Turning 30: What I’m Wishing For The Next Decade

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Last year when I sat down to write my 30 before 30 list, I had high hopes for what 29 would bring. And quite like 26, my 29th year was a memorable one as well: losing a family member, going to LA, Paris & NYC, the dreaded C word, my back-up plan going poof. We’ve had quite the run. But as I reconcile my mind with the idea of turning 30, it’s been a struggle friends, I want to try to find that my missing joy looking forward. So for my annual birthday post, I thought we’d reflect on the moments that taught me over the last year & how I hope to grow them even more in my 30s.

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More Travel

If you read my 30 before 30 post, you’ll know that I had several places I wanted to travel before turning 30. And thankfully, I managed to squeak them all in before Christmas rolled around. I haven’t quite managed to do blog posts on where we ate during our trips for all my other Paleo based friends, so those will be coming over the next few weeks. 

For me, traveling is all about who I’m getting to spend time with and those I meet along the way. I enjoy the memories that are made on trips. So I don’t for see myself rocking a lot of solo trips in the next few years. But part of the reason I started WSS was so that I would have the flexibility to travel with Mom when that was a possibility. 

Unfortunately, with Corona still on the loose, I don’t see myself going anywhere that’s not in my normal circle for a while (Birmingham, Atlanta, Panama City). But I have a list that is insanely long and now I just have more time to research. Everything from wellness retreats to going on an African Safari are in the future. Nevertheless, I hope that my 30s brings more international travel and even more exciting adventures!

Setting Better Financial Habits

I’ve spent the last few years talking about habits. I want to understand the mental patterns I’ve developed over the years and what I need to do to set myself up for my future. Truthfully, my finances have always been a struggle. So by acknowledging this, it’s my goal to create better habits around how I interact with money, my understanding of finances and what my goals are to give myself financial peace.

For me, this looks like setting specific goals, creating multiple online savings accounts and learning about investing. Thank heavens for youtube and so many books! If the last few years and being freelance for over 6 years has taught me anything, learning to create passive income and a better relationship with money are key! 

Understanding How To Diversify My Business

As much as I love blogging, there’s SO much I didn’t know when I started 4 years ago. I’ve learned so much about what I enjoy and what drives me up a wall. But I’ve also learning how mentally draining it can be when it feels like you CONSTANTLY have to be connected. I never wanted to lose touch with the space or the beautiful community we are building. Nevertheless, I want to make sure my eggs are in more than one basket. 

I’ve toyed with the idea of creating an ebook for a while now. My goal has always been to make living a happier and healthier life incredibly easy. So I imagine that most of the recipes I create will allow you to maximize on time and resource. And for bloggers, passive income can show up in several different ways. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more companies are filing for bankruptcy which means it’s my goal to stay open to all possibilities and find the best option for both myself & our growing community. 

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Let’s be honest. I had a minor freak out about turning 30 recently. Like the idea of no longer being in my 20s suddenly hit me and then I started thinking about living for another 60+ years. Don’t do it. But I would absolutely love to settle into a family role in my 30s. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. So I’m praying that season of my life comes sooner rather than later. 


The last few years of my 20s have been focused on all things hormones. In the journey to heal my body naturally, I’ve learned so much a long the way. And while truthfully, I hope that I’m not always forced to learn things out of necessity (I’m stubborn so this will probably be the case). I do hope that I can continue to grow and welcome more learning in my 30s.


As I’m writing this post, the day before my birthday, I’ve been coming to terms with what the last 6 months/2020 has taught me thus far. I’d say a lot. I’ve learned so much about what I enjoy about doing as a business owner and what drains every bit of my creative energy. I’ve also manage to reconcile the fact that while I hope/pray/and will continue to work to make WSS my full time job some day, this will never work if I’m doing it for everyone but me. 

That being said, I really hope to be able to grow the team that supports WSS. I love collaborating creatively with others. So if I can create a space where I just get to focus on what we’re creating and have a team that supports this vision, I will be SO happy. This is at the top of the list for what I’m speaking into my 30s.

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For the last year or so, I’ve gotten into the daily habit of writing down my goals/hopes. I find that it helps me stay aligned emotionally with what’s going on but also gives me focus. I can tell fairly quickly if something I’m writing down feels out of whack. And for the longest time, I was speaking moving back to Atlanta into my life.

Now? I’m not so sure. As I was speaking to a friend the other day, I mentioned that I felt like the space I’m in is similar to the place I was 4 years ago before I moved home. Literally, it was a big shift that moved me back to this tiny town. I knew it was coming. I could feel the pieces falling into place but the BIG one hadn’t dropped yet. And it feels like that is happening again in my life.

Do I know what that next phase looks like? No clue. But I hope that when the time comes, my heart will be ready for the next chapter as I leave my hometown behind once more. And for the next while, I hope to be able to enjoy its sunshine and calmness.


As I’ve creeped closer and closer to turning 30, I’ve found myself having minor freak outs. Frequently. The expectation of where I thought I’d be now vs my reality has been hard to accept. But I know myself well enough by now to know that I do my best work when I’m focused on the 6 months ahead. No more. No less. Just small chunks with an open heart to welcome new opportunities as they come.

So while I’d love to plan MAJOR things for the next 10 years of my life, I’m focused on the small goals and taking it one step at a time. And maybe creating a better meditation habit. I think that might be an essential for my 30s.


When I started the blog, I don’t think I’d ever anticipate that I would be writing and creating the content that I am currently. Recipes? Hell no. Sharing my personal life? Maybe. Beauty? 100% – there were a few versions of the blog before this one simply because I fell in love with makeup.

But now as I continue to share, learn and challenge myself, I hope that our little Savvy family can grow. I hope that we can create a community of women who are seeking to live their best lives. And more than anything, I hope to create a safe space where we can ask questions and heal from the beliefs that have held us back for so long.

So wherever, whenever you’re reading this post, I hope you know that it means the world to me that you’re here. Seriously. Sometimes writing a blog is kind of like writing in your journal/diary. I don’t always know you’re there. And I know that sometimes you might not really want to say hi or you don’t think that it matters that you’re reading this. I promise you. It does. I hope that as we continue to grow together over the next 10 years, we will create more love & joy than we ever thought possible.

Thank you for being here. Thank you being apart of this journey and this community. And whether you’re celebrating your birthday or just looking to connect across the big wide world of the internet, know that I’m sending you all of the love & light. I’m also sending you all of the virtual hugs. Cheers to another year and to making the next 10 a hell of a lot better than the last. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


Turning 30_ What I'm Wishing For The Next 10 years #whatsavvysaid #turning30 #30before30
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