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When the craziness of quarantine started, I wrote two incredibly length posts: what to watch on hulu & what to watch on amazon & netflix. Ironically, I’ve found that my content consumption habits have changed a bit over since then. With the lack of new things dropping constantly, I’ve been taking the time to catch up, dive into new shows & scour the depths of Itunes a bit to find new shows. So armed with a new list of recommendations and what to read and watch during quarantine, I thought it would be the perfect time to share. Let’s jump in!

What To Watch In Quarantine- My Current Book, Movie & TV Obsessions #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #whattowatchnext


Endings, Beginnings

I was totally intrigued by the cast combo of this movie: Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan & Jamie Dornan. The indie style and raw approach to story telling was also refreshing. However, I’m kind of unsure about how to feel about this one. I love a good romance movie. One of the convos amongst my friends recently has been how much we miss a classic rom com. This isn’t that by any means. Do I recommend it? Eh? But I definitely want more people to watch it because then I can talk about it. 😂 For now, let’s call is a 5/10. If you are down for an indie movie or like a bit more authenticity to your stories, give this one a chance. And then come find me on insta so we can chat about it!

The Gentlemen

There are so many wonderful things to say about this one. I love the way that Guy Richie tells a story. And of course, the casting was spot on. Is it a bit violent? Yes. Is it also hilarious? You bet. If you like Guy’s other movies, you’ll like this. But I think fans of Knives Out would like this as well. Truthfully, I don’t think I could summarize this as well as the trailer does. There’s a very self aware side to the way the story is told. But if you like Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Dockery or any of the other wonderful actors in this, check it out!


If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m someone who watches everything. A life long love of film plus having 2/3 of my friend group being employed by the entertainment industry, we watch the good, the bad and the ugly. So on that scale, I’d say this wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad. Think Pacific Rim underwater but with a bit of Deepwater Horizon. It’s entertaining but not life changing. 

Jumanji: Next Level

I was totally late to the remake Jumanji game. So when I finally watched it and fell in love, I had moderately high expectations for this. I find the best way to go into a movie is to have limited expectations because then I’m far more likely to love it. And while I enjoyed this one (the behind the scenes for how they shot the desert stuff is great), it didn’t quite live up to the first. I’d say 7/10.

Pacific Rim

With our recent Marvel re-watch happening, I’ve had a new appreciation for everything I’ve been watching in quarantine. It’s so easy to forget how much the technology had to advance for movies like Iron Man and Pacific Rim to even happen. This one is definitely a few years old but a great one nonetheless if you’re looking for what to watch in quarantine. 

Birds Of Prey and the fabulous emancipation of harley quinn

I meant to see this one in theaters and just never got around to it. After watching a cast round table, I needed to know what happened. If you haven’t seen it yet, I high recommend it. The roller skate sequence is amazing and I can only imagine what it was like to film it. It’s on the top of my what to watch in quarantine list! I love a bit of humor with my action movies.

Charlie’s Angels

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more conscious about voting with my dollar. And that means being mindful about supporting movies in theaters that pave the way for more work for female directors. I dragged one of my besties to see this during its theater run. But of course, I wanted to watch it again once it landed on DVD. Sometimes you just need a light movie to watch and this hits that mark for me.


What To Watch In Quarantine- My Current Book, Movie & TV Obsessions #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #whattowatchnext
What To Watch In Quarantine- My Current Book, Movie & TV Obsessions #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #whattowatchnext

Tv Shows


Truthfully, it took me a hot second to get into this show. I somehow forget how much nudity comes with HBO shows. Neverthless, I’m slowly catching up on seasons 2 & 3. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier for me to understand what’s happening when I can watch this show all at once. And I’m super excited to see how things play out with the animals out of the zoo. Or in this case, robots. 

The Crown

While recording a soon to be out episode of the WSS podcast, my friend Philip recommended this show. I know it’s been around for several years. I just haven’t manage to take the time to dive in. With the extra time, I’ve been working my way through this  as a part of my what to watch in quarantine list. But it especially good on rain days while playing solitaire. Yes, I am a grandma. Someone please knit me a sweater. 

The Flash Season 4

There are a handful of shows where I think that I’ve watched everything and I’m now realizing I missed SO much. This one is on the list. Whether it was because I was on set or simply a bit all over the place, I somehow managed to miss a serious chunk of season 4. I’ve loved watching the way this show has developed over the years. And season 4 easily has one of my all time favorite episodes of the show: Enter Flashtime.


As a rule, I tend to avoid the incredibly hyped up tv shows. I waited YEARS to start Game of Thrones. But for once, I decided to jump onto a show in its early days. And let me tell you friends, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. The mixed commentary on current society along with the humor makes for a great show. If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll enjoy this one. Plus, almost all of the episodes are 30 minutes. The perfect way to escape reality for a few hours and easy to binge in one day!

Defending Jacob

One of the things I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed most recently is stories that aren’t afraid to stay in the tough moments. Plus, I love seeing artists get the chance to flex different skills. And of course, as noted above, I love Michelle Dockery. I’m only 3 episodes in but I’m incredibly curious to see where they go with this show. For all my Law & Order fans, I highly recommend adding this one to you what to watch in quarantine list

The Morning Show

I’ve been a Reese fan for years. When she started producing and creating her own content, I took note. And she’s been killing it. So while it took me a bit to watch this show, I can’t stop raving about it. If you liked Bombshell, you’ll like this one. It’s witty, beautiful and heartbreaking. 

The Good Place

There’s something about a half hour comedy that lifts the soul. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to get through it all. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Kristen Bell moment? If you’re looking for clean comedy to add to your list of what to watch during quarantine, I highly recommend it.

Roswell NM

Another show that it’s taken me a hot minute to start watching during quarantine is the reboot of Roswell. I’ve been following Carina MacKenzie’s career for a while now. So when she mentioned that she would be the show runner, I was curious. I can’t say that I feel particularly hooked in by this show yet. But I love that they are telling stories that also showcase diversity. The first season is on Netflix and the second is currently airing on the CW. 



Listen. I’ll 100% own the fact that I picked up this book based on the cover. A colorful cover always sells it for me. I’ve been slowly working my way through the audiobook version and savoring it. Glennon’s story is incredibly raw & inspiring. If you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything you’ve been taught to believe as a woman, I highly recommend this for your what to read during quarantine (or after) list. 

Artists Way

Over the years, I’ve heard this book mentioned by a few creators. So it felt like the time to finally dive into it and learn a little bit more. Learning to embrace my creative side and the word artist has been a journey over the last few years. I can’t wait to really start applying and trying morning pages with my current gratitude routine

The War Of Art

Another book on my what to read during quarantine list that’s taking me sometime to get through: The War Of Art. There are some books I feel like I can only take in with small chunks. This is one of those books. Thankfully, it’s short and probably one I’ll need to listen to a few times. Essentially, it’s about the things that distract and pull you away from being your best creative self. TBD on my overall feelings here. I’ll keep you posted. 


Try as I might, there’s a part of me that compares vampire books to Twilight. Millennial struggles? I stumbled on this one during a search down the Kindle rabbit hole on Amazon recently. Is it life changing? No. Will it keep you entertained for a few hours while you look for what to read during quarantine? Absolutely!

On My Watchlist/TO Be Read list

The Lost Husband

FINALLY, I found another rom com. I downloaded this one recently and will be watching soon. But Josh Duhamel is always a classic for a good rom com. Safe Haven was also a recent rewatch. So I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. The premise according to IMBD: Trying to put her life back together after the death of her husband, Libby and her children move to her estranged Aunt’s goat farm in central Texas.


It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to watch this sho whenever it lands on Netflix. With so many characters, I find it’s easier to get invested when I can watch several episodes in a row. Now that it’s landed on Netflix, I’ll be working my way through the craziness of season 4. It’s sure to be a wild ride.


What have you been reading & watching during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below so we can all be inspired! And if you want to see a more up to date list of what I’m reading, loving & watching, come hang out with me on instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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