Gift Ideas For The Last Minute Shopper

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When it comes to gift shopping, it’s wonderful to think we are all prepared. And while I’m sure you’ve probably got it covered, I also know there is someone out there who needs this post. Today is all about the last minute gifts. Whether you’re shopping for your boss or your mom, it’s all about how you present the gift. Let’s talk about gift ideas for all my last minute shoppers.

Gift Ideas For the Last Minute Shopper #saveeandsavory #giftideas #christmasgifts #lastminuteshopping

Gift Box Subscriptions

I’ll admit that my first two gifts will seem like a cop out. However, it’s really all about the presentation. I love gift boxes. I think it’s a great gift that keeps on giving for a few months. And if you know someone who has everything, it may be a good option for them to try new things too. Birchbox* is a regular subscription in our house. But you might try Butcherbox, a monthly meat subscription, or a monthly wine club for your friends/family. It’s a treat that they can enjoy more than just Christmas day.

Gift Cards

I know there are lots of people that hate gift cards. I get it. They seem like the easy way out. However, there’s a way to do it without it being so bad. Maybe you buy a hotel gift card for your mom and suggest you guys use it for a weekend away wherever she wants to go. Or a movie theater gift card with the idea that your date gets to pick the movie. Make the idea behind the gift card quality time together and it’s not just another gift card. Pair it with a nice note and you’re sure to win the heart of whomever receives your gift.

Gift Ideas For the Last Minute Shopper #saveeandsavory #giftideas #christmasgifts #lastminuteshoppingFramed Picture

Over the years, the one gift I’ve noticed always works is a framed photo. It’s simple but a great way to show that you are thinking of someone specific. You can print off your favorite memory or even print a few. But it’s the perfect way to say that someone matters to you. Again, add a touching note and you’ll be bringing tears to eyes before you know it!

Coupon Books

There are a few ways to go about this one but over all it’s pretty straight forward. The idea behind the “coupon” book is that the receiver can redeem them throughout a certain amount of time. Again, it’s another gift that keeps on giving. I did this a few years ago for a friend’s birthday. The gift included spa days, homemade dessert and a few other custom ideas. These are perfect for couples or bffs that like opposite things. You can create one yourself or buy a template on etsy. Fill it with adventures or tasks that you know they will love and boom, gift done! And it’s a great way to show you pay attention to the things they like.

Gift Ideas For the Last Minute Shopper #saveeandsavory #giftideas #christmasgifts #lastminuteshopping

Favorites Basket

And last but not least, a basket of their favorite things is always sure to work. This is perfect if you’re on a budget or even if you just can’t figure out what to buy. Favorite wine, favorite candy, fuzzy socks and a favorite movie is sure to win hearts at least when it comes to women. At the end of the day, people just want to know you’re thinking of them when you’re buying a gift. Putting a basket together of everything they love is the perfect way to show someone you’re paying attention and you care. It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

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