Clean Skincare Products I Can't Get Enough Of #whatsavvysaid #cleanskincare #nontoxicbeauty #tataharper #witchhazel #drunkelephant #farmacy #beautycounter #moisturizer

Clean Skincare Products I Can’t Get Enough Of

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My name is Savannah and I’m addicted to skincare products. Yeah yeah I know this isn’t news to many. Have you seen my bathroom clean out videos? It’s a struggle. But switching over to clean skincare has only added to my addiction. Luckily for you, I like to share.

There are quite a few lush products I’d love to own forever but my wallet disagrees. I’m looking at you May Lindstrom. And there are a few more I’m still in the progress of testing so they aren’t ready for this list. But then there are my constants. Most of them are affordable, all of them I’m obsessed with and a few occasionally slip out of rotation to save my budget from killing me. Nevertheless, today is all about the clean skincare products I can’t live without. Are we ready?

Clean Skincare Products I Can't Get Enough Of #whatsavvysaid #cleanskincare #nontoxicbeauty #tataharper #witchhazel #drunkelephant #farmacy #beautycounter #moisturizer


Oh hi, yes I”m still harping on this product. Insanely affordable and not filled with loads of crap? Yes please! When I fell in love with the Dr. Jart sheet mask last year, I was afraid I’d never find a clean skincare version I’d love as much. And if I’m honest, I tried quite a few duds to get here. But I’ve been obsessed ever since. They go on a sale fairly regularly so it isn’t as much of a blow to your bank account. Plus, they are amazing for giving your skin that extra glow.


I mentioned this one in my November favorites video but it’s been in and out of my rotation for years. It’s incredibly gentle and affordable so I always tend to keep a bottle on hand. If I’m testing new products, I like to make this a staple in my routine because I know it works well for my skin. But you can also use it diluted to clean your yoga mat or in other household products. Personally, I’m a fan of the lavender scent but there are a few available. And who doesn’t love skincare that’s cost less than dinner?

FARMACY Green Screen SPF*

It took me months to finally get around to buying this SPF. However, I’ve quickly declared it a clean skincare necessity. As far as SPFs go, it’s not too runny. And mixed in with my Drunk Elephant Anti-Pollution* drops, it gives me a skin a nice subtle glow. Depending on what I’m doing that day, I don’t always reach for this. But if I’m leaving the house sans makeup, you best believe this will be on my face. 

I find that it tends to smooth everything out while also protecting my skin. Plus, it doesn’t cause breakouts or clog my pores. However, I will say I have fairer skin and I’m not sure how this would work for darker complexions. There may be a bit of a white cast left so I’d suggest testing it out before buying if you’re concerned.


I definitely think this one lands in the Youtube made me buy it pile. With the introduction of Drunk Elephant across the pond, it was hard to escape the recent obsession of my fave vloggers. But I’m quite happy I made the plunge. I picked up a few products to try. And I can confidently say not all of them will be repurchased. However, I’ve been really enjoying this serum. I tend to focus a bulk of my skincare budget on my serums and this one has been well worth the money. 

As fas as consistency goes, this one ends up being a bit sticky. So I would suggest making sure you’re putting moisturizer or oil on top. However, I don’t find any issues with makeup application. Overall, I feel like my complexion looks better since I started using this. If you’re looking to add a brightening product into your routine, I’d highly recommend this vitamin c serum.

Clean Skincare Products I Can't Get Enough Of #whatsavvysaid #cleanskincare #nontoxicbeauty #tataharper #witchhazel #drunkelephant #farmacy #beautycounter #moisturizer


I know when it comes to skincare, plenty of people don’t like to try new products. And I can completely understand why. I’ve tried more than one product lately that hasn’t quite worked for me. But after one too many wrong products, I went back to one I knew my skin enjoys. It’s budget friendly and also helps support my fellow girlbosses. Win win!

I did a full review on Countercontrol products when they launched in June and I’m still a massive fan. I’m not the most overly concerned when it comes to oil control for my skin because my acne is more hormonal. However, I really enjoy this moisturizer. It’s just enough to give my skin what it needs but not so much it feels greasy. I originally purchased it to swap out my Pai Gerenium Moisturizer* as my day cream and unexpectedly find myself using it day & night. It’s definitely a staple product I’ll be keeping in my rotation.


Let me just start with: I tried. I tried to find another cleanser I liked as much as this one. I even tried more than one. But here I am playing my tiny violin and reordering my ever faithful cleanser. Totally not dramatic, right?

When I first came across Tata Harper’s Clarifying cleanser, my skin didn’t know what to think. I quickly realized I’d been using a cleanser that was stripping my skin and this was a breath of fresh air. However, I found myself struggling with the price tag. Yes, I can make it last for about 2 month. I also only use it as my morning or 2nd cleanse. Yet I still always find myself pausing to reconsider if I can find a more budget friendly alternative I like just as much. 

So I’ve officially given this one a forever spot in my clean skincare rotation. It’s incredibly soothing on the skin and feels like a treat every time I wash my face. The peppermint adds a cooling effect while also calming skin. And while my bank account may hate me, I’ve accepted the battle lost. Or maybe won? I guess my skin can be the judge.


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