How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket

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I love giving gifts. It’s one of my favorite parts about this time of year. But like most areas of life, I’m a picky gift giver. I want my gift to tug at your heart strings. It has to mean something for me to give it. So over the years, I’ve developed what I consider my go to gift basket. You can use this for birthdays, holidays or any other time of the year you want to put together a meaningful gift. It’s completely adjustable depending on the person and helps you give a meaningful every time.

You can use all of the categories or just a few to create a custom gift basket. The goal is to show that you care and that you notice what the person loves. I don’t necessarily use every category each time. You can adjust this to fit your budget and the recipient. Feel free to mix and match as you please. You’ll have the perfect heartfelt gift in no time.

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle

Everyone has their treat. Putting one or two in your gift basket is sure to be an instant hit. It says you know what your friend/family member loves. Plus, everyone loves to get their favorite treat*. This is the section you might use more of if you aren’t too sure on the others. And if your person likes a few things, don’t be afraid to put more than one in the basket.


If your person drinks alcohol, this might be the mixer for their favorite martini or a 6 pack of their favorite beer. A favorite drink is a small comfort and is often something people don’t notice. But it’s the perfect way to show you care. Occasionally, I’ll include a gift card for their favorite coffee place. The most important aspect is that it’s their favorite. It’s a small piece but it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle
How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle

I love a good quote. It’s why you’ll almost always find one of the home screen of my phone and on my desk. There are a few ways to make this part work. If you can find a quote you like already printed on a card or as a small item like a coffee cup or a decoration, it’s an easy fix. But sometimes you have to make your own*. Programs like Canva are great or you can often find ones on Pinterest. Etsy is also a good place for custom print outs.

If you can’t decide what quote to use, I’d recommend sticking with one of three options. Either choose one that reminds you of them, one you think will inspire them or a quote you know is their favorite. Whatever you decide, I always try to choose something that will inspire. A little encouragement goes a long way and this is the perfect way to encourage someone.


I like to use this as a way to get my friends to try new things. You could include a game you can play on your next game night*, a new movie or a weird food. There’s also always the option of including a bath bomb, body scrub or face mask. Whatever you pick, this is the perfect excuse to put something fun or funny into your gift basket. Don’t be afraid to pick something completely out there.

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle
How To Create The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket #whatsavvysaid #christmasgift #giftbasket #giftideas #giftguide #nontoxicbeauty #smithandcult #candle

As far as the gift basket goes, I know this is one of the more challenging parts. So there are a few ways to go about it. If you’re at a complete loss for what your person wants, I’d suggest going for something they love and use. I include fuzzy socks in my Christmas gift basket every year for a few friends because I know they love them. There’s also the comfort route. A blanket, scarf or hat is a great addition to a gift basket.

Or maybe you know there’s something they want or need that’s a bit out of budget. I know not everyone likes to give a gift card for their present. However, I think adding in a note saying you know they really wanted xyz item and you’d like to help them get it means a lot more. It’s not always what you’re saying or doing but how you’re saying it. Remember the goal is always to show you care and that someone matters to you. Telling them you want to help them achieve or get something close to them is a lot more meaningful than buying them a bunch of stuff they don’t want.


This is the perfect solution for my friends who’s love language is quality time. Whether it’s a cooking class you can do together or a coupon for a girls night out, it’s about making memories together. Some of my favorite activity gifts are wine tours, mani-pedi dates, dinner at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try or tickets to a concert. Make it all about something they would love to do and an experience you can enjoy together. It could be amazing or it could be terrible but you’ll have the memory of doing it for the rest of your lives.

Remember, it’s all about the people. No matter what gift you’re shopping for or what you’re doing this holiday season, it’s about showing people how much you love and care for them. Giving a gift is an extension of it. It could be paying for a cup of coffee or buying them a Nespresso* because they’ve wanted one forever. The important part is that it comes from the heart and shows you are thinking of them.

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    4 years ago

    I completely agree with how this article explained that adding a blanket or a scarf to a gift basket, especially for the holidays, can be a really good idea. My mom is really hard to shop for and I am unsure as to what I should get her for Christmas this year, so I am looking for ideas. I believe that getting a gift basket for her would be the best option, so I am really glad I found this article and now I will start looking for online gourmet artisan options.