What I'm Reading Lately: The Summer Beach Bag Addition #whatsavvysaid #whatimreading #bookclub #laurengraham #dollyaldteron #saraholland #celesteng #ajfinn #beachreads

What I’m Reading Lately: The Summer Edit

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In case you haven’t heard, I’ve started a book club! It’s been a long time in the making but I’m so excited to finally start reading and sharing everything with you. I’ve always been a big reader. But a huge reason behind the book club is the collection of books on my nightstand. As much as I love reading, the books have been piling up over the last few months. So today I thought I’d chat through everything that’s on my nightstand and going into my beach bag to read this summer.

What I'm Reading Lately: The Summer Beach Bag Addition #whatsavvysaid #whatimreading #bookclub #laurengraham #dollyaldteron #saraholland #celesteng #ajfinn #beachreads


Of course, this book had to be on the list since it’s the pick for June. But it’s been in my to be read pile for a while now. Partially because I’ve heard everyone talking about it. And also because Reese Witherspoon is turning it into a movie/tv show. I’m only a short ways in but I’m already interested to see where it goes. I’m also excited to see how much the title really plays into the book. So far there’s been one mention but I love when author’s really incorporate the title into the story. Plus, I love that we are all reading something together! 


During a particularly travel heavy holiday season a few years ago, I finally listened to Lauren Graham’s autobiography on audible*. It’s still one of my favorites. So when I saw that she put out another book recently, I immediately put it in my amazon cart. I was a bit surprised that it was so small when I got it. But it’s the expansion of a graduation speech she gave in her hometown. It’s the perfect size for on the go. And even better for some light beach reading this summer. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Lauren Graham book?

What I'm Reading Lately: The Summer Beach Bag Addition #whatsavvysaid #whatimreading #bookclub #laurengraham #dollyaldteron #saraholland #celesteng #ajfinn #beachreads

Everything I Know About Love By Dolly Alderton*

Over the years, my love of fiction has welcomed a love of general story telling. I love to get lost in the way people share their experiences. And after months of hearing Anna from The Anna Edit raving about Dolly, I knew I needed to pick this one up. I’m still towards the beginning but I’ve been warned to prepare for the waves of emotions. Everything I Know About Love is meant to connect with everyone at some point in their life. Whether you’re young and just building your life in the world or a grey haired beauty with all the wisdom, you’ll find a connection with Dolly’s stories. Again, it’s great for picking up and putting down. But I have the feeling once you really get started, you’ll be sucked into it. I’m looking forward to putting this one in my beach bag this summer.

Everless By Sara Holland*

This is the book that reminded me I really need to invest in a bookshelf. Seriously, the amount of books I currently have piled up is scary. So when I spotted this book in a stack the other day, I honestly couldn’t remember if I’d read it. I actually couldn’t remember when I bought it. Thank heavens for Goodreads. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for YA sci-fi. So it didn’t surprise me that I’d grabbed Everless. If you’re looking for something that’s not so mythical but has the dystopian sci-fi vibes, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out. I’m saving it for one of the inevitable rainy days that’s coming. But I’m so excited to get lost in this new world.

What I'm Reading Lately: The Summer Beach Bag Addition #whatsavvysaid #whatimreading #bookclub #laurengraham #dollyaldteron #saraholland #celesteng #ajfinn #beachreads

Woman In The Window By A.J. Finn*

Does anyone else love shopping the book section in Sam’s or Costco? It’s probably where I end up snagging half my books and it’s definitely where I found this one. With rave reviews from Gillian Flynn and Stephen King, this thriller is sure to keep me entertained. It’s also been getting lots of love from a few of my favorite youtubers lately. The story follows a woman who essential lives her life watching from the window of her home. She sees something she shouldn’t have and gets sucked into her neighbor’s drama. There’s also a big twist towards the end. If you’re into thrillers, this is one to add to the list to read. And if I haven’t made my way through it, will probably be the July book club pick.

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