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It’s that lovely time again. Another month has passed and I’m talking about all my new obsessions. January favorites this year is a bit all over the place. And a few from the month have snuck in during the last week. Nevertheless, I’m excited to tell you all about the things I’ve been loving so far in 2018.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack*

I know everyone and their brother is obsessed with this currently. We were actually going to see it last night again but due to some scheduling issues we couldn’t. Regardless, I spent all of yesterday listening to the soundtrack and I’m not stopping. It’s just that catchy. I will say I don’t LOVE it like everyone else did when I saw it the first time. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to use this next favorite and go see it again.


I don’t know where I’ve been on this one. But why oh why did I wait so long to sign up for moviepass? It’s taken me all of two days and I’m telling everyone about it. If you don’t know what moviepass is, it’s kind of like netflix for movie theaters. You pay one fee and can see as many movies a month as you want. The catch is you can only see them in the theaters that work with moviepass. And you can only watch one movie a day. However, it pays for itself in one use. I saw Maze Runner Monday and my ticket cost more than my subscription. And you still get to rack up your normal theater reward points. Love!

Laura Mercier Foundation*

When it comes to trusting reviews and buying products, there are a select few I go to. Tati’s channel is without fail one of my faves. And after hearing her rave review of this foundation, I decided to give it a go. I always feel like the trust test of love for a foundation or any make up is if I’m so happy with it I don’t want to try others. This foundation is winning that for me. It wears incredibly well, gives great coverage and doesn’t look like cake on my face. I’ve been pairing it with my Benefit Pore Professional primer* this week and my face looks flawless. Easily one of the most recommended items in my January favorites and something I see myself obsessing with for a while.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette*

I spoke about this one in my brands I want to try more products from post last week. But it’s been a well loved addition to my make up collection. It’s definitely a pricier item but I’m really enjoying it. And I’m so grateful this item on my Christmas wishlist made it under the tree. Because of my lighter complexion I find that some products can be too orange or just too dark for me to blend out. This powder gives me a great contour and has a lovely highlight. Plus the packaging is beautiful and it’s perfect for travel.

1.State Jacend Zip Bootie (Burgundy)*

These booties made their way into my closet in early December but I’ve been loving them ever since. Burgundy is incredibly popular right now. Super sleek and wearable, I’ve gotten loads of use out of these shoes. They’ve gone on sale a couple of times so I’d watch the price if you want to snag them. And the heel may not be for everyone but I find that I can wear them all day and be okay. I’ve been pairing them with jeans and skirts depending on my mood. They are great a subtle pop of color or to just elevate a simple outfit.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede*

I’ve been lacking on perfume for a while now. I’m a fan of several of the Elizabeth & James perfumes* but I was excited to finally get my hands on this one. It’s light and wears for a while. Plus a little bit goes a long way. I know this is a favorite of a few bloggers but I’ve been enjoying having it in my life. It’s a great day time perfume option and always makes me happy when I get a whiff.

Pottery Barn Furry Robe*

I’ve been trying my best to restrain with how many times I post this robe. But I’ve lived in it this month. It’s super cozy and perfect for keeping me warm at home without being too bulky. It’s not as thick as I thought it would be but I think I’ll get more year round use because of that. I’ve already washed it one and it’s still incredibly soft.

Shoulder Heating Pad*

If you’re a regular in the gym or find yourself with sore shoulders, you need this in your life. It’s part cape, part heating pad and it has a magnet to hold it together. Also, it feels like a hug. I had a couple of intense yoga sessions at the beginning of the month and getting the soreness in my shoulders to relax was challenging. This heating pad does a great job at hitting your upper body. We’ve already decided to invest in another because my entire house fights for this January favorite.

Rich Bitch*

Another item I’ve already mentioned this month but it’s worth noting again. I loved how approachable Nicole is and have seriously recommended this to at least 5 friends. It’s in my 5 Books Every Girl Boss Should Read post. But it’s definitely helped me get a realistic handle on how to approach my finances.

Stasher Reusable Ziplock*

It’s taken time but I now start almost every day with a warm lemon water. However, I got tired of wasting ziplocks storing the half lemon chunks in the fridge after I’d cut a new one. I saw these bags on instagram stories and decided to try one out. If you’re constantly using the same size bags for food, I’d recommend investing in stasher. It’s really easy to clean and closes well. I use mine on a daily basis and I absolutely love it. Plus I’m cutting down on my waste! Win win!

West Elm Throw*

And finally the most well loved and regularly used of my January favorites is a throw from West Elm. I’ll try to find a close version to link however, because it was a Christmas gift & the packaging is gone I’m not sure. I’ve gotten so much use out of this one. I’ve worn it as a scarf, a blanket and a jacket. It’s perfect for travel because it’s so versatile. But it’s also great for keeping you warm. I love a good oversize scarf for that reason and this throw has been perfect for acting as a thicker scarf or a jacket for bell shelved tops. And it gets loads of compliments. Don’t be surprised to see me in it a ton while it’s still cold out.

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