Theme Night: how to throw a party for cheap

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I love a good theme night. A few decorations, a solid music station and your friends can make for a cheap but fun party. Here are a few of tips for throwing your next fiesta:

  • Decorations: Target dollar bins are your friend. Often, this is what determines what kind of theme night I’m going to do simply but what’s on sale. Plus, the dollar tree is good to find little items to spice it up on the cheap. Plus, if your friends have things to add, maybe they have a sombrero from a trip to Mexico or other great decor, you can always make it a group effort!


  • Drinks: Often, each theme is going to have a staple drink. Ask a friend who is great with drinks to play bartender for the night. Decide what all you’ll need to make it work and then let everyone know. You may have one part for drinks while another friend has two. Bring what you have on hand and save money.



  • Food: My friends and I love to do things buffet style. For example, if we want to do a them like Mexican, we decide what all we want on the menu and what we each have on hand. If I have the basics for rice, beans and salsa, then my friends will divide up the toppings and guac duties. If we are throwing a party for more than just us 5, we will often each bring a dish. We host Friendsgiving every year and each bring 1 or two dishes. This makes it cheaper for everyone and then one person isn’t left footing the cost for everything.


  • Music: It’s so easy to set the tone for a party with a few great songs. I love Pandora and Spotify when I’m looking to set a mood. You could even have everyone add to the playlist for the group!


  • Invites: I love the app Hobnob for inviting friends when I’m hosting an event. It’s a great way to send everyone an invite via text. It reminds people to RSVP and to add pictures in a group folder so everyone can see!


  • Costumes: If you really want to commit to the theme, why not dress up. We haven’t done a theme yet where we dressed up but I’m sure it could be fun! Your local thrift store or closet swapping with a friend is always a great way to find treasures to make your outfit even more spectacular.


Whatever your theme is, enjoying the time with your friends is most important! I’d love to know what your favorite theme night is to throw. Leave me a comment below and let me know!


Xoxo, Savannah


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