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When it comes to cooking, I tend to have phases. There are months where I love to try tons of recipes and create new dishes. And then there are phases like the one I’m in now where I do the minimum amount of work required to feed myself. It’s a give and take thing. But no matter what phase I’m in the items I cook with and love to use stay the same. And today I’ve rounded them up all in one place.

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My Blender*

If you’re a long time reader or view of my instagram, this is not shocking. I love my blender. It’s a kitchen essential in my life. And while I dream of eventually upgrading to a fancier one, it’s faithful and gets the job done. My laziest and most frequent meals are probably smoothies. And on occasion, I’ve been known to use it for soup and salad dressing. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to use.

Silicone Spatula*

This is actually a very specific thing for me. And by that I mean there’s a very specific type of spatula I like to use. The full silicone ones don’t separate the handle and spatula bit as easily. It’s perfect for getting everything out of the bowl, stirring your dish or just cooking with. We have a few sets and they are always dirty. I like to use the more medium to small ones for everything.

Citrus Juicer*

Despite the cliche, I attempt to start every morning with warm lemon water. But I also just happen to use an insane amount of lemon on a regular basis. Honestly, I think I wash my citrus juicer at least twice a day. From salad dressings to my water combo, I love this thing. It juices your lemon without having to worry about the seedy bits getting in your dish. And it’s easy to use and not too hard on your hand.

10 Most Used Items In My Kitchen #saveeandsavory #kitchen #kitchengadgets #cooking #tips #holidayshopping

Small Whisk*

Again, this is very random and specific but it’s the truth. If I’m making eggs or hot chocolate, or if I’m making anything that tends to be individual servings, a large whisk is too much. I finally broke down to buy this baby whisk a few months ago. And I flipping love it. Bigger whisks require bigger bowls and I’m not one for adding unnecessary dishes into my life. With the small whisk, I can add just the right amount of force to get things as fluffy or as smooth as I need them. Also, we all know I have a thing for mini sized stuff. Whisk are included in that category.

Food Processor*

My food processor will forever hold a special place in my heart. Whether I’m making pesto or my favorite chocolate coconut butter, it’s my constant and reliable appliance. I tend to use this when I need the oils broken down in whatever I’m blending or if I just don’t think my blender will cut it. There are so many ways to use a food processor. It’s the perfect way to maximize on your budget and make essentials like nut butter or hummus at home. And while it’s got too many pieces when I have to clean it, I’ll forever love this guy.

Coffee Grinder*

Truthfully, we have two different grinders in our kitchen. Yep, we are that extra. But they both get used and are well loved. Freshly ground coffee tastes so much better so we stick to buying the big bags of beans from Sam’s. Throw it in our larger grinder and you’re good to go. I also love to use our little one when I need to grind up seeds, nuts or just a small batch of decaf or flavored coffee. But it’s perfect for making a little bit of flax meal or any other seed meal you may need to use.

10 Most Used Items In My Kitchen #saveeandsavory #kitchen #kitchengadgets #cooking #tips #holidayshopping

Baking Tray*

I am queen of the lazy meals these days and a good baking tray is my other best friend. It’s perfect for throwing vegetables on to roast or making cookies whenever the mood hits. I normally do a batch of roasted sweet potato slices at least one a week on it.

Salad Spinner*

Yep, I’m a salad spinner user. Even though I don’t do a lot of batch cooking, I’m a batch chopped. I’ll prep lettuce or kale for salads once a week. And using my little spinner, I can wash, dry and save myself loads of time later. I also use it to wash other vegetables like brussel sprouts and green beans. A quick spin and you’re left with clean, crisp veg. Perfection!


My kettle is another item that gets a lot of love in the kitchen. I’m currently on a french pressed coffee kick so this guy is heated up daily. But I also use it when I make broths, tea or anything else that just needs hot water. I tend to have phases where this gets used more often but right now it’s definitely getting a lot of love.

Weighted Tongs*

Are we surprised at this point that I’m being special with my choice of tongs? These tongs can occasionally be a pain to deal with but typically they are my favorite. Depending on the way you’re holding them, up or down, you can clamp them open or shut. You don’t have to worry about the little slider bit to close them. And they are easier to store. I’ve been using them for years and they still hold a special place in my heart.


What are your most used kitchen items? Leave me a comment below and let me know. And if you want to see my most used coffee, baking or cooking items, I’m happy to do that as well.



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