5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste This Month #whatsavvysaid #reduceyourwaste #gogreen #reusablecup #smallchanges #glassstraw #stasher #stainlesssteelstraw

5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste This Month

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For the last few months, I’ve made it my small personal goal to be more waste conscious. Whether that means make an extra effort to recycle or choosing to repurpose jars instead of throwing them away, every little bit adds up. And while I know I’ve spent a good majority of my life ignorant to my habits. I’m trying my best to make small changes that hopefully will build over time. So today I thought I’d share the little habits I’m incorporating. Let’s chat about 5 ways you can reduce your waste this month.

5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste This Month #whatsavvysaid #reduceyourwaste #gogreen #reusablecup #smallchanges #glassstraw #stasher #stainlesssteelstraw


I’ll admit I’m working on this one still. But bringing your own cup for to-go coffee and tea is a great way to start! There are some places that will even give you a small discount for coming prepared. My personal favorite at the moment is this pink cup*. It’s a great size, easy to clean and super cute so I want to use it constantly. But if you’re an iced drink gal, I’d highly recommend a hydro flask*. I used my large one for water when I travel and it stays cold for hours. Plus this means one less plastic cup in the landfills and you’re one step closer to your new goal to reduce your waste!


During their sale last month, Raw & Juicy had all of their straws marked 40% off. So of course, I had to stock up! I have three I rotate between for smoothies and drinks. Depending on the drink type, stainless steel and glass are good options. But I love how easy they are to use and quickly add up to saving on plastic. I’ve recently been a few places who’ve chosen to use paper straws instead of plastic. It’s a great way to save but they soften so quickly. If you pack your own stainless steel straw, you’ll be good to go and making a small impact on the environment. Win win!

5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste This Month #whatsavvysaid #reduceyourwaste #gogreen #reusablecup #smallchanges #glassstraw #stasher #stainlesssteelstraw
5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste This Month #whatsavvysaid #reduceyourwaste #gogreen #reusablecup #smallchanges #glassstraw #stasher #stainlesssteelstraw


I’ve mentioned Stasher before but my reusable bags are my favorite. If you’re constantly cutting up the same things or freezing with ziplocks, stasher is a great alternative. These silicone bags are easy to clean and even better to use. I love them for the extra lemon half I always seem to have in the fridge or my frozen bananas. Plus they are really quick to clean. When I realized I was throwing away a few ziplocks a week because I was using them for the same purpose, I knew it was time to invest. Stasher is simple change and an easy way to reduce your waste this month.


I know there are quite a few people who bring reusable bags to the grocery store. But did you know you can also get them for your produce? Depending on where I shop, I’ll skip the bagging all together. But for things like lemons, limes, avocados and such it’s easier to bring my reusable produce bags*. You can throw them in the wash for a quick clean. And now you won’t have extra random baggies all over you don’t know what to do with.


If you’re a candle gal like me, there’s a good chance you end up with glass jars or containers you don’t know what to do with. And while I’d love to be able to make my own candles some day, for now I’ll find other ways to reuse my jars. The easiest way to clean that last bit of wax out is to freeze them, pop out the wax and then clean the jar. Now you have something perfect for holding flowers, cotton pads or make up brushes. And I can only imagine what other ideas pinterest has for those jars. Personally, I’ve been using my large candle jars for my make up brushes for months. I added in a bit of small beads* at the bottom so my brushes stand up. And now my brushes have a bit of added decor on my vanity. Another easy way to reduce your waste and perfect for saving money.


I know it may not seem like much but every little bit counts. So whether you’re a waste reducing professional or just getting started like me, it’s great that you’re making the effort. And before you know it, you’ll be building habits that make a lifetime of change. We’ve all gotta start somewhere.

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