What It’s Really Like To Work In Film & Television, Working As A Stand In, Getting Your First Job On Set

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In today’s episode, Savvy is chatting with Lundyn Ransom (Sleepy Hollow, Watchmen, The Hate U Give) about what it’s really like to work on set. Lundyn has worked in film & television for over 6 years as both a stand in and actress. She’s doubled for Regina King, Nicole Beharie and other actresses. We go over how to get a job working as background in Atlanta, what to expect on your first day and we get VERY honest about the not so glam parts of working in film/television. 

A few highlights:

(4:53) How Did You Get Your First Job On Set?

(5:30) Behind The Scenes Of Working On Allegiant 

(11:00) How To Network To Get Jobs On Set

(12:15) Savvy shares how she got her first job in film and transitioning from a full time job to working in film

(53:00) What It’s Like To Deal With Fans For Big Tv Shows

(54:00) What To Know Before Your First Day On Set

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Savvy - Behind The Scenes Of Allegiant
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