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When it comes to food, I try out a lot of things. Sometimes products make it onto the blog with a full review. And then there are those products that are just kind of eh. I like them but I don’t have an opinion enough either way to share them. There are quite a few products coming up for review in the next few months. But today I wanted to round up the ones I’ve tried and have found a home in my pantry.

Cassava Flour

The grain free trend is going strong. And cassava flour* is paving the way for a lot of the “paleo” foods on the market. If you’ve tried Siete’s* products, then you might have heard of this flour. I’m planning to do a full break down later this month for you guys but it’s safe to say I’m a fan. It’s not quite as light as almond flour but not nearly as dense as coconut flour. If you’ve used brown rice flour before, the consistency is similar.


I intended to do a post over the holidays about refined sugar free chocolate but alas I ate it all and no post happened. Whoops! There are two that I’ve been enjoying lately: hu* and eating evolved*. Overall, Hu is probably my favorite. I like creamier chocolates and Hu has options with nut butters that are right up my street. Eating Evolved is also a great option but probably more for dark chocolate lovers. I ordered a box on Amazon a while ago and I ended up liking the primal chocolate the best. Both are easily found online but may not be as easy to find in stores. But if you can get your hands on Hu, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Birch Benders

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m pretty consistent in my savory life. However breakfast is the one place I flip flop a bit. I know that I do better throughout my day when I start with a balanced meal that has fat, fiber and protein. But sometimes a girl just wants pancakes. On those days, I reach for the Birch Benders*. I love the Paleo mix because it’s naturally sweetened and I don’t have to add anything to them. We use them for pancakes and waffles depending on the weekend. And even though I’m normally a mix it myself girl, this mix has won over the hearts in my house and is always in my pantry.

Simple Mills Toasted Cookies

You know when you do something that’s the best and worst thing you could do for yourself? Nope? Me either. But if I did have that problem, these cookies would be at the top of the list. I got into the habit of having a small sweet treat with my afternoon tea over the holidays and it stuck. I recently got these cookies* in my Vitacost haul and fell in love. They are crunchy but slightly sweet. And they don’t have any gluten or refined sugar. For the sake of my self control, I don’t think I’ll buy them all the time. But if you can handle it, I’d definitely recommend giving them a go.

Bone Broth

I won’t stay here long because I honestly don’t have a lot to say. Am I a massive fan of bone broth? Eh, not really. But I keep it on hand in the attempt to drink it a few times a week and heal my teeth. I know there are great benefits associated with having bone broth in your diet. Personally, it seems a bit hyped and over priced. Currently, I’m trying out Kettle & Fire* but there are a few on the market. You could also make it at home if that’s your thing.

Siete Tortilla Chips

Another obsession and discovery within the last few months, I love these chips. They aren’t particularly easy to get a hold of if you live in a smaller city. I’ve only seen them online and at Whole Foods so far. But if you’re looking to avoid corn or want another grain free option, Siete* does chips well. They also have tortillas available that you can find in the refrigerated section. My favorite is the lime flavor. The tortillas are a bit flakier so if you try them be sure not to overload them. I also love to use them to make my own flavored chips at home. So many options!

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