Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine

Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life

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We’re officially three months into the new year and I’m sure by now sticking to your resolutions has gotten harder. Maybe you’ve chucked them out the window because life is busy. Maybe you’ve lost a bit of motivation and need to feel inspired again. Wherever you’re at in your journey, I know it can be hard to get back on track. So I hope today’s post will inspire you to focus on one small goal or habit in your life. It’s not always about changing everything. Sometimes even the smallest habits can make an impact. Which is why I’m sharing the healthy changes that actually made a difference in my life. And I hope they are ones that can help you too!

Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine

intermittent fasting

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, this isn’t a new one. I first tried IF last fall to see how my body would react. And as far as healthy changes goes, it’s definitely one that made an impact. I noticed my skin was clearer because my digestion was getting a break. I also noticed that I was able to detect my body’s reaction to food’s more easily. Things I was sensitive to before and didn’t know about I now realized.

I haven’t and don’t weigh myself so I can’t tell you the changes there. But I did notice my stomach was flatter and I experienced less bloat. Even if I opt for a 12 hour fasting window, giving my digestion a break has been one of the best things I’ve done for my body in years.

adding fat to my meals

I’m a bit of a snacking addict. And unfortunately when I get into a snacking habit, I’ll snack all day rather than have balanced meals. Making it a point to eat meals with healthy fats has helped me to curb that habit. I find my energy is much more stable and I don’t have crazy cravings. It’s a simple change as far as healthy changes go. And it can take time to get into the habit. But It’s definitely one I’ve noticed helps me when I do it.

Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine
Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine
Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine


If we ever meet in person, there is about a 95% chance that you’ll find me with a minimum of two drinks. I always have my hydro flask* and some other drink. Occasionally, I’ll havr a matcha and a zevia*. Other times I’ll have a kombucha and a coffee. If I’m at home, there’s a chance most of them have been on my desk at some point in the day. But the one thing I keep with me no matter what is my hydro flask.

I own two different sizes simply because my large one doesn’t fit in my car’s cupholders. However, I don’t go anywhere without at least one. Even when I traveled a lot last year, I always packed it for the journey. Using my hydro flask saves me money on water bottles and it’s easy to get refilled. Staying hydrated keeps me from eating when I’m actually thirsty and helps to prevent the swelling I get in my hands when I haven’t had enough water. If you don’t already carry a water bottle, the easiest way to start this on of your healthy changes is to keep your bottle next to your phone. This way you’ll be sure to grab it and take it wherever you go.


While I’m not fully plant based anymore, I still find eating a heavily plant based diet is what works for me. My body tends to do best with fish, eggs or plant protein paired with fruits & veggies. I find my digestion is at it’s best and I have my most energy when I’m eating this way. And some days I’m much better at this than others. But going plant based was one of my healthy changes that helped me learn to love veggies in a new way. Plus it’s a lot more budget friendly.

Healthy Changes That Actually Made A Difference In My Life #whatsavvysaid #healthylifestyle #wellnessblogger #alysbeach #healthychanges #sunshine


This has been a recent one on the healthy changes front but it’s definitely changed my motivation for showing up for my workouts these days. I don’t talk too much about my home life but living with a 90 year old who has slowly developing dementia is hard for everyone involved. And as someone who works from home as both a caretaker & content creator, it can take a toll on my mental health.

I’ve seen over the last few years how much better my days go when I really prioritize my me time in the morning. For a while, I opted to start the day working. However, these days I find going to the gym in the mornings is the biggest stress reliever I give myself. Even if I just go and walk for 30 minutes, I know I will feel so much better mentally after. And that “why”, the priority of my mental health, means I’m even more motivated to workout.


In my endeavor to balance my hormones, I’ve tried a lot of things over the last 2 years. And one of the things the Woman Code* recommends is that you not drink coffee before you eat. I’ve been slack with this one recently and I can tell the difference in one specific way. On the days I have caffeine before I eat, I find I’m much more likely to have the afternoon slump where you feel like you need a nap. 

Coffee tends to spike your blood sugar only to cause you to crash quickly after. This means your body is fighting to even itself out. And all those spikes end up jacking with your energy levels. If you struggle with the overwhelming urge to nap come 2/3 o’clock, do yourself a favor and wait until after you eat to drink your coffee. Your body will thank you and it will be one of the healthy changes you never realized you needed in your life. I know it was for me.


What about you? What are some healthy changes you’re working on in your life? Or maybe what are some the changes you’ve noticed made a difference? Leave a comment below and let me know! I love hearing from you. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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