5 Ways To Become A More Positive Person

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At the end of the day, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on. We all want to be happy. And sure, happy is a fluid state. Life happens and we probably aren’t going to be happy 24/7. But learning to be a more positive person no matter what is going on around you means you can find your happy despite the circumstances.

We get to decide who we become. So if you’re negative and constantly feel like you’re moaning, you can change it. You can become a positive person. Today I’m going to share the 5 ways to make that mindset shift in your life. Ditch the negativity and learn how finally become the positive person you’ve always wanted to be.

5 Ways To Become A More Positive Person

Practice Speaking Life Into Yourself

Your thoughts are the foundation for everything that happens around you and how you perceive it. So if you’re constantly speaking negatively in your mind, you’re going to be speaking it into your life. Developing a habit of speaking life into yourself takes time. And to be honest, sometimes you have to fake it a bit until you make it. You have to repeat the same positive affirmations over and over again until you believe them. If you want to be a positive person, then you have to start speaking positivity into your life. And if you need a place to start, be sure to head over to instagram to catch this week’s motivation Monday. Or check out the highlights on my page with tons of affirmations.

Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude

When I started writing down 5 things I was thankful for every day, my path to becoming a positive person was transformed. There is ALWAYS something you can be thankful for. Post-hurricane I was thankful for the ability to shower, have a cup of hot coffee, enjoy air conditioning and use the wifi in my house. Somedays my list includes being able to go to the gym, my dogs and the breakfast I’m going to have in a bit. Learning to be grateful for what you have now, whether it’s big or small, will help you learn to be more positive no matter the situation. An attitude of gratitude, it’s something we all need.

5 Ways To Become A More Positive Person
5 Ways To Become A More Positive Person


Your vibe attracts your tribe. You’ve heard this before, right? Who are you spending time with? Who’s in your inner circle? This could be the people you’re texting, the youtubers you’re watching or even the songs you’re listening to on the road. If you’re feeling all kinds of negative Nancy, it’s time to fine tune your inner circle.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t be afraid to step back and acknowledge that you need space. Create boundaries. Be intentional about investing in yourself and refilling your cup. If you want to be a positive person, you need to spend more time around positive people. Nancy is a great gal and all. But you two are going to need a break if you want to become Positive Polly. 


Let me start with this: I’m not a pity party friend. Yes, there are times where we need 5 minutes to wallow at the crap life has handed us. It happens. But constantly playing the victim and seeing life as unfair isn’t my jam. If you came here for someone to sugar coat this, you’ve got the wrong gal.

Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. So instead of seeing it as something that is happening to us, we need to see it as something that is happening for us. If you want to be a positive person, start asking: what can I learn in this situation? What can I take away from this moment to help me the next time? 

Will this be the easiest habit you adopt in your journey to becoming a positive person? Probably not. But it’s one that makes all the difference. I always say “it’s a good day to have a good day” because for me, I’m choosing to find the good in my day. Everything could go wrong. I could burn all the meals, break all the things, forget everything important I was supposed to do and realize my bank account is -$10,000. Regardless, there will still be something I can learn from the day and something good that happened. Stop seeing life as a thing that’s happening to you and start seeing it as something happening for you. I promise. It makes all the difference.


Have you ever gotten an unexpected complement from someone? Maybe someone said they liked your outfit or makeup or just you in general. Whatever the case, someone else took a moment to tell you about something nice they saw in you. And it made you smile. So why not start complementing someone else just because?

It doesn’t have to be profound. You could complement someone’s smile or eye color. Maybe you love their style or like the shoes they are wearing. Either way, it costs you nothing. But that little bit of kindness and positivity you’ve shown will spread from you to them and very likely onto someone else. Sometimes becoming a positive person is about showing kindness even when you don’t feel like it. A little bit of joy goes a long way. And unless you’re the actual grinch, I bet it will make you feel good too.


What about you? Do you have any tips for how to become a more positive person? Are there any habits you feel like have helped you change your mindset from negative to positive? Be sure to leave them in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with someone you think needs to read it! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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