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I’ll admit I’m a bit of a cookbook junkie. I’m always looking for new inspiration to keep me motivated in my healthy journey. Recently, I’ve been shopping my own shelves a bit more. With a bit of a collection gathered, I now want to share the best of them with you. A newly cemented favorite in my library: Everyday Detox* by Megan Gilmore.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m becoming quite critical of cookbooks. With so many bloggers turned authors, it’s important to me that chefs new and old aren’t constantly intimidated by all the fads. Medicinal mushrooms, gluten-free everything, and nut milks of all kinds are incredible additions into the lives of the plant-based, whole-food seeking cook. But knowing how to make a recipe successfully and not feel helpless in the kitchen is necessary if we are to stay encouraged in our endeavors to cook at home.

Thankfully, Everyday Detox is a cookbook for chefs of all levels. Easy to follow recipes that you can get right on the first try.

The book features it’s own lifestyle diet. And that diet follows the idea of eating food groups that fall into categories. You eat one category per meal. This helps makes meals more flavorful and cuts down on the excessive eating. It also helps to allow your body to process foods easier.

Almost all of the recipes are plant-based minus a few with animal protein. From soups to veggie burgers, it’s easy to find a recipe that everyone will love and that you can get right on the first try.

If you’re looking for a few reasons to check out this cookbook, let me give you mine.

It’s for everyone. – There are so many more cookbooks I would own if I didn’t feel like I’d spend all my time adapting them. The best part about Everyday Detox is that there is something for everyone. No matter your lifestyle or diet, you’re guaranteed to find recipes you’ll love and that work for you.

It’s simple & straight forward. – Finding a recipe only to have never heard of half the ingredients can be incredibly annoying. You won’t find that issue here. Easy recipes that give good details are key. You won’t find yourself getting lost or wondering if you missed a step.

The recipes are amazing. – My mother is obsessed with toubouli. We try it almost every time we find it. But Megan’s recipe is hands down my favorite. Honestly, I like all the recipes I’ve tried. From veggies burgers to side dishes, I’m a fan.

You need it. – I kick myself a bit every time I realize how long I held onto this gem before really using it. And if you’re looking to inspire yourself to do better eating healthy, you won’t go wrong. I promise.

So, whether you’re new to this healthy eating thing or you’re looking to inspire yourself, I encourage you to give Everyday Detox* a chance. Before you know it, you’ll be on track to a fit healthy lifestyle. And your stomach will be so grateful you made the change.



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