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I am a beach babe through and through. There’s just something about a bit of sunshine and the sound of waves that soothes my soul. So when life got a bit hectic recently, I decided I needed to take a moment to re-center. And I got up early on a Saturday morning to enjoy the sunrise in one of my favorite places: Seaside, FL.

If I’m honest, I don’t know how many times in life I’d opted to get up early for a sunrise. I’ve had the intention of doing it quite a few times but my desire for sleep always won. Working in film would occasionally allow me to see the sun come up. If I was up early for morning shoot or coming home from an overnight shoot, I’d try my best to enjoy the rare sunrise moment. But my ability to plan for and actually get up to see the sunrise is rare.

This is all to say that I completely missed my sunrise on this Saturday morning. I got up with my coffee and snacks in hand. My shoes were packed to go running/walking after. I even had both cameras with me (vlogging* & mirrorless*). But because of my lack of sunrise experience, I didn’t account for the fact that the sun wouldn’t rise where it had last time I’d watched it. Whoops. Instead, I got a beautiful, quiet view of the moon that morning and it was still lovely.

For the last few years, I’ve contemplated doing the Seaside half marathon. Eventually, I’ll make it happen. But on this particular day, I decided to take a long walk through the Seaside trails. Spotify playlist in hand, I set off to wander and give my mind the chance to just relax. And I’m so glad I did.

I’ve gone biking through Rosemary Beach but I’ve never taken the time to explore behind the shops of Seaside. There are so many paths that weave through allowing pedestrians a safe place to walk & bike. There’s a private gym and pool tucked away in the back corner of the neighborhood along with many unique homes that feature almost miniature versions next to them. It’s as picturesque as it seems.

If you’ve ever been to Seaside during busier seasons, you’ll know just how packed it can get. Bikes on top of bikes. People on top of people. Children running around galore. It’s a haven for family vacation. But on a Saturday morning at 7am, you’ll get to experience it in a new way.

After my morning wander, I settled in for a cup of coffee and a bit of people watching. Amavida will always be a favorite of mine. And because they are one of the only coffee spots, you can expect to find the early risers here. I snagged a regular coffee with almond milk and settled in to do a bit of people watching.

Saturday mornings in Seaside are always a bit more unique. Locals are coming in to set up their stands for the farmers market. There’s everything from dog treats to live music to cupcakes on display. You’ll also see people biking in from all directions. Families will ride in groups to come start their morning in the square. But it’s also a perfect time to enjoy the atmosphere of calm.

Along with the farmers market, there are a few breakfast options available. Amavida is great for pastries, lattes and a selection of other goodies. Five Daughter’s Bakery is perfect if you’re craving a sweet treat. Their donuts are some of my absolute favorites. And if you’re in the mood for something healthier, Raw & Juicy is always an amazing choice. They have smoothies, granola and yogurt bowls that are all incredible.

There are a few restaurants that offer breakfast in the mornings as well. Bud & Alley’s opens at 8am for breakfast daily. It’s perfect if you want breakfast with a view. Great Southern Cafe also does a lovely breakfast spread if you want a sit down meal. And if neither of those appeal, you can always grab ingredients from Modica Market and whip up your own!

This go around, I opted for a yogurt parfait from Raw & Juicy. Filled with fresh fruit and homemade cashew yogurt, it’s a light but filling breakfast choice. I sat mid-square to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the acoustic music from the stage.

Overall, it was exactly what I needed to refresh and tackle the week ahead. A sunny morning in Seaside was the perfect way to start a Saturday. And it’s something I can’t wait to do again soon.

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