Southern Roots Filling Station – Jacksonville, FL

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There are certain places you go that you fall in love with instantly. Give me a good coffee shop with a vegan friendly menu and I’m in heaven. When we stumbled on Southern Roots Filling Station during my recent Jacksonville trip, I knew it was love at first sight. No longer did I find myself making substitutions and creating my own dish. I even found myself wanting a salad. And pesto that is dairy-free, I think it’s time to propose.

From bulk bins to milk substitutions at no extra charge, there is so much to love about this Jacksonville gem. While the menu isn’t large, it does offer enough to give you options. The shop supports local business and features many of their products in a fridge at the front. Plus, they sell essential oil tinctures for all kinds of issues.

But if you still need more convincing about my new found love, I’m here for you. In traditional S&S style, let’s do a restaurant breakdown shall we?

What’s unique about it? It’s menu caters to multiple diets. They recognize many local business and do their best to utilize their products. They also have their own bulk bin section where you can stock up on granolas, grains and superfoods.

Who can eat there? If you’re a meat eater in ever meal, this won’t be your normal dish. However, they feature vegan and gluten free options galore. I’d say that almost anyone could find something on the menu that they could eat.

What’s the price? Surprisingly, very good! I spent around $12 for lunch and a cold brew coffee. Nothing on the menu gave me sticker shock.

What are the portion sizes like? They are medium sized meals. I would have been happy with a bit more veggies in my lunch but it was still filling.

What’s the seating like? In a more cafe style, there isn’t an insane amount of seating. However, there’s enough larger tables that you could easily work on wifi or enjoy lunch with friends.

What’s the parking like? The coffee shop is located downtown so you get street style parking. Be prepared to walk a little. There’s plenty of parking around but you’ll have to walk some to get there.

Do they take reservations? It’s coffee shop style so no.

Can I find the menu online? Yes! You can find it here. I got the turtle bowl with greens for lunch and loved it!

Would I go back? Absolutely. If I lived in Jacksonville, it would be a regular spot. But I’ll definitely be recommending it to friends.

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