I’m so excited to announce that I’m now accepting clients for 1:1 coaching calls!

What’s the deal?

There’s so much content out there. So many people want to help you live your happiest and healthiest lives. but sometimes you just need to be able to diver in deeper 1:1, you know? You need someone who will call you out, help you grow and help you become your happiest & healthiest self. 

And despite the intentions of all the amazing content, there is such a thing as too much information. AKA analysis paralysis. You’ve identified the goal or issue. You’re ready to fix it. And yet, you still keep riding the merry go round without getting off and moving onto the next destination. Sound familiar?


I personally know how hard it is when you’re trying to navigate from one space to the next but feel like you’re the only one rowing in the boat. Motivating yourself daily, pouring into your own cup and doing the work takes loads of energy. And sometimes you just need someone who can help you navigate the waters. You also need someone who will call you out on your shit. 

Real change, the kind that pushes boundaries and takes you to the next level happens when you have that breakthrough. The really painful one that you might not be able to do on your own because who willing wants to step into pain. Having a coach means creating a safe space to help you walk through that pain and leave your old life behind once and for all.

The cost is $200 for per 60 minute session. This includes personal access to me via email throughout the week as well. 

We won’t do fluff. We won’t do easy. It’s going to be emotionally tough work. But if you’re ready to make the change, then I’m here to help you. I promise the other side of the pain will be the most amazing part of your life.

If you’re ready to sign up, please schedule an initial call below.  The times are currently restricted to a few days a week, however, if there’s a time that isn’t listen and would better suit your schedule, email savannah@whatsavvysaid.com. Before either of us commit to diving in, it’s important that we make sure this is a commitment you’re ready to take on. And I want to make sure I’m the best person to help you do it!

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