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I’m all about that inspiring #girlboss life. Whether you’re a ceo or entry level, every girl is boss in some way in her life. And taking control of your own life as much as possible can be key in living your happy. So today I’m sharing a few books that have helped me on the journey to finding my own happy and living my best life.

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso 

We all knew we weren’t getting through this post without me mentioning this gem. I put off reading #Girlboss for so long and I can’t believe I did. Sophia does a wonderful job at reminding us that we all start somewhere. If you’re just starting out, this book is great at giving hope and guiding you in your choices. And if you’ve been at it for a while, it’s a good reminder that we all start somewhere and it takes time. And whatever your journey and path, you are the girlboss of your life. Own it.

Super Woman Rx by Dr. Taz

I’m still obsessed with this book. Seriously, I tell everyone about it because it is just that amazing in what is has done for my life. I’m the first to admit I’m not one for self help books. I kind of look at them the way Luke does in Gilmore Girls. Until you find him with the self help tapes that change the game for his relationship with Lorelai and he passes them to Jess. We all need a little help some times ya’ll.

For me, this book was incredibly affirming. There were so many things I needed to hear in a way that made me see things within myself. I was shocked that I agreed so strongly with my personality type. But it’s so true. I’ve made adjustments based on Dr. Taz’s suggestions and I can tell you I saw a difference just in my mentality very quickly. Acknowledging that I am both creative and logical gave me so much more power in my work life. It really helped me to reach past the idea of what I needed to be and helped me to make the most of who I am. And to all you Boss Ladies out there who take the test and don’t believe me. Try it. You’ll thank me later. What have you got to lose?

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin*  

If I’m honest, I bought this book on a whim. I knew I’d be traveling and I want something that I could pick up and put down easily to read. But I was incredibly surprised in a good way by what I got. My job is to communicate. I’m here to help, teach and share things with you guys. But I forget sometimes that we don’t all takes things in the same way. While my natural instinct might be to poke holes in something, yours might be to accept it and run with it. What might work extremely well as a way to explain something for one person may be complete gibberish to someone else. Whether you’re the boss or a friend, Gretchen’s book gives you perspective on why people do what they do. And I personally find it fascinating.

The Working Woman’s Handbook* by Phoebe Lovatt

As far as books go that I want to give all my friends, this one also current tops the list. Maybe you’ve been in your creative career for a while or maybe you’re looking to start a new gig. Phoebe does a great job at asking questions to help you think. Based on my experience, it’s so easy to get caught in the day to do. You work on your to do lists and just get things done. But sometimes we need to be reminded of the why or maybe the what we want with our businesses. This book has been great for helping me recenter myself with my goals and my vision for this space along. If you’re looking to figure out your next move or just need to cut back all the fluff, I’d highly recommend it.

Body Love by Kelly Leveque*

Again, I’ve spoken a bit about this book. I’ve done a full review. It’s been a favorite many times. But my love for this book remains because it just works. When I created Savee & Savory, I did so because I wanted to help people live their healthiest lives. And Kelly’s approach and lifestyle guide is one of the best tools I can recommend. Diet’s don’t work. Their like whims and we only stay with them for so long. But lifestyles and the changes we make to build them are what keep us on track. Kelly helps teach you how to build that lifestyle. No more yo-yo dieting. Body love is one of the best books I can recommend for building a healthy lifestyle. And if you’re going to be crushing it as a girl boss, you need to be the best you that you can be.

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