The Best Versace Chunky Heel Dupe

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Do you ever see a pair of shoes and just stop? Like you can’t look away they are just that GORGEOUS. There is a handful of those that are on my forever obsessed with list: Mach Mach’s, the Louboutin’s in Burlesque, and now the Versace Medusa Platform Pumps or in today’s case the Versace Chunky Heel Dupe.

The Best Versace Chunky Heel Dupe #whatsavvysaid #springoutfit #versacemedusa

Versace Chunky Heel Dupe

The Colors

When I first invested in these obsession-worthy heels, the color options were limited. Thankfully, we now have an abundance of color options. The satin finish gives a bit of sheen that makes the heel pop even more. Plus, I’m having a moment with purple and I can’t stop styling this of this shade.

The Comfort

I have a thing against wedges. It’s a personal thing and something 20-year-old Savvy rocked. But one of the many reasons I wear heels is for the boost they give my legs – making them look more toned. This Versace chunky heel dupe wears more like a heel than a wedge. The arch isn’t too crazy. Think something similar to what you would feel wearing 2.5-3 inch heels. I would recommend a bandaid around the ankle for long wear as it does rub over time. However, the general heel comfort is quite standard if you’re someone who doesn’t mind 3 inches normally.

The Best Versace Chunky Heel Dupe #whatsavvysaid #springoutfit #versacemedusa

The Fit

Y’all this is a 5-inch heel and a 2-inch platform. She is TALL. But the base is wide enough that you feel totally stable in them. I will say my one major caveat with these is that it feels like the ankle strap really limits size inclusiveity. I’ve worn mine on the last hole with the strap stretching a bit with wear. But there isn’t really space to accommodate someone who isn’t mid-size or smaller which is a shoe travesty.

The Styling

I did an entire video on this which of course I’d recommend watching. But the options for the Versace chunky heel dupe are endless. I wasn’t totally sold on it initially because it seems like such a LOUD shoe that it would be challenging to make it work with everyday outfits or anything that wasn’t totally plain. Nevertheless, I surprised myself with my finds and some of my new favorite outfits.

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All in all, I’m absolutely obsessed with this shoe. It’s fun, vibrant, and fits oh so nicely in my shoe collection as a unique find. It will also get you compliments EVERYWHERE. Seriously, people have stopped at our table to say something every time I’ve worn them out.

Is the Versace Medusa Platform Pump or the dupe on your current wishlist? If so, I’d love to know which color you’re in love with. Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to come follow me on Instagram and Youtube so you never miss a curvy fashion moment. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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