TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare

Tula’s Purifying Cleanser vs BeautyCounter’s Countercontrol Cleanser

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When I started thinking about the “vs” series, today’s products were the first to come to mind. Tula‘s been making the rounds for the last few years with a growing popularity thanks to influencers. While Beautycounter‘s cleanser made it’s debut this past summer with a full regime that gives a clean beauty alternative to Proactiv

Nevertheless, today’s post is a side by side comparison of ingredients, price and my personal experience with both products. Whether you’re a clean beauty maven or slowly becoming a conscious connoisseur, I hope you’ll find a bit of wisdom in helping you make your next purchase. For this battle round, we have Tula’s Purifying Cleanser* VS Beautycounter’s Countercontrol Cleanser*. May the best product win!

TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare


Before we begin, there are a few things to clarify. Tula is marketed as a probiotic face wash. Beautycounter is marketed targeting those with more acne prone skin. However, both claim in their marketing that you’ll see more clarified skin. In my mind, this translates to clearer skin which is why I’ve put them head to head.

What’s The Difference?

As a skincare line, Tula is incredibly popular with influencers. It’s more affordable and easier to score a discount code for. But depending on how you define clean beauty, it doesn’t really make the cut. Beautycounter is less expensive per bottle and also gives better exfoliation because it has jojoba beads. Plus, it meets clean beauty standards.

What’s The Cost?

A full size bottle of Tula’s Purifying Face Cleanser is $28 for 6.7 fl. oz. Beautycounter’s Clear Pore Cleanser is $26 for 5 fl. oz. Per ounce Tula is around $4.18 and Beautycounter is $5.20.

TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare
TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare
TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare


Overall, Tula is more cost effective. It’s priced less per ounce and you can often find discount code. It’s also more readily available so you can still maximize on rewards from places like Nordstrom and Ulta. Purifying Face Cleanser has also gotten rave reviews and seems to be a well loved product across the board. If you like a simple routine, this cleanser works great for removing makeup and cleansing skin. And you don’t tend to need a ton per wash so the bottle lasts ages.


It’s not considered clean beauty. Tula’s cleanser contains both Methylchloroisothiazolinoe & Methylisothiazolinone. These ingredients are chemical preservatives that help maintain the shelf life of the cleanser. Unfortunately, they are also common irritants and can result in contact skin allergies.


Countercontrol is a great replacement for those looking to get off proactiv or want a gentle but light exfoliation with their cleanser. The jojoba beads mean you get that extra bit of massage when you’re cleansing your face. But it’s not too much that it overpowers and dries your skin. It also works great to take off makeup. And if you’re like me and looking to help support your local friends businesses, you can support your local girl boss when shopping!


Availability is one of the biggest issues I see with this product. You can really only get it from the Beautycounter website or a consultant. Samples aren’t as easy to come by so unless you get them from a consultant or add them when buying another BC product. Therefore, it’s harder to test drive this cleanser. And of course, it’s a bit pricier per ounce than Tula.

TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare
TULA’S PURIFYING CLEANSER VS BEAUTYCOUNTER’S COUNTERCONTROL CLEANSER #whatsavvysaid #tula #beautycounter #acneproneskin #cleanskincare


We all know I’m becoming a clean beauty junkie. So it should be no surprise that I love & prefer Beautycounter’s Countercontrol Cleanser*. But it’s not simply because it’s clean skincare. I purchased the Tula cleanser after hearing so much hype because I’d hoped to find a budget friendly option for my skin. Unfortunately, those pesky ingredients I mentioned in the cons section ended up working against me. And I found that I would have a bit of a rash on my neck after using the cleanser. Overall, my skin isn’t sensitive but if I’m going to react to a product, it’s most often on my neck. I tried to use it as a make up remover just to finish up the bottle, but eventually I gave up and went back to my Pacifica Coconut Oil Cleanser*. 


I know I’ve harped on clean beauty a lot the last few months. For me, it’s really been about giving my hormones and body the best chance to heal. Skincare works differently for everyone. And if you can find a local Beautycounter consultant, I know they’d happily help you get your hands on this cleanser to try. Whatever you decide to use, just remember sometimes you have to do a little digging before you find what works for you. And this time, my winner is clear: Beautycounter Countercontrol Clear Pore cleanser all the way!



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