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Tropeaka Tone BCAA Review: Do They Really Work?

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Stick around any fitness instagram account for long and there’s are a few things you’re bound to stumble on eventually. Cute workout cloths? Definitely. A solid workout video? We hope. And maybe just maybe you’ll hear about BCAAs aka branch chain amino acids. I never really been one who thinks you need all the supplements for the gym. To be perfectly honest, you can hit fitness goals without them. But when Tropeaka launched their Tone BCAA, I was intrigued and I knew I needed to try them out.

We all know I love quite a few Tropeaka products. I’ve tried a good chunk of their range with more reviews to come over the next few months. But with their Tone BCAA I wasn’t sure what to expect. Luckily my recent workout schedule change has provided the perfect opportunity for me to test them out. So today is a full review on both Tone BCAA flavors. Let’s get started!

Tropeaka Tone BCAA Review- Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #tropeaka #tropeakabcaa #cleaneating #tonebcaa #raspberry #tropeakareview #fitnessgoals #blenderbottle


I tried both the passion fruit and the raspberry flavors. 


In general, I find it’s really easy to water down BCAAs. So I wasn’t surprised that it took me a bit to find the right mix for the Tone BCAA. I enjoyed both flavors. But I definitely think you need a bit more than the suggested amount if you want something that isn’t so bland. I use two large scoops in my 21 oz hydroflask and it gives it a balanced flavor. There’s not artificial tasting sweetener either which is nice.


The 8.8oz is $35 and the 17.6 oz is $53. Both flavors cost the same amount. 


As much as I love Tropeaka, their shipping costs are a limiting factor for those in the US that want to use their products. I try to maximize on any order I place and look around for discount codes before hand. But as a standard you’re going to pay at least $10 for shipping costs on Tone BCAA.

Tropeaka Tone BCAA Review- Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #tropeaka #tropeakabcaa #cleaneating #tonebcaa #raspberry #tropeakareview #fitnessgoals #blenderbottle
Tropeaka Tone BCAA Review- Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #tropeaka #tropeakabcaa #cleaneating #tonebcaa #raspberry #tropeakareview #fitnessgoals #blenderbottle


Typically you’ll find someone who is looking to sustain energy during an intense workout or wanting a better recovery time using BCAAs. And both of those attributes would fit someone who might use Tone BCAA. I also think it’s a good way to add back in electrolytes since Tropeaka uses coconut juice powder in their formula. Personally I find they work best during a workout since I prefer to fast before the gym. You could also sip on them throughout the day. But if you’re someone doing intense workouts or training, they are great too!


Tropeaka does offer wholesale on their website which means it’s possible to find them in store. I haven’t seen them anywhere in the states. But you never know.


There aren’t any sample options available for Tone BCAA. However, you could always order the smaller bags to try before spending $50+ on something you may not like. 


I try a lot of products for the blog. So if I’m going to use something regularly, it means I truly like it. And I definitely enjoy the Tone BCAA flavors enough to use them again. I love that they aren’t filled with a ton of artificial flavors and sweeteners. They’ve pretty much become my go to choice of drink for my workouts these days.

Tropeaka Tone BCAA Review- Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #tropeaka #tropeakabcaa #cleaneating #tonebcaa #raspberry #tropeakareview #fitnessgoals #blenderbottle


Over the last few weeks, I’ve really had the chance to put them to the test. Because I like to knock out my workout first thing I like the sip on the whichever Tone BCAA flavor I’ve chosen throughout. And even though I’ve been fasting and will continue to fast for a bit post session, I find that I have enough energy and don’t feel drained. I find I only really drink them during a workout session so I haven’t put them to the test throughout the day.


I tried my best to test the BCAAs in a way where I could tell the difference. My workouts were varied enough that I felt like a got a good overview on how they work for me. But that doesn’t mean they will work the same for you. Do I think they help with recovery and sustain me during my weight lifting sessions? Absolutely. Do I think everyone needs to use BCAAs if they want to hit their goals? No, I do not. 

I know there are tons of people who prefer pre-workout. Others use both BCAAs and a caffeine boost. If Tropeaka came out with a pre-workout I would definitely try it. But I do think that their Tone BCAA is a good product. I’ve seen the difference in just using caffeine before and switching to using BCAAs during. For my body, my hormones and my needs, the Tone BCAAs have been a great addition. The quality of the product is great. I think they taste good. So as far as a Savvy seal of approval goes, I’d 100% back Tropeaka’s Tone BCAA. 


Have you tried the Tone BCAA? Leave a comment below and let me know . And if you have any other products you think I’d love, I’d love to hear those too! Xoxo, Savvy

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    10 months ago

    You said it’s good for your hormones? What did you mean by that? I’m trying to decide if I should get the BCAA or the lean protein. I’m not a crazy workout person. But I’m starting a work out plan and I want to build lean muscle. Haven’t worked out in a while so I’m a little weak and out of shape.