really wanted the machine (as well as our Vitamix, food processor, and air fryer), it works out because it gets used regularly.

Overall, I’m super happy with my choice. It’s far more aesthetically pleasing than other choices. I use it MULTIPLE times a day. I’m currently sipping on a paleo caramel latte as I write today’s post. So I would highly recommend it. Also, be sure to google before buying for a discount code. There is the occasional sale but they don’t tend to do lots of marketing about it. But I managed to find a $100 coupon with a quick search. 

If you end up joining the Terra Kaffe gang, I’d love to know! Let us know in the comments below or come find me on Instagram. And if you have any questions I didn’t get to today, leave those as well. For now, I’m sending you a virtual cheers with my latte! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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    4 months ago

    Hi! Thanks for the review! Question: does the foamer not work well with all plant-based milks, or just the ones you mentioned (which all — I think — don’t have any emulsifiers like seed oil)? Thanks!

    4 months ago

    Hi, great review! Are you still happy with it now that you’ve had it for a couple of months?

    3 months ago

    You said you were able to find a coupon! Would you be able to share that? Please and thank you!

    2 months ago

    When making hot milk or a latte does your milk get sufficiently heated? Mine is warmer than room temp but I would not call it a “hot drink”.

    I am enjoying my TK otherwise!

    2 months ago

    Can you make a full cup of coffee with this machine?

    Julianne Campolieto
    Julianne Campolieto
    6 days ago
    Reply to  whatsavvysaid

    A full cup of regular coffee can be made…. From Madison at TerraKaffe “ Here are our settings for the drip coffee workaround: Change grinder dial to 4 for a coarser grind Adjust espresso settings by tapping MENU > SETTINGS > ESPRESSO Espresso amount: 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml Temperature: 203 °F / 95 °C Coffee bean amount/dose: 0.42 oz / 12 g Pressure: low bar Run shot(s) of espresso Run hot water Enjoy! To summarize, going back and forth between espresso and drip coffee is really just a matter of changing the pressure to low bar and the… Read more »