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How I Use Tropeaka’s Boost Protein Powder

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Confession time friends: I don’t always love chocolate. A Hu’s chocolate bar*? Sure. But chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate protein powder. . . you get where I’m going, I’ll happily pass. So when I first tried Tropeaka’s Boost Protein Powder, I was prepared to hate it. Or at the very least, I would be indifferent. I’ve tried loads of chocolate protein over the years but I’ve always come back to my vanilla. It’s a timeless love. If you’ve read my Tropeaka review, it might come as a shock that I use this protein. However, unlike the other protein powder’s Tropeaka makes, boost is free from cinnamon. Making it safe for me to consume without worrying about my pesky food sensitivity. And because it’s a bit different than traditional powders, I thought it deserved it’s own post.
HOW I USE TROPEAKA’S BOOST PROTEIN POWDER #whatsavvysaid #newblogpost #tropeaka #tropeakaprotein #boostproteinpowder #veganprotein #chocolateprotein #proteindessert #nicecream


I tend to use boost protein powder in a way I don’t use any other product. Unlike other powders, boost has coconut sugar. So I find I rely on it more as a dessert protein than anything else. It’s not so sweet that’s it too much but it’s a bit sweeter than your traditional stevia sweetened powder. It’s mixed with a bit of cocoa powder and caramel flavour which makes it’s chocolate-y side less overwhelming. Plus, it has the added benefit of maca powder


When you read the words mesquite powder as an ingredient, it can be deceiving. Is the flavor going to be smoky? Will it have a kick to it? Neither of those are the case with boost protein powder. Overall, I’d say that the chocolate flavor is the strongest. But if you’re super attuned to coconut or don’t enjoy it as much, you might pick out the coconut sugar first. The protein powder isn’t chalky or too bland. And it blends in well with other flavors like a smoothie. I’d say it’s probably close a caramel mocha but not too heavy on the caramel as far as taste goes.

HOW I USE TROPEAKA’S BOOST PROTEIN POWDER #whatsavvysaid #newblogpost #tropeaka #tropeakaprotein #boostproteinpowder #veganprotein #chocolateprotein #proteindessert #nicecream
HOW I USE TROPEAKA’S BOOST PROTEIN POWDER #whatsavvysaid #newblogpost #tropeaka #tropeakaprotein #boostproteinpowder #veganprotein #chocolateprotein #proteindessert #nicecream


The recommended serving size for boost protein powder is 1-2 tablespoons. However, I think it depends on how you want to use this powder. If I’m in the mood for chocolate milk, I might use less. But if I want to make a dessert, I might use more. I’d say start with less and add more. You can always add more protein powder but you can’t take it away.


Obviously, you can use boost however you please. But. . . you knew there was a but coming. But I’d make an exception to this rule if you’re using this as your primary protein powder. One of the biggest difference between boost and other Tropeaka protein powders is the amount of protein per serving. Boost offers 12.1g of protein per 2 tbsp of powder whereas the lean protein offers 16.9g per 2 tbsp. If you’re using this as the primary protein in your meals, then boost may not meet your body’s needs. However, I find I use boost protein powder as the key to my desserts without issues. It’s great for adding that extra bit of blood sugar stabilization and flavor into the mix. Plus I find that the lower protein amount means it doesn’t make me feel too full. Nevertheless, you have to make the choice that’s right for your body. But if you’ve been relying on boost as your main protein in smoothies and aren’t seeing the results you want, this might be why.
HOW I USE TROPEAKA’S BOOST PROTEIN POWDER #whatsavvysaid #newblogpost #tropeaka #tropeakaprotein #boostproteinpowder #veganprotein #chocolateprotein #proteindessert #nicecream
HOW I USE TROPEAKA’S BOOST PROTEIN POWDER #whatsavvysaid #newblogpost #tropeaka #tropeakaprotein #boostproteinpowder #veganprotein #chocolateprotein #proteindessert #nicecream

How Do Use Boost?

I like to use boost in a few ways. Most often, I pick the recipe below. My sweet tooth doesn’t rear it’s head often. But when it does, I tend to crave something a bit more sour. However on the night’s I’m feeling peckish after dinner, I find I reach for boost protein powder. I use it to make a little nice-cream dessert, chocolate milk or you could sub it into a brownie recipe for an extra bit of protein.

My Go To Boost Protein Powder Recipe

  1. Add ingredients to a blender food processor.
  2. Blend until mixture is smoothe. Typically 30-60 secs.
  3. Scrape down sides to make sure everything is well mixed. Add more non-dairy milk if needed.
  4. Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, pour it into a bowl and serve! I like to top mine with toasted coconut or other crunchy flavors.
* depending on the type of non-dairy milk you pick, the consistency of the recipe will change. I find So Delicious’s Vanilla Coconut Milk to be thicker and just right. But feel free to play around with this until you get the right mix. ** also, don’t be afraid to experiment with the blending time. I’ve noticed if I blended it a bit longer, it’s more mousse like and I prefer it.
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