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Alright friends, get ready for the list of a lifetime. Aka Savvy’s guide to what to watch when you’re stuck at home. Whether you’re participating in social isolation or you’re resting from a cold, I’ve put together 100 movies & tv shows that are currently on Netflix & Amazon Prime. Everything from classic rom-coms like He’s Just Not That Into You to the more hidden gems like The Dressmaker are on the list. Grab your snacks, your wine and let’s dive in. We’ve got some serious movie/tv watching to do!  

Tv Shows On Netflix


All the positive vibes. It’s hard not to love such a happy show that also makes a point to tackle things happening in society. Everything from coming out to transgender relationships to dealing with the hard stuff of life finds its way onto Supergirl. But somehow you’re always left with a feel good vibe after. Seriously, one of my all time faves. 

The Originals

I somehow manage to rewatch this once a year. Whether I’m stuck at home or just in the mood for elegant writing and wonderful accents. This was the first spin off from the Vampire Diaries. And it’s top 10 for my fave shows. Ever. 


Thanks to a deal with Netflix, the entire series is already up and ready to be binged. Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, has returned from an island after 5 years looking to redeem the sins of his father and save his city from those who are hell bent on destroying it. Arrow was the first in the long line of superhero shows CW launched 8+ years ago with the spinoffs still going strong. 

The Flash

The first of the Arrow spinoffs, this DC tv show is filled with witty humor and good vibes. Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen. You get the benefits of a crime show while also adding in the group comedy. It’s a bit more lighthearted than its predecessor but fabulous nonetheless and will keep your spirits up if you’re stuck at home.

Legends Of Tomorrow

Honestly, I wasn’t super sold on Legends in the beginning. But after they turned the cast into a giant Beebo (think blue furby meets cookie monster) to defeat a demon at the end of season 2, it’s hard not to love them. The team of misfits who is forever screwing up the world for the better all the while bringing humor and love to your tv screen.


Hi. Yes. I’m OBSESSED with this show. I watched the pilot when it dropped ages ago but wasn’t really ready to dive in. This one is best watched in chunks. Liz Gilles kills it as Fallon Carrington. And their costume designer, Meredith, has been on my radar since Hart of Dixie & Reign. It’s over the top, dramatic, well-styled and beautifully Southern. What’s not to love?

The Goop Lab

If you haven’t heard yet, the babes at Goop did a mini series on Netflix. And it’s been quite the topic of conversation. Essentially, the Goop team are the guinea pigs for all of us to watch for 6 episodes. Everything from energy movement to medicinal mushroom to sex is on the table. 

This one is on the stuck at home list for both of us because I’ve yet to make time to sit down with a bottle of wine to watch a woman orgasm on screen. Yes, you read that right. It’s been rather interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on this so let me know in the comments below what you think!


It feels like we could all use a good dose of Olivia Pope right now. Mom and I recently went back in to finish this. I have mixed feelings on how it all ends. But I love the OPA team. And the clothes. Always the clothes.

Grey’s Anatomy

There are a million seasons of this show now, right? I lost track somewhere in college before you could stream everything online. Because yes, I am THAT old now. I can remember a time before the internet was everywhere. Please bedazzle my walker and sign me up for my senior discounts. 

There’s only a few OG Grey team members left. But with the recent departure of Justin Chambers as Alex Karev and the controversy about how they wrote him out, I’m definitely curious to see what’s been happening for the last few years. Plus, there are so many episodes you’ll be occupied for hours while you’re stuck at home. 


Listen. This has been on my list for a while. But every time I sit down to think about watching it, it’s nearly bedtime. And I just can’t convince myself that it seems like a good time to watch a psycho stalker when I want to dream peacefully, ya know? However, with a bit more in my daytime schedule available, now seems like the perfect time to watch the chaos. I think. I’ll keep you posted. 


There are SO many shows on Netflix that I feel like a lot of good ones get shoved under the rug. Like it’s impossible to keep up. Travelers is about a bunch of people from the future who get sent back into the bodies of people right before they die to prevent certain events from happening. Except there’s so much that they don’t know about the life they’ve assumed. It’s not quite like anything else I can name but think crime show meets time travel plus the breakfast club. Kind of. 

Roswell N.M.

I’ll be honest and say that this one is on MY list to watch while stuck at home. There’s only one season so far on Netflix but the 2nd second started airing this week. This is a remake of the classic with a modern update. If you liked Vampire Diaries, The Originals or enjoy Julie Plec’s work, add this to the list. 

Vampire Diaries

When this came out, I remember laughing at the trailer. It was during the Twilight rage and I thought: really? The irony of this is that it’s one of the handful of shows I worked on during my time in film in Atlanta. The full run is on Netflix. And to the honest, the first handful of episodes are a bit painful to get through.

But if you can stick it out, you’ll be sucked in very quickly. Vampires, witches and all other mystical creatures populate the tales of TVD. You’ll like this if you like the OG Charmed. 


The spin off of The Vampire Diaries & The Originals has its first season on Netflix and the 2nd has almost finished airing. Definitely geared toward the young adult group. But if you’re in the mood for some clean, happy, tv with a bit of magic, this one is for you.

Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce

This has always felt like the newer and probably more normal version of Sex And The City. And yet it seems like no one talks about it. Lisa Edelstein (formerly on House) is a 40-year-old woman navigating single life after divorce in LA. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want more wine. It’s an all-around good time. 


I have a confession. I slept on this show for SO LONG. And I don’t know why. Seriously, I’ve had the first 2 seasons waiting for me and I could just never get myself to dive in. But then I did and my social life went bye-bye for a few weeks.

 In my opinion, Outlander is best watched in chunks. You have to invest the time upfront to really get into this one. Like Downton Abbey, it takes some time to really draw you into the characters. However, once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back. The Outlander obsession is real.

The Umbrella Academy

Again, another show that is not like anything else. Orphaned kids with magical abilities dealing with the world ending, their father’s death and unraveling a childhood of trauma.

There’s so much happening in this first season but you’re still left with so many questions. Netflix renewed it for a 2nd season so now we just wait. But if you like superhero shows, drama or Ellen Page, this one is for you.

The Magicians

Another show I feel like not enough people have heard about but it’s SO SO good. The Magicians is based on a book series and the first four seasons on Netflix. Along with quests to save the world, the show deals with everything from toxic parent relationships to mental health to sexuality. 

The writing and acting are fantastic. If you don’t do vulgar, skip this one. The language might be a little much for some. But it’s easily top 10 on my must-watch shows list when I’m stuck at home.

Agents Of Shield

If you haven’t quite gotten enough of the Marvel world, this needs to be on the list. I’m secretly not so secretly hoping ABC will kindly gift us the final episodes early with everything currently going on. Agents Of Shield is an extension of the Marvel movie franchise but with strong ties to the movies. 

What happens on the big screen impacts the little one. Time travel, aliens, space adventures and so much more happen on this show. A great alternate reality option to get lost in for a bit.

Hart Of Dixie

As a Southern girl, I often found myself laughing at the outlandishness of Hart Of Dixie. Nevertheless, it’s a funny, entertaining and a bit ridiculous at times.

I love the wardrobe. Standard. But if you like a tiny bit of medical drama mixed in with your family comedy, this will be right up your street. 

Gossip Girl

I don’t think I need to say too much about this one. It’s a classic. But now that we all know who is Gossip Girl, it feels like a great time to rewatch and see if we can spot the clues from the beginning. Right?


Oh Riverdale. I have mixed feelings about this show but once you accept that it’s ridiculous half the time, you can get on board. There’s a lot of characters so it’s best to watch this one in chunks otherwise you’ll feel like you’re never getting anywhere. Nevertheless, it’s become a summer staple in my house once the entire season lands on Netflix. 


Adelaide Kane plays a young Mary Queen of Scots. You know before the not so fab part of her life where she’s exiled to Scotland and eventually beheaded. Fun story, right? Thankfully, the show is much more light hearted focusing more on the romance and politics of royal life. 

And of course, the wardrobe is BEAUTIFUL. My obsession with Meredith’s costumes started here. If you like historical dramas but don’t want the R rated HBO version, this is MUCH more family friendly. Plus, the entire series is on Netflix. 

The Witcher

One of the more recent TV shows on the list, Netflix launched this book based tv series a few months ago staring Henry Cavill. It is not family friendly by any means. I’d put it more on the scale with Westworld for it’s violence and sex scenes.

But if you love a good mystical drama, this one will be for you. Just be sure you pay close attention because it takes a solid 6 episodes to actually understand how time works. 


If you enjoyed the story of King Arthur and the sword in the stone as a kid, you’ll like this show. Merlin, the famous magician, works as a healer in the kingdom where Arthur is a young prince. While apprenticing under a healer, Merlin also serves as a servant to Arthur. 

Except Merlin has to hide his powers because magic is feared in the kingdom. Love, loyalty, friendship and a show with all the accents. What more could you need when you’re stuck at home. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Once I accepted that this show was going to be ridiculous, I enjoyed it a lot more. That being said I grew up loving Sabrina so I was excited for the re-make. It’s over the top and all in all, like nothing else I’ve seen. But if you’re looking to dive into a completely different reality for a few hours, this one takes the cake. 

Private Practice

This is easily still a fave show of my mine and one I need to rewatch in the next year or so. I’ve always loved how Shonda really leans into the power of female friendships in her shows and doesn’t shy away from giving women who are over 35 a space on tv. If you like Grey’s but never dived into Private Practice, it’s worth it. A lot of reality, a lot of love and so many emotions.  Highly recommend!


If you’re ready to give up some serious time, this is the show to pick. With almost 15 seasons, Supernatural will end its series run sometime in the next few months. You get the bromance, family bonds, comedy, hilarious not so subtle commentary on work the guys have done prior to this show and so much more. Sci-fi, demon hunters and a bit of mystery all wrapped up into one. You’ll be sucked in in no time.

Gilmore Girls

I like to think that GG inspired my love of tv. To be as knowledgable as they are and as witty, you have to know a lot about tv & movies. And I’ve always admired the mother daughter duo. I didn’t put the Netflix revival in because that’s its own beast. 

But the original show is a classic. If you need some good vibes in your life and appreciate a bit of sass, turn on the Gilmores. I will probably be re-watching with you from afar. 


Hi. Yes. Let’s talk about this one. IF you are feeling incredibly anxious about all things COVID-19, skip this. But if you never got around to watching this 13 episode Julie Plec show and feel led now, do it. 

And then please join me for a virtual glass of wine because I’m still not over it. It’s a truly bloody romance with a whole lot of longing. As Carina Mackenzie said on twitter, “You’ve never wanted two people to touch so badly in your life.”

Charmed – The Original

In my humble opinion, nothing beats the original Charmed. It’s a well loved show in my family. If you love a bit of 90’s nostalgia, this is one to watch. Three sisters with the ultimate power who fight demons, fall in love with all the wrong men and are working to navigate building careers in a time before social media. It’s like its own mini escape.  

Jane The Virgin

I loved this show until Jane didn’t end up with who I wanted her to be with so I’m still a bit bitter about that. . . BUT it’s a good one. It’s funny, over the top and just a beautifully written show. Gina Rodriguez won everyone’s hearts during her award acceptance speech after the first season of Jane when she made “I can and I did” a thing. 

If you love a good soap opera or telenovela, this one is for you. But also, getting a virgin accidentally pregnant on a soap opera is the foundation for a romantic comedy. Laughs guaranteed. 

Young & Hungry

Why oh why did Freeform take this away from us. Emily Osment crushed it as a broke 20 something working as a chef for a millionaire tech genius. All the wit, awkward moments and food porn in one tv show. It’s a millennial comedic gem. 


If you loved Veronica Mars, you’ll like iZombie. A woman who is accidentally turned into a zombie and works for the corner’s office, eats the brains of those who died to help solve their murders. It’s much funnier than it sounds. Zombie humor without the insane gore you’d normally get. It’s a light hearted romance with a bit of crime show going on.

Good Witch

I don’t think there’s ever been a more family friendly tv show about witches. It’s not magic in the way you’ve traditionally seen it with spells and demons. Think more Matilda meets a Hallmark movie and you’ve got the vibe of this one.

The Messengers

If you want a mini show to dive into, this CW series had a 13 episode run. But after a mysterious object crashes on earth, a group of strangers find out they are meant to stop the apocalypse. Each on a journey of their own, they discover new powers and find connection & family amongst the makeshift group that has been drawn together.

New Girl

My best friend loves this show and I can totally see why. All the funny, awkward vibes you need in your life but haven’t watched. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, this show will surely pick up your spirits. 

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

For when you need motivation to clean or be productive during your time stuck at home.


Despite all my superhero show watching, I’ve never managed to make time for this one. The entire run is on Netflix. And now feels like a good time to start!

The Good Place

I love Kristen Bell. And this comedy is also on my to be watched list. I’m all about the laughs and a shorter show makes it a lot easier to watch between the chaos of whatever might be happening in your house.

The Pharmacist

After losing his son to a drug related shooting, a father begins a journey to bring his son’s killer to justice. But what he learns along the way about the drug crisis in the US is shocking. I’ve heard so many things about this one. If you need some reality for your viewing pleasure, this is one to watch.

Beauty & The Beast

My current Netflix choice and a very cheesy one is Beauty & the Beast. If you liked Beastly, you might enjoy this one. Is it life changing? Not really. Am I totally sucked into their love story? You bet.

Movies On Netflix

He’s Just Not That Into You

Thank you, Netflix for recently updating your movie selection because this rom-com is a classic. If you’ve never seen it, you need to watch it asap. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore and so many other amazing women star in this awkward but lovable comedy. Because sometimes we just need to be reminded that he’s just not that into you. Even if it sucks.

Life As We Know It

Another classic rom-com starring Katherine Heigl. When two people who can’t stand each other become guardians of their best friends’ daughter, everything is sure to go perfectly wrong. They fall in love. You laugh. You cry. It’s wonderful. 

Set It Up

I’m still obsessed with this movie. So if you’re in the mood for another romantic comedy, queue this one up. 

Dear John

TBH, I would put every Nicholas Sparks movie on this list if they were on Netflix. Romcoms are good for the soul. But for now, we have the one and it’s got Channing Tatum. I’ll take the win.

To All The Boys: PS. I Still Love You

If you haven’t seen the first one or even the new one, now is the time. It’s hard not to fall in love with Lara Jean and Peter. 

6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds made an action movie that everyone talked about for a weekend and then never spoke of again. Heard of it? It’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s entertaining. And sometimes that’s all you can ask for. 

Miss Americana

I did an entire podcast episode about this documentary. If you haven’t seen the behind-the-scenes story that Taylor Swift recently shared, you’re in for a treat!


I often forget how much I love this movie until I watch it again. But it’s on Netflix and if you’re stuck at home, why not fall back in love with this Christopher Nolan story? Ellen Page, Leonard DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and so many other amazing actors all in one movie. 


As soon as this landed on Netflix, I had to watch it again. And of course, I had to add the soundtrack to my running mix. A classic “girl goes to Hollywood to become famous” story but with a stronger musical flair and a pair of Louboutins I’m still dreaming of years later. 

A Bad Moms Christmas

It could be July and this movie would still be a good choice. I’d also like to add the first movie to the list of suggestions because it’s just so funny. And so accurate to how we treat moms today. You’ll laugh. Then you’ll laugh some more. And then you’ll send snapchats to all your friends because everyone needs this kind of joy in their lives. 

One Day

And once you’ve finished laughing, you can cry into your wine because One Day is beautiful but it also rips your heart out. Two friends who take WAY too long to figure out they want to be together but you can’t help but be invested in their love story. Grab the tissues and the wine. You’ll need it.

Kate & Leopold

Before Outlander graced us with its time loop love story, there was Kate & Leopold. Meg Ryan. Hugh Jackman. And the awkward yet adorable moments that come with a man out of time. 

Sex And The City 2

I’ll be honest and say I was never a SATC watcher back in the day. It wasn’t until a long weekend in Baton Rouge with some friends who were very hungover that I ever saw an episode. And by an episode, I mean the entire 6th season where I was VERY confused. 

Nevertheless, I bought the series so I could watch it all, and here we are now. I loved the first movie but the fashion in the 2nd one is just as fun. 


This movie makes me feel sad for the younger generation who won’t know that so many men took dating advice from Will Smith in this movie. It may be 14 years old but it’s still a gem. If you need some laughter, this will definitely work.

Center Stage

Before Channing & Jenna won our hearts in Step Up, there was Center Stage. Primed with some very sexy dancing, open discussion of eating disorders and a love triangle. Your classic 90s trio. If you haven’t seen it, you need to put it at the top of the list.

American Assassin

There are some movies that I find I watch simply because of the people who are acting in them. This was Dylan O’Brien’s first movie after his accident filming for the 3rd Maze Runner movie. And you can see that he put in the work. Action-packed, and if nothing else, you’ll feel inspired to go workout after.

A Cinderella Story

I watched this movie so many times when I was a teen. I’ll Be by Edward McCain was THE song. Now, I can just appreciate how outdated it seems compared to the current status of the internet and iPhones. But Hillary Duff’s entrance in that wedding dress was perfect.

P.s. I Love You

If you would like a good emotional release, find the chocolate and put this one on. All the tears. All the love. And probably a very strong desire to go to Ireland. 

Homecoming by Beyonce

Because the internet is the glorious space that it is I’m guessing that A. someone has learned the entire dance to this show and B. it’s on youtube. Does anyone want to take that bet? So when you feel like you need to move your body and you can be bothered with a workout, turn on Bey and dance. Or chill. Sometimes you just need some Beyonce in your energy bubble. 

Tv Shows On Amazon


If you love Downton Abbey, Outlander or anything Jane Austen, you’ll like this show. The first four seasons are on prime. The fifth is available to purchase. But once you get sucked in, be prepared to binge. It’s addictive. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I haven’t set aside the time to properly invest in this one yet. However, I’m putting it on my list to watch next. If you like Gilmore Girls, Bunheads (RIP) or anything Amy Sherman Paladino, you’ll enjoy this one. 

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Do we remember that time that John Krasinski got ripped for 13 Hours? Well he’s back fighting behind a desk ish but still with killer abs. If you watched Covert Affairs, another amazing show, you’ll enjoy this one. 

The Boys

There are no words that properly express the journey you’ll experience watching The Boys. And to be honest, you just have to watch it because spoiling it is not nearly as fun. Everything you’ve ever expected from a superhero show will be flipped on its head. They go places you would never expect. Definitely not for everyone but one I’d highly recommend giving a watch. 

Carnival Row

I’ve seen and heard very little about this one but with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne staring I’m intrigued. The story is told in Victorian times with Orlando as a human detective and Cara as a fairy. Considering it’s been renewed for a season 2, my hopes are high!

The Last Tycoon

Again, this one is on my personal what to watch when you’re stuck at home list. Mostly because I’m intrigued by the cast. Matt Bomber, Lily Collins, and Kelsey Grammer are the leading actors in a story based in the 1930s. Consider my interest piqued. 

Doctor Thorne

Another one for my friends who love Jane Austen, Downton Abbey, and all the British dramas. Doctor Thorne is only 4 episodes but you can expect all the drama you’ve come to love from a classic English tale. A woman who is meant to marry someone else, forbidden love, and a happy ending all woven into this short series. Prepare to fall in love. 

Orphan Black

I’ve semi made it my life’s mission to induct everyone I possibly can into clone club. It’s a thing. If you’ve never experienced the joy that is Orphan Black, you are missing out. The official IMDB description is “A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.” But it’s so much more than that. Family. Mysteries. Comedy. Suspense. And some seriously amazing acting. You need this show in your life. Trust me. 


I once was a Bones regular and somehow managed to fall off from watching towards the end. I’m guessing film had something to do with the timing. But the entire series is on Amazon so now feels like a great time to catch up while I’m stuck at home. 


If you’ve never watched House, it’s easily one of the best medical shows ever. Every week there’s going to be some incredibly strange disease that gets misdiagnosed. Standard. You’ll learn lupus is a suspect at least once every 4 episodes. And of course, House is a hot mess most of the time. 


I FINALLY started watching this a few summers ago. And now that the final season has aired, I need to finish. If you’re a Meghan Markle fan or even a fan of a classic law show, you’ll like this one. Lots of sass. Gilmore Girl’s level wittiness. Fabulous fashion. What’s not to love. 

Sex And The City

Speaking of fabulous fashion, if you’re stuck at home and have never seen SATC, why not start now? The entire series is on prime. Feel free to join in the Aiden vs Ms. Big debate. I’ve love to know who you’d pick in the comments below. This show paved the way for so many others. It’s a cult classic of its own making. And definitely, one that entertains.

The Good Wife

If you like Suits, you’ll like The Good Wife. Ironically, Mr. Big is on this show. But a woman who has to provide for her family after her husband’s scandal puts him behind bars is sure to tug at the heartstrings. As women, we know what it’s like to step up. And Julianna Margulies does a killer job leading this show.

Movies On Amazon

Magic Mike

I feel like this one needs very little introduction other than to say it’s on amazon. You’re welcome.

Love, Rosie

So we’re back to the slow burn movies but this one is worth it. Lily Collins and Sam Clafin play best friends who can never seem to get on the same page. Love, life, death, and everything else will take them on a journey to find their way together. It’s beautiful. 

The Big Wedding

Honestly, the cast alone is why you need to watch this movie if you’re stuck at home. So many great people all on one screen. Essentially, it’s about a family that comes together for a wedding. But of course, it’s never that simple. Divorced parents. Issues that never got worked out. Kids that think they should have eloped. It’s funny and probably something we’ve all experienced at one point.

A Quiet Place

I have yet to watch this movie but after binging on Actors on Actors interviews a few months back I know I need to move it up the list. The sequel has been postponed with everything going on which gives everyone time to watch the first again. Or for the first time if you’re me. 

Brittany Runs A Marathon

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I’ve been running recently. I wasn’t loving the gym and decided to take a break. The timing worked out well with everything going on but I’ve also been loving the new routine. If you’re still unsure about running, I’d recommend watching this one. Or if you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you’ll relate. Brittany runs a marathon is based on a true story. But as someone who lived a diet lifestyle for a long time, I can safely say that this movie is far more than just about running. It’s a must-watch. 

Book Club

A group of older women starts a book club. Their first pick? Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and a good way to escape if you’re stuck at home.


If you’ve suddenly decided to make the most of your time stuck at home with a rewatching of all the Marvel movies, now is the time! I’ve added 3 that are on Amazon. There’s more on Netflix. And if you’ve got Disney+, you’ve got them all!

Iron Man 2
Captain America
The Wedding Year

This is one that’s on my list after watching Sarah Hyland’s insta stories when she was filming it two summers ago. But watching a couple get tested after they go to 7 weddings in one summer sounds highly entertaining and like a few people we all know.

Night Hunter

I put this one on my to be watched list before I got stuck at home. However, I’m sharing because I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. Henry Cavill in an action/crime drama. I’m intrigued. 

A Simple Favor

If you haven’t seen this, let me just say that you need to watch it. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in the plot twist you never saw coming. Could I give you more? Yes. But the best thing you could do is go in blind so you can feel the pain the rest of us did watching and thinking what the actual hell is happening right now? It’s a mood.


If you don’t end up watching this one while you’re stuck at home, at least watch the trailer. And then tell me in the comments below if you have any idea what the movie is going to be about because I guarantee it’s going to be WRONG. Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey star in this thriller that takes turns you didn’t even know existed. I definitely need to watch it again because I’m sure I missed a lot the first time. Again, it’s the twist you never saw coming. 

Chasing Happiness

The Jonas Brother’s documentary. Need I say more.

Morning Glory

I love this Rachel McAdams movie. It’s got humor. It’s got a very sassy Harrison Ford. It’s got a bit of romance. What’s not to love. 

Friends With Kids

The imdb summary for this one: Two best friends decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships. — Any guesses on how quickly that plan completely unravels?

The Cutting Edge

There was a time where I was obsessed with The Cutting Edge 3. Not the first or the second. Somehow I got hooked on the third. However, the original is a classic film that we all need to see. Romance. Incredible ice skating. And a move that will have you holding your breath the entire time. 

Late Night

I recently saw an interview where Mindy Kaling spoke about writing this movie specifically for Emma Thompson and I could see why. Emma does a fantastic job bringing life to a woman who is fighting the battle of aging in the spotlight in a man’s world. I’ve loved Mindy for years. Her books are some of my faves. And this movie lived up to my love for her. It’s a comedy that everyone needs. 


This is noted as inspired by a true adventure. Aeronauts is the story of a ballon pilot (think hot air balloon) and a scientist who fight for survival while exploring with a gas air ballon in the 1860s. Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are the two lead actors. 


Once upon a time, I was excellent at staying up to date with award winning movies. Now, not so much. It’s been a few years since Ladybird made the Oscar rounds but it’s still on my list to watch. And thankfully, it’s on Amazon prime. 

Love & Friendship

Set in the 1790s, an English woman is determined to play matchmaker for her daughter. And possibly herself too. Kate Beckinsale plays the fabulous Lady Susan Vernon who is forever manipulating situations and men. It’s hilarious, witty and a great way to spend a few hours if you’re stuck at home.

The Duchess

An older Kiera Knightley film but one that is wonderful nonetheless. Based on the 18th-century aristocrat, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, the film tells the story of a woman whose life is far from her own. It’s beautifully told and devastating at the same time. If you’ve never seen it, I’d highly recommend checking it out!

The Dressmaker

And last but certainly not least is the Kate Winslet movie we all need. When a woman returns to her small town in Australia, she decides to get revenge on those who wronged her by transforming the women of the town with her couture clothing. Liam Hemsworth is also there because it’s Australia and at this point you can’t do Australia without a Hemsworth brother. Right?

Holy heck n bob. We’re done. 100 movies and tv shows later and I think we’ve all got plenty to do while we’re stuck at home. Let us know in the comments below what you’re watching. I’d love to hear what you think or would add to the list! I know that things can feel a bit overwhelming right now. But you aren’t alone. Xoxo, Savvy

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